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Hermes, Demeter and Persephone's return from Hades, Leighton 1891


* *Kore (in her pubescent state) is picking flowers with the other *Virgins including Artemis and the daughters of Ocean on the Nysian Plain.

* *Hades makes a deal with Zeus and carries her off in his golden chariot,

* *Hecate in her cave and Helios [the Sun} hear her cries.

* *Demeter, searching for her.

* *Hecate, flame in hand, tells Demeter she heard a cry.

* *Helios reveals to Demeter that Zeus gave Kore to Hades.

* *Demeter, hearing of her fate, tears the veil from her divine hair, throws a black cloak (the mantle of death) over herself.

* *Demeter, carrying blazing torches, searches the earth for nine days, refusing ambrosia, nectar and the bath.

* *Demeter, disguised, avoids the gods, dwells with mortals.

* *Demeter, inconsolable, by the Virgin's Well (Well of *Beautiful Dances ), is invited to the Palace by Celeus' four daughters.

* *Demeter claims to be a Cretan, has escaped from pirates.

* *Daughters and Metaneira invite her to Celeus' Palace to nurse the infant boy Demophoon.

* *Entering Temple, Demeter refuses Throne.

* *Demeter mourns on a ram's fleece stool. Iambe/ Baubo induces laughter by the bawdy display of her pudenda.

* *Demeter refuses wine, asks for barley water with glechon.

* *Demeter nurses Demophoon on ambrosia and burns him in the fire [but he isn't harmed].

* *Discovered by Metaneira, Demeter throws child to the floor, reveals herself as the Goddess, letting down her hair.

* *Demeter establishes battle games for Celeus' kingdom.

* *Demeter demands a Temple to institute her rites which, when performed, will conciliate her wrath.

* *Celeus builds a Temple.

* *Demeter mourns Persephone for a year at the Temple.

* *Demeter declares a year of famine.

* *Gods, lacking offerings, protest. Demeter demands Persephone's return.

* *Zeus sends Hermes to the Underworld for Persephone.

* *Hades releases Persephone. Because she's eaten a pomegranate seed, she must return to Hades.

* *Zeus promises to honor Demeter and guarantees that Persephone will be with her 2/3 of the year.

* *Demeter demonstrates the performance of her rites, teaches the Mysteries and gives the gift of grain to Triptolemus.

Hades abducts Persephone on the Nysian Plain

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