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As Esoteric Online grows, the amount of information becoming available to each of us is becoming vast - however being able to easily locate subjects of interest is increasingly more difficult. We are working hard to expand our platform in a way that can better organize some of the great content found here, but we need your help.


Tagging is an important but often overlooked aspect of adding content to Esoteric Online - nearly every type of content that can be added, has the ability to accept "Tags" in order to tell the platform a few important words that can be used to describe what the content is about.

For example, our blog capabilities do not yet have the easiest to use of categorization, so because we have so many of them being posted so quickly (250-300 per month), they can quickly become "lost in the sea of more blogs". With tagging, we can begin to fix that. Like much of the community's growth as a whole, much of this is really up to each and every one of us, in that we try to remember to add a couple descriptive tags when we add a blog, forum post, photo, etc.. so that others can more easily find it.

So say you were to put together a blog of Alchemy, and some information on its processes, some good tags to use might be "alchemy, process, stage" - in this way someone would see your blog as they used one or more of those terms to search with.

For an example of the tags used for this content, see below.

Tags used: "community tip tags tagging content"

Tags allow your blog to be found in search, in a very similar manner as keywords do for the web at large. Pick a few words (separated by comma) that describe your blog, and that you want others to find through searches.


This is also important for our site content being found on the web, but just remember that search engines like Google put in a great deal of effort to utilize content where the keywords are relevant, and discard those which are not. For example. many actually find out about Esoteric Online by searching Google for a certain subject, and finding a blog or image from here and discover there is additional content at EO they are interested in similar to what they found in search.

Path Portals

Tagging is being used extensively to help with Path Portals, a new area of the site with various subjects being better organized with a type of "Entry Area" for exploring a subject of interest or that resonates with you on your path.

If you haven't yet seen the progress being made there, there may be one of interest to you. More are frequently being added, any ideas about additional site content that can be aggregated there are always welcome.


So next time you are posting some content, try to add a few descriptive terms that can help your content be found later. The more we are able to do this, content that interests ourselves and others will very quickly be able to be available in new and better ways.

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