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Members please post what are the best times you may or may not be available.

So far Sundays look the best but please speak up.

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I can do Wednesday  and tuesday nights!

Everyday I'm free after 6pm. if im not working I have Friday-Sunday completely off. and If I do work its closing  so... 2-10pm EST

Sundays are good with me.

I'm mostly free on Sundays. Definitely willing to get into this.

Thanks everyone, I think we figured the schedule out in that case.

All days , anytime after 4pm my time.(vienna, austria.

I would like to meet on Sundays at around 1:00-2:00pm in the afternoon.  Chicago time

I don't have to work on saturdays and sundays

Between 7pm and 10pm South African time

sunday evenings works best


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