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Many of you may have wondering what that beeping sound is when visiting Esoteric Online, its the sound of seekers chatting, discussing, and contemplating various topics together. Using the sites chat functionality is a great way to meet new friends and get to know each other, as well as learn something new!


Accessing the chat is very simple, and can be done in a couple of different ways.


Standard Chat:

The first and most common way is through the main menu, where chat is now located. Clicking this menu item will take you to the main chat page, where all that is contained is the integrated chat box as the content.


To access chat directly, you may click the link below.


The second is to click on the small bar at the bottom of the site, where it says Esoteric Online Chat | x Online. This allows for a more "floating" experience, where you can continue to browse around the site while chatting - very similar to how Facebook has implemented chat.


Which brings up a valuable feature of both versions, the ability to "pop-out" chat into its own window. This allows total freedom when browsing the site or others, and maintaining a conversation with the community. To pop-out the chat, click the little icon with a small and a large grey rectangle.


You can also log out of chat completely by clicking the green dot/button to "go offline", and be able to go back online at any time.


Sound: To mute the chat beep sound, click the speaker icon above the text box in chat


Private Message: Simply click on a user on the left, to send a private message to that user.


Emoticons: Standard emoticons (smileys) are available


The standard chat is a fairly reliable solution for most of our purposes here on the site, and is improved regularly.


Enhanced Chat:


This is a new addition to the website, and implements new capabilities such as voice and video chat, with many at once. This adds a whole new dimension to chat here on the site, and allows "context" and inflection to come through much more easily, to foster more understanding in the conversation. 


New Features:

  • Flash Based Chat
  • Voice and video integrated into text chat window
  • Shared whiteboard and document editing
  • Flexible audio/video settings
  • Additional private chat capability


To access the enhanced chat, click "Voice / Video Chat" button on the far right hand side presence bar, located on the small strip across the top of the site.

There are many others featured to the presence bar on the site, which will be detailed in an upcoming discussion.


Chat Etiquette:

There isn't really any policy associated with chat, but lets try to all get along and treat others how we would want to be treated, as well as utilize chat for the best overall experience for the community as a whole.

  • Share your thoughts, all opinions are valued here
  • For scheduled chats, try to stay on topic, and allow the direction of the topic host 
  • If someone is giving a scheduled lesson or talk, they may ask you hold questions until after
  • Language can sometime be a barrier, try to be patient
  • Be respectful to others, like you would want for yourself
  • Try not to intentionally offend

So next time you hear the beep, hop on it and see what all the noise is about, you just may engage in some stimulatig conversation and meet great people.


We hope you enjoy the added and enhanced features, if you have any questions or issues feel free to comment and let us know.


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