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If there is one tried and true method of letting others know about a blog, video, etc - it is by sharing it with them. Esoteric Online has the means of sharing nearly everything with your friends here or on other social networks - when you share it shows you felt they would be interested in something and most time's they will appreciate this.


The "Share" link is always located near the bottom so that its out of the way, and friends is just one of the ways you can share, there are actually many including Facebook and others.


If you are a avid blogger, you will especially want to take note of sharing, as it can greatly increase exposure of your blogs, and then others may also share it in return with their friends as well or on other social networks - you can even configure Facebook shares to automatically post to Twitter.


So next time time you write or come across a blog or video that you like, be sure to share it with your friends here on EO or Facebook and let others know, it's one of the aspects that community is all about and becomes increasingly important as content flow on the site increases and content can fly by and be missed.


Happy Sharing!

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I use the share option often. Its very handy and helps spread nice blogs when people may be havent noticed it.

I am convinced that you're right, but I do not like Facebook, or Twitera..., so I can not share the above. content, but I appreciate it and i'm doing my best. Well once again I'll think about setting up my profile on facebook. GM Grasja

I don't understand how one shares a page from a blog elsewhere with the community here. Surely I need an address to send it to?


u can copy paste the link and make a blog for example :)

Thanks. Of course!


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