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What do A.E. Waite, Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, Ezra Pound, Aubrey Beardsley and

Bram Stoker have in common with these women?

Florence Farr

Evelyn Underhill

Annie Horniman

Pamela Colman Smith

Moina Berson Mathers

Please enjoy The Women of The Golden Dawn by Mary K. Greer

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Pamela Colman Smith did the artwork for the Rider/Waite tarot deck.  I have no idea about the others.

This is a truly excellent book. I have read many of Mary K Greer's books on the Tarot. I live in her hometown, and she donates a copy of each to the local library. I especially enjoyed her book on reversals. 

When I picked up The Women of the Golden Dawn, I was not expecting such an in depth look at (some of) the women who were involved in the G.'. D.'. (she focuses on Maude Gonne, Florence Farr, Moina Mathers, and Annie Horniman)

The book is written from a post feminist perspective, and focuses on the women as outsiders and rebels. It is truly remarkable how far from social norms the women of the G.'. D.'. lived there lives.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book was the use of astrology to analyze the lives of the women. It always fascinates me to see the effects of the stars on the lives of others, so it was a welcome addition to an otherwise ordinary biography.

Overall, this is a fascinating book, and a definite departure from Ms. Greer's normal works.


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