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I have been working to put together this breakdown of some daily planetary influences I observe and work into my Hermeticism, particularly the herbs in my Spagyric tinctures, with incense and colors for meditation. I will continue to make it more complete online, but I figured I would put it up as is for now as they will be used in an upcoming discussion "The Plant Work – Spagyrics".

Each day is ruled by a specific planet which has particular influences:

Monday (Moon) - peace, sleep, compassion, healing, friends, psychic awareness, purification, fertility. This is the day to perform workings involving agriculture, animals, female fertility, messages, reconciliation, theft, and voyages.

Power: Psychic Development
Organ: Brain & Brain Stem
Colors: silver, white, grey.
Herbs: Mugwort, Clary Sage, Chamomile, Watercress, Star Anise
Incense: African violet, honeysuckle, myrtle, willow, wormwood.
Stones: wear for protection pearl, moonstone, or crystal; use an emerald for amulets.

Tuesday (Mars) - passion, sex, courage, aggression, protection. This is the day for workings involving courage, strength, revenge, military honors, surgery, and the breaking of negative spells.

Power: Energy
Organ: Gall
Colors: red, orange.
Herbs: Basil, Nettle, Calamus, Catnip, Wormwood, Thyme
Incense: dragon's blood, patchouli.
Stones: wear for protection ruby, star sapphire, or emerald; use topaz for amulets.

Wednesday (Mercury) - the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, wisdom. This is the day for workings involving communication, divination, writing, knowledge, and business transactions.

Power: Initiation and Communication
Organ: Throat / Thyroid
Colors: yellow, grey, violet, and opalescent hues.
Herbs: Damiana, Lavender, Anise Hyssop, Fennel, coltsfoot
Incense: jasmine, lavender, sweetpea.
Stones: wear for protection amethyst, star ruby, or lodestone; use sapphire in amulets.

Thursday (Jupiter) - expansion, money, prosperity, generosity. This is the day for workings involving luck, happiness, health, legal affairs, male fertility, treasure, and wealth.

Power: Assimilation
Organ: Lungs / Stomach
Colors: blue, purple, indigo.
Herbs: Lemon Balm, Sage, Manna
Incense: cinnamon, musk, nutmeg, sage.
Stones: wear for protection sapphire, cat's eye, or carnelian; use sapphire in rituals.

Friday (Venus) - love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty. This is the day to perform workings involving love, romance, marriage, sexual matters, physical beauty, friendships, and partnerships.

Power: Harmony
Organ: Kidneys
Colors: pink, green, aqua, chartreuse.
Herbs: Yarrow, Ladys Mantle, Passionflower, Rose
Incense: strawberry, sandalwood, rose, saffron, vanilla.
Stones: wear for protection emerald or cat's eye; use ruby for amulets.

Saturday (Saturn) - longevity, exorcism, endings, homes, and houses. This is the day to perform workings involving spirit communication, meditation, psychic attack or defense, and locating lost things and missing persons.

Power: Stability
Organ: Spleen
Colors: black, grey, indigo.
Herbs: Horsetail, Fenugreek, Solomon’s Seal, Senna
Incense: black poppy seeds, myrrh.
Stones: wear for protection turquoise, labradorite, or diamond; use amethyst for amulets.

Sunday (Sun) - protection, healing, spirituality, strength. This is the day to perform workings involving exorcism, healing, and prosperity.

Power: Self-Awareness
Organ: Heart
Colors: orange, white, yellow.
Herbs: Eyebright, Rosemary, Marigold, Sunflower, St, Johns Wort
Incense: lemon, frankincense.
Stones: wear for protection topaz, sunstone, or diamond; use pearl in crafting talismans.

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I'm looking to buy some dried herbs online at  So far, I go by the description and the planet. 


Candidates so far:


Sage leaf - Jupiter/Saturn

LemonGrass - Saturn

Yerba Mate - Sun

Rosemary - Sun

Catnip - Venus

Nettle Leaf - Mars

Basil - Mars

Ginko - Mercury

PepperMint - Mercury

Parsley - Mercury

PennyRoyal - Moon


I read one person's experience with PennyRoyal which sounded interesting.  Can you give some summaries on your experiences with the herbs you've experimented with?  Here's the link I was referring to:

From my research I have found many different contradictions in planetary influences on herbs. The sun and moon herbs seem very much confirmed but others are conflicting.

Can anyone recommend any writings? Paracelsus or Celpeper or others?

...any help greatly appreciated


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