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In conjunction with this group, we are also busy building an ecommerce shop for EO and members to offer and provide related products and services.

We have the capability to offer regular products, digital products such as ebooks and music, as well as services members could offer.

Keep watching this group for more info, updated regularly. Sneak peek coming soon!

In The Work, 


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Awesome! Looking forward to it.

I'll be interested in what you sort of products you will be offering. You might look at me old website a ( and see what I have to offer. My primary products are alchemical (the REAL thing), but I plan on leaving the US within 9-21 months, and I'll only be offering these alchemical and paleo-pharma products until we shut down operations in St Helens, OR, and sell off what we have left. This will be in 6-9 months or so.

What's really frustrating is that REAL alchemy is 'sacred science,' and yet almost everyone who looks into alchemy, or dabbles in its fringe areas, thinks this was psychological. Even your own 'lectures' stress this, and I can tell you from direct research and laboratory work, this is modern, post-Jungian nonsense. Yes, there is ALWAYS a spiritual aspect to true Alchemy, as we are all (hopefully) attempting to evolve spiritually. However, the Elixir of Life (and all of the other words used to describe the mineral alchemical tools for extending the body's lifetime and vitality) were real science ... once. Until I was able to read the ancient petroglyphs (read my site) I did not know any better than the majority of people about this. Now, however, I appear to be the first to have RE-discovered the aetheric principles underlying all of (mineral and Ayurvedic) Alchemy in over 500 years, and likely more like 2,000 years (since the real cosmological knowledge at the core of Arcanum was lost).

Hopefully, the same gnosis that drew me to my discoveries of the ancient past will touch a few souls web surfing through you website. One cannot attain to TRUE spiritual/body translation (aka Merkabah) states, unless they live long enough to learn the truth and practice dying enough to overcome blind reincarnation cycles. THIS was what the Elixir of Life (aka the Fruit of the Tree of Life) was all about. And this Tree of Life was ALWAYS linked to the symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge (or, more properly, the Tree of the Knowledge of Duality), which had to do with re-birthing (aka practice dying).

Those in possession of true Gnosis will get the point.

Peace, Dorian


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