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I always have wanted to know about the use of mirrors in practice and theory of magic and other divine sciences and very recently a good friend of mine told me a story :), so I thought also in vampire mythologies that mirrors have ability to show other entities but I don't know how the process goes, can anyone here explain me, please?

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You are correct out about mirrors being able to show other entities and interdimensional beings mirrors are like windows into the fourth dimension. Now on the processes for getting the entities to appear is unknown to me also. I would think that you would need a protective circle before you try anything of that sort.

Still on mirrors, I would like someone to give a method of using mirrors to ward off negative influences and activities in the environment at large, starting from our homes.


In general, my experience with using mirrors involves either a) scrying techniques; or b) evocation rituals.  If you get a good look at the Lesser Key of Solomon The King, there is a diagram for a circle which has a triangle outside of it.  This triangle is called The Triangle of Arte.  In the diagram, there is a circle inside the triangle.  The common thought is that this circle is where the mirror is placed during an evocation.


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