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The occasion of Esoteric Online surpassing 15,000 members on the first day of 2019 merits congratulations.

A successful website must exhibit the coherence of its philosophy.

A lot of sites - of course - do not question the underlying assumptions driving its features. But even a site about, say, cameras, or classical music - any subject without a political or religious slant - still does indirectly reflect the thinking and tastes of the people who designed it.  A meeting hall such as this is expressly concerned with its underlying assumptions, questions, and related concerns. For some of us, those issues are the only dance there is, the only game in town. 

I remember when I first chanced on EO. It was about 8 years ago. I'd been working with a particular Taoist medicine wheel for some time and wanted to explore other pa kuas (or baguas), so I fed those words into Google Images. That led me to this place. And for the first four years I was much like many of the thousands who register at Esoteric Online: sincere enough to fill out the form and join, not that interested in the community.  Four years ago I saw how in many ways - technical, visual, and in terms of the teachings and exploring the many ways one may live up to them or falter (forgivably) - that this is a good place to reside when the computer is on. 

The number itself is neither fact nor fiction. Sometimes people come here just to spam. Their memberships are deleted. Sometimes people break the rules outlined at Community Operations. They are often given another chance, but if someone consistently breaks a simple rule they are suspended as well, with no malice. Sometimes people leave. That's OK too. People leave for as many reasons as there are lives - I've noticed that graduation from University or a new romance may be a reason to leave, although it's just as good to stay, click the option diminishing the amount of emails, and always know this is here to come back to. Thousands of people use this site without registering; the number of people who have worked with EO far exceeds 15,000. I look at the birthday sidebar on the main page and notice that every once in a while someone has registered twice. That skews the number as well, but that's the only factor that works towards less authentic seekers than more.  

The work that began here in 2009 stays posted in this safe cyber-citadel for as long as people are interested. So much of the information is timeless, that is, spans thousands of years. To call us "Seekers", rather than members or registrants - this is precise word usage. Esoteric Online is primarily a function of Rosicrucian work (link: ) but clearly not limited to that. I didn't even know the word before I joined, but after years of working closely with this site, I see in much greater detail how the great mystical sects of religions correspond with each other.

Congratulations tris, anki, and all seekers past, present and future. 15,000 is an interesting number for a movement. Alchemy is about privacy and introspection. We are not supposed to post every idea, revelation, or passing remark. What we all have in common is that we are serious about spiritual progress. I came here because I am discriminating. Whatever I can lend to this public forum that is worthy of it I will ... there is no doubt that we all can do well to just learn from what is already here. And figure out a way to weave our combined force into something truly evolutionary. This can be done on the unconscious level as well as the "C'mon everybody!" approach - especially if one is growing with the work correctly.

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thank you

The revolutionary force is who we are- made in the image of God, we are The Christ Self and one with God All we have to do is know that and commit to that realization. That is an awakening force that reaches everyone because we are one and as we are lifted up, everyone is lifted up with us. This is the Divine Design and we can serve with the Master, Angels, and Elementals to return to the perfection of God's Intention. Let your Light Shine!

congratulations everyone, it is a pleasure to share this space with you

    When this site suffers a technical gaffe like we did the last few days, it is guaranteed to have something to do with a late payment to NING. Everybody knows that if you live in a city, eating organic will cost more than a mass market industry diet. Eventually going breatharian will take some funding. Same as having an ad-free menu with all the color and life of a full-blown cyber-home.

A few weeks ago I took a look at the NING world ... it's huge. Whether you're into baseball, sewing, architecture, LPs, or haiku, there's a platform for you. The catch is that only some of the sites that began 10 years ago are still around. The prices keep going up. And clearly the company likes to keep its bookkeeping neat. Well, I understand that. I'm a songwriter, and i know that there is no cash value attached to songs like there is to pizza, massage therapy, or independent networking. If Esoteric Online went down  (and if it went down completely just once, it becomes a whole other start-up), we would all lose our individual work, but more importantly, we would lose the way the great timeless texts and pictures have been formatted for group use.


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