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Imagine the ability to transform any situation, or energy, to a new state.

"Prema igni", Flame of Divine Love

The process of transmutation is the universal concept of changing one form of energy into another. 

Healers and reiki masters perform “miracles” by changing the lower vibrational state of a dis-ease to that of a higher state, thereby negating the illness without draining their own energy by drawing from an infinite Source (but, the less experienced can damage themselves by using their own life force).

Inside ourselves, as we go through the sacred stages called Nigredo to Albedo, Citrinitas, and lastly Rubedo, we are purifying ourselves with the eternal flame that removes the impurities and imbalances to reach a wholly balanced and perfect state--emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

This is referred to as Magnum opusThe Great Work.

Another example, instead of combating a hateful person charging at you, converting his/her negative vibes will also change how he/she will influence a situation. With an angry person, if you react in a peaceful way and emit calm vibes, it definitely turns around the outcome. This happens a lot. And if the positive energy is overwhelming, the negative person changes internally too and may even begin to have a less selfish mindset.

"The Universe is Mental" --The Kybalion.

That is the essence of transmutation, using the ability to set into motion energies more congruous with the universal spin, or as I like to call it, spiral energy.


  "Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything
    has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same;
    opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree;
    extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes
    may be reconciled."--The Kybalion.


This exercise will help one on the path of alchemy to achieve better control of the transmutation skill:

Warm Up (Obligatory for beginners)

  • Sit in a position that is most comfortable.
  • Before you begin, GROUND YOURSELF.
  • If you are not energy sensitive, please use these techniques to open your 3rd eye so you have better mastery over this excercise.


The Art of Transmutation

  • Find your inner stillness.

  • Sense the Self that is forever unperturbed and unchanging. That “It" that is always there, no matter what is happening.

(Note: It will be hard to continue this lesson if you are not advanced in having found your Zen, or peaceful sense of Being.)

  • For practice, think of a situation that gives you a very sad emotion that you have not completely overcome, that still brings you pain.

  • Tune into that situation in your memory, and that feeling. Tune in like a radio tunes into a channel.

  • Focus on it intently, but possessively.

  • “Allow” your intuition, or 3rd eye, to absorb energy, rather than pushing it out; allow the energy to make its imprint on you so you can sense it.

  • You are sitting in its waves, the waves come through you passively, but you guide yourself through it as if swimming. Passive with direction.

  • Once you’ve “caught hold” of this energy from the painful emotion, maybe even feels like a “knot” or blockage inside you, sense how much control you have over it.

  • Begin to sense that this energy is falling into an energetic spiral, which matches the spin of the universe, and aligning with the will of All, the universal spirit. You could think of converting the energy to OM as well. See it happening.

  • Feel your influence over your emotional state growing.

  • Allow that inner sense of being to flow out of you and the desire to change that state of energy into a positive one. Feel it shifting into laughter, smiling, and content-ness. See yourself frowning and then slowly beginning to smile with glee.


Do you sense this energy changing? Does the pain feel worse? It will get better.


  • FEEL that you are emitting this laughter into the energy, and feel the energy changing.

  • You should feel the emotion within you towards that memory or situation lighten up, with less tension. You may even have a new insight, and something you can take from it.

  • If this emotion is still the same, you may need more practice and control over your emotions and energy. You should feel a state change within yourself, where you feel better and happy.



Revisit this older lesson to help you connect with your inner stillness, which will amplify your ability to transmute. 


All my lessons will be short & sweet (except this particular lesson). 

Here is the whole curriculumPlease leave comments and questions below. Start Discussions and share your experiences.


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Along with the steps described, I've had success using the visual up there. While tuning into the desired emotion, holding that visual (and feeling) of energy (as light) spiraling into the heart really warms the area and, with focus and patience, brings about a natural, uplifting high that can be physically felt. For me, it helped to observe the universal spin in media.


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