Esoteric Online

Section I: Hello Energy

Gathering Energy - Getting familiar with different types of energy

Amplifying Chi (Breath of Fire)+ Divine Energy + Psy Manifestation  (Three Sessions)

Section II: Working At It

Spirit - Practical Applications

All Powerful Transmutation + H.I. (Two Sessions)

Chi - Practical Applications

N.D. + U. Cords (Two Sessions)

Psy - Practical Applications

(to be discussed)

Section III: Specialized Areas

Groups Split into Research Areas at this point. New Guided Lessons to be developed and planned when group members help create and mold what they want to investigate and discover.

Pathways - What focus do you choose to develop?

Chi - Focusing on energy, the Dan Tien, Healing, and Environment.

Psi - Focusing on Manifestation, Telepathy, Kinetics, Visualization.

Spirit- Opening the heart, tapping into All, focusing on within and without, and Healing.


1 hour:  

10 mins: Grounding/cleansing energy

10 mins: Introduction, explanation

30 mins: Guided hands on work

10 mins: Questions, debriefing

Most of the exploration is done on your own.

Don't forget you have group members to practice with too!

Future Research Area Groups


Divine Meditation




*One Session means one week. As we meet once a week for that session, and you will have a week to practice or improve until the next session. 

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