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Materials grow in 3 different designs, Crystals, Amorphous materials and Fractals.

Fractals can be grown using electrochemistry. A few months ago I grew several fractals and here are the end results. The images were turned black and white so the analyser could deal with them! If anyone wants to see the none black and white ones just give me a shout.


This is called a needle fractal


This is called a Dendrite


This is a Dence radial deposit fractal


This one is a DLA fractal


Do tell me what you think of them :)

Ora et Labora ;)


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Wow, nice man!

This is awesome, I'd love to see the colored ones sometime if you can post em :)


I'm sure you're no stranger to the petri dish fractals (various bacterial samples) but here's a link to a few anyways!  (the work of this guy)

I will post them when I find them on my laptop but they dont look much differnt since they are zinc on a white backround.


Ive never seen bacterial fractals as i dont do biology but i do like them pics :)

yeah, indeed DA, great experiments - really helped to bridge some science with spirituality


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