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As the community grows, and technology advances, the ability to access Esoteric Online on a variety of mobile devices and tablets, become a more valuable opportunity to members of the community. Many here may be unaware that EO indeed does have a mobile version of all site content, and it's very easy to use! 

No application is required to download or install for the Main Community site and Library (which tablets/iPads work awesome for btw), as EO Mobile is utilizing real mobile web technology that dynamically adjusts/fits to your device and screen size. The "Main Menu" for EO Mobile is available after signing in, and is the black square on the top right hand side of the site, this area is currently "under construction".

EO Mobile - Url:

We hope these are valuable options for those who wish to access Esoteric Online while away from their PC, Linux or Mac, and provide the convenience of using your mobile device while on-the-go. Of course if you have any issues using EO Mobile or have questions regarding it, feel free to reply directly to this article in Community Support, and someone will assist you shortly. Enjoy!

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