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Dearest friends & well-wishers, 

I could really use some assistance and in a hurry, here is my story - Over the past year or so I had lost my well paying job, and after trying another in short time I was told I simply didnt "fit in here" - it was at this point I tried to take my skills and start a business. So far its been simply too much work and after having made many sacrafices over the past year, I decided to try and find work again - for which over the past 3 months I have been unsuccessful and seems the more I try the less others want to give me a chance.

Over this time, bills for utilities and past medical expenses have completely crippled me, and this winter my cats and I've been trying to endure not even having heat or water, and now with a huge electric bill also that may get shut off any day, I'm simply unsure how much more I can endure. Over Christmas, I had the pleasure to cure myself of appendicitis (Raw Ginger, Garlic, and Honey btw..) because I can't afford any medical bills and still owe a lot from a previous bout with Pnemonia. Also of big concern, is that even if I can find work today, it wont be soon enough before paychecks start coming in, and was in a small car accident (need new glasses, was driving at night, and hit a curb/medium) that left it inoperable without a new transmission and 3 wheels (which will likely affect my ability to work). 

When I was doing well, I funded well over $20,000 and almost as much worth of services in efforts to help others and community, so was hoping that a little Karma could come back this way in my time of need. Just needing a bridge to find some hope of getting back on my feet while I find work, and stop racking up more bills sending me backwards into a dark place of no hope where I am now. I'd really rather not list out detailed totals, but I am being honest with the fundraising goal, and you are welcome to contact me directly for any specific details.

Thanks in advance for any and all help, no matter how large or small, it is greatly appreciated and will be remembered...Any donations of $500+ I will give you 2 hours of professional technical/business consultation, donations of $1,000+ or more can get a professional personal or business website (this is about half what I normally charge anyway, so good discount) + the aforementioned consulting...

In The Work,


Figured I would just update the description here since I changed it...

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Thanks Anki, much appreciated

ur welcome :)

Tris hang tight man im sure we can figure things out
Praying for you every day even though we arent super close i care about you just want you to know

Thanks bro, much appreciated...

Even though I don't believe in karma, I wish you well and I hope you get all the money your Hart desiers, who knows magick mite be the answer. Hang in there tris my brother

Sending a little help your way.  Keep us posted. 

Thank you Jayke, it is very much appreciated. It's amazing to me that you did what you can, and yet many very well off family and friends don't even message me - it really shows the content of your heart brother.

I know you've recently found EO and glad you are finding it a community you can find good company in - here's to that continuing and expanding to become a great resource on your path, whatever it may be. 

Thanks for all your help and words of support, no matter how large/small, and even/especially just a comment of encouragement - it all means a lot to me. Once I'm back on my feet, I look forward to doing much more here on EO to help and to improve the community in general.

from a friend 

For my $1000 I do not want 2 hours of professional consultations. I'm a Virgo, my name begins with J, and i too only want $ for things that pertain to the work. I'm nostalgic for the old days when people came to me for my Virgo analysis, couched as it is with compassion, honesty, and wit.

Those days are long gone. The online experience is nothing like making friends or knowing me and now my relationships in real life are all people behind cash registers in cafes or stores or professionals who otherwise can still provide something to me for which I pay. I am not rich, I still Pay to Play, and... I've come to  feel insecure whenever I post or say anything online. I never know when I'm going to be misinterpreted, attacked, ignored, or otherwise treated superficially. If offering a bold discussion of what else is going on beneath the information provided is just another act of ego and insecurity on my part, cool. I'm cajoled into thinking that anyway. Otherwise, please open up to me, reach back, and prod me for ideas specific to your situation, dear brother.

Hang in there, brother. Hoping this month and the rest treat you better. You can always find me, as this seeker appreciates you often.


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