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Blogs are a great way to share information containing both text and images, and also video!


Titles -

Give your blog a meaningful title relevant to the information you are posting.


Entry/Content -

This is where you can get really creative. You will notice at the top of this area there are quite a few options in the editor. This includes formatting options as well as adding links, pictures, video, and attachments. On the top right hand side, you will see HTML view, this is for the more advanced use such as pasting in YouTube embed codes or creating custom layouts for your post.


Note: If you are using information not created by you in a blog, try to always cite the source. This keeps you and the site overall out of hot water with Ning due to content on their server. Also, please do not use blogs as a method for promoting your website, this policy is about being fair to the community and preventing spam.


Tagging -

This is an important but often overlooked aspect of blogging. Tags allows your blog to be found in search, in a very similar manner as keywords do for the web at large. Pick a few words (separated by comma) that describe your blog, and that you want others to find through searches.


This is also important for our site being found on the web, but just remember that search engines like Google put in a great deal of effort to utilize content where the keywords are relevant, and discard those which are not.


For an example of the tags used for this content, see below.


Sharing -

After you post your blog, be sure to click the share link at the bottom of your post, to let your friends know you have blogged. Because our community is so active, many times blogs will be missed if not shared, because they occur so often.


Occasionally community admins or managers will share a blog, video, etc. site wide, however everyone has the capability to share just about anything found here - its also a great opportunity to let your friends know that you found something of interest, so be sure to share others posts as well if you like them.


Ready to get started?

To add a Blog Post

As always, feel free to post other tips you would like to share with the community or any questions you may have as a comment to this post.

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  I feel that Chaos Magic is one of the forms of "Causing canges to occur in reality, in a direct conformity with the will, by direct/ and indirect means "   That has not lost it's purity,by infusions of doctrine,religon, and other belief systems, and sometimes called Neo- Shamanism, has survived the countless definitions which have sought to taint the basic belief that one already has what one needs to find a " single point awareness."  And it has endless faces and names just waiting to be uttered and seen then cast away for the next manifestation of it to occur.   This gives me reason to pause. what general term can be given to the nameless?  I AM THAT I AM NOT.  AMEN.    


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