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Before you do any kind of energy work, it is good to stabilize your entire energy field so that extra energy discharges do not throw you off balance. This can ruin your mental and physical wellbeing and make you progressively unstable over time if you are practicing energy work without grounding. When you make it a practice you will naturally ground yourself without any extra effort.

Shield Yourself

One downside of energy work are the dangers involved. You have to make sure you are guarding yourself and not allowing negative energy to drag you downward.

Cleansing Energy

Clearing the space out before you work in it is important. You can attract unwanted attention through all the activity and releases of energy through these exercises or share unwanted energy without realizing it.

Some of my favorite techniques is flooding myself with violet (crown chakra) energy, saying the OM mantra, or using a banishing technique. Here I provided many videos to help those who do not have a way of cleansing themselves. 

Please add more to this collection!

Clearing Your Aura

Golden Light Cleanse



Violet Flame Cleanse

Banishing Cleanse

Reiki Cleanse

White Sage Cleanse

Cleansing the Home

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People should start from here!....Grounding and Cleansing should be the first step. These Mantras are amazing..LoveLight n' Blessings!!!

Thanks! I'll include it.

Ye Cool :)...Blessings!!!


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