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Article Written by Citizen X.

Are you like me? Do you wake up to find yourself feeling that there is something wrong with the world today? Do you get strange vibes from certain people and sometimes you think to yourself "Geez this person can't be human"?

I have come across many people like this in my lifetime and I can't help but notice their cold otherworldly stare. Sometimes I can pick up on their energies and from what I can tell you; these are not human energies I'm picking up on. Sometimes it's even their physical appearances. I don't mean to sound like I'm profiling but sometimes I just run into these people...scratch that I mean "entities" who I can tell are not human at all. It's so blatantly obvious sometimes. I have of course also seen the Nordics, pretty sure I even came into contact with the M.I.B once but that's another story and time. Not sure if I have ever come in contact with a shape-shifting reptilian but some people I meet have come across as snakes; if you get what I mean.

Now to the point of my message. They are here. They have always been here. Perfecting their craft, their genetic engineering. If I were a super advanced alien species Hell bent on taking over another alien world, how would I do it? Silently and off the radar. How does a spy move in and out of enemy territory? They do it by blending into that society, adapting to their culture to their ways.

This is how the Reptilian and Grey species are moving in, the sad part is, they are doing it with our help. That's right the aliens and our world governments are in cahoots! together to build a new species for the N.W.O They are doing it quietly off the grid and slowly but surely the human race is coming to an extinction while the Earth is being populated by this new race of Hybrid beings. Humanity is under mass hypnosis and the problem is that we all carry around the hypnotist in our pockets each day. It used to be the hypnotist just sat in your living room in the corner of the room but now you can't go anywhere in this world without being under the influence of the almighty hypnotist.

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