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Did you know you can get live updates of almost everything that happens on Esoteric Online? Want to update your personal website automatically with content from Esoteric Online? Well here is how it's done, and it's easy to do!


This is a very cool and easy way to stay tuned it with whats going on, and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you use an RSS widget, or have an RSS reader on another site, you can bring a live stream of different places on EO into that site - much like a twitter or Facebook feed. If you have a website running WordPress, its very easy to include content Via RSS with a plugin or widget. RSS can also be viewed right in most browsers.


Here are a partially compiled list of different feeds you can use, to find more, just look for the little RSS icon  in the content area, normally near the bottom:


Latest Activity


Latest Blogs


Latest Videos


Latest Photos


Latest Group Activity


Top Content


Top Videos


We hope you can find some cool and creative ways to use content from the community in other places, feel free to let us know how you chose to implement the RSS.

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Thats great Tris. Thank u so much :D


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