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 Part two of Basics

"Hello Energy"

As a reminder, if you are not able to see energy, sense energy, or feel it, this course should help give you the tools to having the ability to interact with energy on a more intimate level. 

Grounding and Cleansing are both essential tools to working with energy. Literally speaking, this is what will help keep you sane. : ) I do not say that lightly either. When you work with energy more often, you are also changing the energy you are in tune with. Every action you make, your energy changes. This shapes who you are. Thus, inviting more energies into your life means that there will be a lot to adjust to. When you ground, you discharge excess and unbalanced energy. The earth energies will also heal/reset you. When you cleanse, you repel negative or sapping energies, whether you created it or if it is an outside attachment.

Here are two great exercises you can combine or use individually as different things work for different people. Eventually, with enough usage, you begin to do this naturally and won't even have to think about it. Some people are really good "grounders" or very down to earth because they do this subconsciously/naturally.

Before either exercise, do these:

  • Don't worry about emptying your mind, let everything that pops to mind be what you will ground in the next few steps.
  • Take 15 deep breathes in and out, breathing with your stomach and not your chest. That is inhaling vertically, sucking air in to your stomach so that your diaphragm is pulling downward. Your chest shouldn't be heaving forward. If this takes practice take your time.

Dropping the ball

(skip further down for the shorter exercise)

  • Allow and feel all your thoughts, all your energy to collect like a pool in your stomach, below the navel.
  • To make this simpler, it is like a whirlpool and all your thoughts from today, pet peeves, and any extra energy, even if it's weariness, get sucked into the whirlpool there. 
  • Everything that comes to mind, all feeling, all emotion, and all thoughts pile up in that area.
  • Just feel it building up there for 2 minutes, you may not sense it yet, but in time you may feel rumbling, or buzzing as you send your thoughts, and thus energy, there.
  • After 2 minutes, feel it growing hot, and warm. Feel the warmth in that area as if someone put a hot pad on your back and lower stomach. 
  • Even if you don't get that sensation, allow this collection of energy to drop down, see it drop, like a glob you let go, from your stomach, down past the knees, to the floor. 
  • Keep sending it down, past the floor, past the concrete, into the dirt, and even further.
  • Keep sending it, all the way to the core of the earth.
  • Once you imagine the core of the earth, see a star of energy come right back at you, following the same path you dropped your energy in.
  • It connects with you and replaces what you "dropped".
  • You should feel a subtle wave, a change. You are now grounded and stabilized.

Spreading Roots:

  • Sit on the ground itself.
  • Push all your energy from your bottom like tree roots.
  • The tree roots just keep spreading from beneath you into the earth. If you are unable to feel yourself pushing it downwards, envision the roots growing out from underneath.
  • Keep sending them into the earth like tendrils for one minute. You can imagine them as red.
  • Open up your root chakra by seeing a red ball blossoming in your pelvis region, and see a white light filling all the cracks in this ball. You can also say in your mind (or audibly), "Earth please spread healing energy to my root chakra".
  • Do this for each chakra in order until you reach the heart chakra.
  • Then open the crown chakra, envisioning a purple ball blossoming on the top of the head, or you can say, "Universe please shower healing energy into my crown" and again, see white light filling all the cracks in this purple ball.
  • Do this for each chakra until you reach the heart chakra.

This will balance you.

  • Close all chakras when complete by seeing a door shutting as you imagine each chakra from top to bottom.

Unlike the other exercises in the last lesson, use these ones as much as you can, as many times as you can, and as long as you can.



Read about the transmutation with violet light energy. Try each of the exercises offered there and pick the one that works best for you. That is all.

Additional list of Cleansing to review (optional learning).


Here is the whole lesson plan. Please leave comments and questions below. Start Discussions and share your experiences.

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