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I’m not going to say how I learned this, but in the interest of empowerment I feel that more people should know of this. It’s a technique for consciously accessing the theta brainwave state, between waking consciousness and sleeping. In this state you gain practical access to the subconscious and universal consciousness. And please remember that I’m no expert on metaphysics. I’m still learning as most of you are, so take this as you will:


Sit and meditate; Don’t focus on straying thoughts. Allow them to float by until your mind is quiet. 

With your eyes closed, focus on your breath. Bring your mind to single-pointed awareness on your breath and all of the accompanying sensations of breathing.

Bring all of your physical senses into conscious awareness, one by one. First feel everything your sense of touch is picking up. Smell and bring what your nose is picking up and add that into your awareness. Even though your eyes are closed, bring your sight into your awareness. Hear everything around you. Taste your mouth.

With all of your senses brought into awareness, feel warm honey pouring down over your body, starting at the crown of your head. Really feel and fully sense this honey pouring down and covering every inch of your skin, down your neck, arms, fingers, back, between your legs, and down to your toes. 

Using every sense, bring the colors of your chakras into your consciousness, one at a time. Start with red. All at once, taste red, see red, hear red, smell red, and feel red. Then after you have absorbed red into your consciousness, move onto orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and purple

After running your senses and consciousness through the chakra colors, do the same with white light. Go into the light. Go through it like a portal into your own image of paradise. Choose whatever that looks like.

In your own personal paradise, construct a house. Vividly see this house being built. Imagine cranes building it or imagine it springing up and building itself, it’s up to you. Remember, however, that the only way into this house is through a secret door that only you know about. Leading up to that door are twenty-one steps. It doesn’t have to be a staircase, but make sure that you take twenty one steps to the secret entrance to your house.

Once inside make sure your house has the following rooms and items:

-Living Room: 

with a screen (can be a tv, projector, window, etc.)

desk with notepad, calendar, phone


elevator that comes down through the ceiling and a door that specifically opens upwards horizontally

a chest that can contain whatever you want in it

-Kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, sink, blender, and any cooking items you need

-Doorway to a garden outside


-Gym with all the necessary exercise equipment and a swimming pool

-a medical clinic with a machine that can cure anything

-a garage with a full workshop

-a library

Use your imagination. These rooms can contain other items, like a bookshelf or computer. The gym can also, for example, be outdoors, with a forest trail instead of a treadmill and a lake rather than a pool.

When exiting this place, remember to leave your house through your secret entrance, down the twenty one steps and back into your personal paradise, then through the white light and chakra colors starting at the crown and down to the red root chakra. 


Remember that I’m not claiming to be an expert on metaphysics. I’m unsure of the underlying mechanics of how this works, or which esoteric techniques are incorporated into it, but this does seem to work for me.You can test its accuracy and practicality for yourself with this exercise for accessing universal consciousness: 

Pair up with someone -preferably in person and not online, as you need to have your partner speaking to you with your eyes closed while you visualize in theta- and try this exercise inside your subconscious house. Once you’re in theta and in your house, have your partner give you the full name and location of someone they know, but you’ve never heard of. Be specific and ask for this person’s address (remember to do this in person with your partner). With that information, bring this person into your house via your elevator. Remember that the elevator’s door opens from the bottom up, and visualize this person from foot to head. Invite the person to step inside and examine them. See and feel their physical features, including their internal organs if you want. Then do the same for their aura. Take your time with this. Feel their emotions and describe their personality and what’s on their mind. You can also step into their body to see and sense from their perspective. Check with your partner to determine your accuracy. When you’re finished remember to have this person step back into your elevator to exit your house.

When I did this exercise, my partner showed me photos of the people whose names they shared. I was surprised to see how spot on I was, especially with their physical features, down to their specific body type and face. My partner was also uncannily accurate with the names I gave. Try this and see how accurate you are. 

The rooms and instruments in the house seem to be representations of tools for accessing various aspects of universal consciousness. For example, when performing the exercise above, you can set the clock and calendar to specific dates and times to see what this person was like in the past. You can develop an idealized version of yourself by vividly experiencing a work out in the gym. Try using the computer or library to access other information. Use the elevator to take you places rather than bringing things in. Condense time when you’re in your house. Go nuts, let go of the idea of limits. Make up your own tools.

This might not work for everyone, but it definitely worked for me and my partner. If you have a more developed intuition or visualization skills, you may have an easier time making use of this technique. Just remember, if you’re going to do this often, to speed up the initial color/warm sensation process each time to train yourself to access theta more quickly with each session.

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Love it will have To Try.

Will implant this technique in my next workshop. Thank you.


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