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Do you belong to any Druid organizations? If so which ones and what is your opinion of them.


I've been a member of ADF for about six years and OBOD for about two. I think they're both wonderful groups although I have a closer relationship to ADF.


I'd love to hear the opinions/experiences of others with these two and other groups.

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Replies to This Discussion   is the group I belong to. We are the group from which ADF developed.

i initially joined OBAD when i was 20, and was doing a course, with them, but then, met my husband, and had kids etc, so not sure if my membership still stands, or not, smiles, im 44, now, smiles. at the time was bard, status,

OBOD have an excellent website with monthly podcasts which I would highly recommend. It's through the podcasts that I came to know about 'The Moon and the Nightspirit', an excellent Hungarian band. The correspondence courses are also excellent. The British Druid Order also have an excellent correspondence course available as downloadable PDF files.


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