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How do I download PDF files from the shared folder in the library? No matter how many times I try I can't download the files!  

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I open the file, then click on the down arrow at the upper right corner and a box pops up allowing me to save it.

How do you open the

I can't even get in to the Library. It refuses to recognize my user name and/or email address. LOL.

u need to register for the library first, using the same username and password u do here. hope that helped.

The system is not accepting my name or email for authentication so I can't register. 

hi Paul

did you get in the library? 

here is what i had to do get in. i copied it from the library entrance.

Signing up

The new Library requires a user account, which is easy to sign up but provided to be completed as needed.

  • On the Homepage of the Library, click "Register Here"
  • When filling in your username and password (be sure to use the username and password you signed up to Esoteric Online with ) this is probably not your email and not always your current display name.
  • This is a very important aspect to enable many of the new features currently implemented and soon to be added - which include full account synchronization and integration of profile information into the library, and functions of the library into our Ning Platform here on Esoteric Online.
  • Your account is also verified with your Esoteric Online account to prevent fraud and misuse of the new platform.


To view your permanent username for Esoteric Online, you can visit your "My Page" to view the url, or visit and view what is used in the address box.

hope this helps!

Thank you. I was able to get into the Library. Love and Blessings

follow the instructions that anki provided. 

to download open a pdf  right click and download, or hover the title and click download 

First of all, I re



If you hover over the title, as indicate able, you will see some options: Comments, Download (with an arrow) and Share. Obviously. select Download.

Hope that works for you. I have loaded several already.


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