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Digestive plants: Mint


The spectrum of the plants medicinal digestive, there is a widely used thanks to their multitude of benefits and properties in the body. It's the Mint, a medicinal plant that can be used to treat several problems, but that their action digestive highlights above others.

We are in the presence of a medicinal plant used since antiquity, usually to prevent and treat fever, but that then with age you were discovering more and more properties of it, until you find the vast multitude of uses that we know him today.

But let us focus in its digestive actions. Peppermint has carminativas properties that allow expelling excess gas in the intestines, relaxing them and avoiding intestinal spasms. Alongside this, is excellent for treating irritated intestines, diarrhea, and colitis.

It is well a medicinal plant with very good softening properties to the stomach. Preventing spasms and increasing the production of bile juices ensures an excellent digestion, although its excessive use can cause irritation stomach, and therefore the opposite effect.

Five grams per Cup is enough to make a good infusion. Enter them in boiling water for 15 minutes. Three cups a day is a good measure for the Mint to take effect.

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i love my mint! that pic looks just like him! lol. i use it for upset stomach, the scent seems to calm me, and mint is said to bring luck.  mint is associated with money, love, lust, travel, healing and protection.  ty for posting this. :)
Very interesting.  Do you by any chance have the scientific name for Mint?
Thank you so much for sharing.


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