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Persephone enters the Underworld

Stations of Mythic or Spiritual Journeys

The following "stations" or "events" represent those typically found in any initiatory experience, whether the initiation be brought on by "life's journey", or invoked voluntarily by the initiate, himself in a formal or ceremonial setting. The order may differ from one setting to another.

Paradise - Innocence


Separation from innocence/paradise/home/comfort zone

Separation from loved ones

Separation from community


Bereftness-inconsolable grief

Entrance into the Underworld-Psychic Unveiling


Loss of possessions-including identity





Lost-meaninglessness-futility-no purpose-defeat



Confrontation with one's demons-fears and history

Loss of illusions

Reduction to essence


Fasting and preparation for ordeal


Prayer and meditation

Burning in the divine fire (that doesn't burn)

Alliance with the Natural World

Alliance with Liminal figures, others, the dead ( & honoring)

Dedication and devotion

Telling the story

Celebration and revelry

Alliance with the gods "Imitatio Dei vel Deae"




* Fertility
* Ecstasy
* Understanding
* Prosperity
* Transmission
* Vision
* Receiving gifts


* Conjunctio-Divine Marriage
* Birth of Divine Child
* Return to Community
* Re-membering

Healing and Restoration:

The elements listed below more specifically relate to the Eleusinian Mysteries and to the Myth of Kore [virginal Persephone] and Demeter. In the myth and it's surrounding Psychology we find the classical Initiatory path used in everyday Jungian work: the personal journey we all must take: Innocence and it's loss to accomplish rebirth, or return to essence.

* Paradise - Innocence
* Abandonment-betrayal
* Abduction
* Contemplation-Prayer and meditation
* Dedication and devotion
* Entrance into the Underworld-Psychic Unveiling
* Transmission
* Magickal Alliances with: Liminal and other figures ( & honoring)The dead

The gods "Imitatio Dei vel Deae"

The Natural World


* Compassion [identification with Archetypal Suffering [of the Mother]
* Confrontation with one's demons-fears and history
* Burning in the divine fire
* Understanding
* Gathering
* Celebration
* Feasting
* Procession
* Revelry
* Telling the story


* Fasting and preparation for ordeal


* Barrenness
* Bereftness-inconsolable grief
* Blindness
* Dis-membering
* Dis-integration
* Fatigue-exhaustion-illness
* Loss of possessions-including identity
* Lost-meaninglessness-futility-no purpose-defeat
* Ordeal
* Self-Satire, Scrutiny; Ego breakdown
* Separation from innocence/paradise/home/loved ones/community/comfort zone
* Surrender


* Collective Vision
* Personal Vision
* Bliss
* Ecstasy
* Loss of illusions

Receiving gifts:

* Prosperity


* Re-cognition
* Re-membering
* Conjunctio-Divine Marriage
* Fertility
* Birth of Divine Child

Healing and Restoration: Return to Essence

* Return to Society

"Blessed are they who have seen the Mysteries, and descended into the Underworld: they know the end of life and the beginning!"

"After the uterine illumination comes the ordeal of rock out of which must be born the spark which is to fire the world. I speak in broad, swift images because to move from place to place in Greece is to become aware of the stirring, fateful drama of the race as it circles from paradise to paradise. Each halt is a stepping stone along a path marked out by the gods. They are stations of rest, of prayer, of meditation, of deed, of sacrifice, of transfiguration. At no point along the way is it marked FINIS. The very rocks, and nowhere on earth has God been so lavish with them as in Greece, are symbols of life eternal. In Greece the rocks are eloquent: men may go dead but the rocks never."

- Henry Miller, Colossus of Marou


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