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Hey All,


Since there are now a few members in this group, I thought I'd open up a discussion to break the ice.  


Here's a little questionnaire to get the ball rolling.  Feel free to add any additional comments to your responses.

1) How did you first hear about the Golden Dawn?


2) Are you a solo or group initiate? Or not yet a practioner?


3) How has the GD work influenced your life?


4) What do you hope to get out of this particular system?





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Care VCFE,

I first learned about G.'.D.'. when I read the Necronomicon and decided to put the name in the back of my head. a couple of years later I moved and soon after sent a S.A.S.E. envelope to some American group (the internet was still young then), but things in my life changed drastically almost immediately after. Years later I would join a temple.


G.'.D.'. I would say provides a solid framework of investigation into spiritual science. There are many other systems out there, but this one feels like home to me. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it is a highly syncretic system. Because of this, it has become one of a very few governing paradigms in my self-investigation.


What I hope to get out of it is a journey full of wonder and mystery, and anything else after that is a cherished gift.

I became discusted with my main stream christan chirch and started a study in comparitive theoiogy. After reading lots of books I ran acrossed works by Israel Rrgardie. Eventually I found this sight so I gues i'm a total beginer. Apparently my father was part of a Hermetic order not G.D, but similar. I hope to develop a closer contact with the spiritual powrers that influence my life.



1 research from dreams has brought me to research the golden dawn.

2. i came solo but found others encourage my spiritual enlightenment

3. in past lives and subconcious planes

4. answers to my role in this matter

1. a song by Goldenhorse

2. potentially group

3. Qabala

4. Attainment of potential

1.I first herd about the GD through a Brother Mason.

2.I'm currently to go though initiation April 14th 2012 into the H.O.G.D.

3.Currently I read as much as i can involving the GD to get myself ready for the degree process, but don't limit myself to it as the end all be all. I study Astrology classic/modern, Elemental magick, and ritual magick not a master merely a student of all I can consume, understand, and apply in the being I am.

4.A great opportunity to help humanity to further there spiritual being into the greater existence of ALL

1) Raymond and Joe

2) Solo/not yet

3) N/A

4) Experience

1) I heared about this through several readings mainly from this website

2) im solo but its realy difficult to start alone

3) still beginner

4) intense spirtual experment

1) Cant remember, probably through reading esoteric books

2) Currently solo though am in touch with a lodge

3) It's empowering (and helps you strenthen your auric field), it helps you to 'connect' with your higher self and the universe and its wonderful if you enjoy ritual which I do being RC!

4) To focus my understanding & gain wisdom, it is a never ending journey

Ave !

1. through various books (in French)

2. First on my own, then in a Temple

3. It gave me a better understanding of myself, of others, of magic, of life...

4. I don't think the question is relevant. The aim for me is not to "get something out" of the system, but to grow through it.


I am new to this,trying to do self indoctrination.

I am in recovery from a stroke,so this has pretty much helped me to focus on something.

Before I had the stoke,I was an avid reader of metaphysical books,and a studdier of  Rosicrucian's.

After the stroke I have had to learn everything all over again,walk,talk,feed myself etc

So now I am trying to regain the lost spiritual muscles and get as active as I can.

So I stay broke financially,but if anyone has any experience with self indoctrination,let me know.

Glad I found this group.

1 When I was 21 my stepmother introduced me to magick. She had a copy of the complete Golden Dawn she used as a reference. I have gone through 3 copies of my own since then (gave one away, lost one, currently studying the third)

2 I work solo at the moment, the nearest lodge is 700 miles away. That being said, it is my intent to join the lodge in the next year. My goal is adeptus minor by the time I'm 31.

3 The Golden Dawn system has deeply influenced my life. It introduced me to the Kabbalah, gave me deeper meaning to the tarot, and and forms the basis of my spiritual development.

4 Contact with my higher self.


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