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I just spent the last 2 and 1/2 hours writing a post called Samhain rite of dumb supper, I previewed it, and everything was spaced differently then it looked when I was typing it. I tried to use backspace and the space bar to fix it several times, but every time I previewed it it just looked worse. After several times trying I tried to save it in drafts so that I could fix it in the morning. I then found it posted on my page 3 different times and all times it was just the 1st paragraph. I had to delete all three. I'm just dying to post my ideas but every time I try it becomes a complete futile waste of time. This sort of thing happened to me several times already. I have a full time job and not much time to be writing for nothing and I would really like to contribute to this wonderful website. Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong in a way that an someone with no education in computer skills can understand, or at least direct me to a how to video that can show me how to use the SPECIFIC program that is used on this computer for typing posts or make a you tube video I could watch with the proper way to do paragraph spacing and image centering on this specific website. I'm not looking for sentence structure training or an inspirational talk about "letting it flow" . I'm talking about Formatting on this specific site with this specific program. Thank you and blessed be.

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I understand some of your frustration.  I have had some slight issues with getting the words to appear the way I want them to using the EO website interface.  I have decided to use the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simply Silly) method to writing blogs.  Just write and use a minimal of spaces except after periods and use only the enter(return) key to make the spacing between paragraphs.  That's how I have been able to make this code work for me.  I also use the buttons above like LINK, IMAGE, VIDEO and BOLD but little else when writing my blogs.  To my eye most of the bloggers are using a minimal of the tools and the message they want to convey is still being received just fine.  In other words, the K.I.S.S. method works just great for getting the message across.  

You may consider writing the blog in Word or whatever program you have available and copy/ paste the entire thing into the website window but not having tried such I do not know if that will make things more messy.

If you truly want to master this I would suggest checking out the free lessons on HTML code at LINK 

which is the same as:

Good luck and of course keep asking questions!  


Thanks man, your a life saver.

@ Kristan - Some good general advice, often things do appear more difficult than they need be. I would recommend against using Word to write blogs as they add a lot of formatting that can be difficult to get rid of - if one does use Word, I recommend using the Plain Text paste button in the editor (with the "T"), which will strip off any added/unwanted formatting. Another alternative is to begin with a simple text file in Notepad or similar.

We also have a Community Tip article here in the support group, that may also provide some helpful insight into components of writing a blog and how to make the most of it.

Hope it's of some benefit Daniel, let us know if you have any additional questions.


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