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ELEUSIAN PHILOSOPHY - "The Soul's Journey through the Mysteries"

By: Karen James and Travis Mead

In the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries, Kore is abducted. She represents the Archetype of the human soul. Her journey is our journey. We all take “Persephone’s Journey” in our own way, at our own time. The implication of this is that we all take “The descent” by way of abduction, by the sudden, unexpected twist & turn of events unforeseen.

It is the way of “The Innocent” who through this descent, or “The Fall” finds empowerment, her true path and, perhaps most importantly, acceptance of her Will. This is very different from the formula of imposition of the personal will upon the universe. This is tied to the ego. Once she has made the descent into her deep unconscious mind, and outwardly experienced all that is there in her personal history, or possible for her to learn, Kore begins her ascent and her transformation to Persephone with her acceptance of the necessity of “the Descent”.

It is in the very nature of our being to either make a descent by way of inspiration, or to ascend by way of aspiration in order to discover the Truth. Either way will work as a beginning, but both are necessary to complete the process.

Basic Elements in the Eleusinian Mysteries

Here is a sampling of common elements found in what we know to be found in the Ancient Eleusinian Mysteries and those of “The Road to Eleusis”, a modern interpretation based in Jungian Psychology:

· The Soul’s Journey is the “kore” of the work.

· The language of the collective unconscious is a tool for expression of ‘”The Soul’s Journey”.

· The telling of the story -- myths are known to define a universal perspective, including social milieu and culture.

· Within the myth are Archetypes -- Gods and Goddesses -- characters in the story.

· Identification with Archetypal characters as a means of progression through the myth. As the Archetypal characters move through the story, we move with them. Reciprocally, within our personal lives, the Archetypes become activated, triggered by our resonance with the characters in the myth. The Archetypes then activate and manifest through us according to our needs. Give example here, e.g. young, inexperienced mother and Demeter Archetype activated.

· Resonance between the Mythic elements (universal) and the personal story of our life is the basis of our identification and that which allows us to move through both the myth and achieve breakthroughs in our lives.

· Character development in the myth/story mirrors the soul’s journey.

· Active and Receptive principals are present within both the stations and the characters of the myth.

· Secrecy in the sense of “ahrreton”, or that which is ineffable, that which we are not able to fully express in words.

Even if not celebrated in Grecian soil, this journey of the heart can take place anywhere! The true place where the Mysteries unfold is in the Archetypal domain – the realm of the eternal – with us now even as it was in ancient times.

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Yes, yes, the arrheton! The ineffable, this is cause of the sense of secrecy. Not so much that which should not be told, but that which cannot be told.


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