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I would like to know what everyone here thinks. I find that in alot of literature that pertains to spirituality, meditation, oneness of being, ect. they all go out of there way to talk about how bad drugs are. As we step back and look at what they are talking about, its always "hard" drugs that they reffer too. Often they talk about Opium or cocaine, more synthetic drugs per say. All break down that if you use drugs, you can't become spiritually clean, can't be open to universal intuition, or for a lack of better words, you are shut off from the light.

While i feel that has some truth in it, I just don't know what to think about cannabis. I smoke daily, and i truly feel it is when "high" that i feel my most eager to learn more spiritually, more inclined to meditate, more happy, content and one with my place here. my ability to sit and listen to the still small voice seems amplified.

I have tried quitting many times for the only sole purpose of accelerating my spirituality and it seems to do the opposite. I seem to be a wreck. I view almost everything from a pessimistic perspective. I feel so much more separate from the universe and individual. I'm completely un-interested in anything spiritual or cosmic related. trying to meditate is like pulling teeth, I can't do it for more that five mins and I typically don't feel the same rejuvenation effects or visuals because i can't sit still, mentally or physically.

What is important to point out is that I don't have to be high to be spiritual, but when im forcing myself through will power to quit smoking to be spiritual, it completely kills my spirituality. I've read that forcing anything in life, goes aginst life. so in turn, forcing myself to quit weed is in itself going against life right?

I really don't know how to feel about this subject, and was wondering what some like minded individuals thought about it.

Thanks guys,
May light and love be with you

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Hello Colton,

I think you know how you feel, I feel the same way ;)

In my opinion, it has to do with aiding the ability to get out of the box we create for ourselves to support our false identity in ego, peeling us back to our true nature of being.

I know for a fact it helps me stay out of Ego -Consciousness, which helps allow the REAL essence of who I truly am to shine through.

Should we completely rely on it for this purpose, absolutely not! Should we utilize as a tool it if it aids in our ability to reach higher-consciousness on our own, absolutely!

If I (or yourself) know in our heart and soul that it either brings or allows us to bring ourselves closer to the source, isn't that what matters so long as we do not do harm to ourselves or others? If it doesn't benefit someone on the other hand, there is no reason to utilize it as a tool.

Trust your intuition on this one my friend, it will serve you well.

Right on tris... I concur. Also, I like what The Great White Lodge has to say on this matter....

The marijuana plant is not indigenous to Earth. The marijuana plant was a “gift” from the Christed E.T.’s long ago to help Earthlings “experience” God and enlightened transcendental states of consciousness quickly and easily. Years of meditation and holistic living are by far the better and more lasting way to “experience” God and enlightened transcendental states of consciousness, but occasional use of marijuana to “experience” for the first time, or remind yourself, what God and enlightened transcendental states of consciousness feel like, does more good than harm and is wholly endorsed by The Great White Lodge and Spiritual Hierarchy. For reasons that will make perfect sense to you now, The Dark Lodge/Illuminati/Secret Government alliance are the hidden sinister force behind the stamp out pot movement!"

Also, I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that everything is bad in excess.
pot is the the great spirit in a very special form, imho, perfectly attuned to aid in our evolution.
I know for a fact it helps me stay out of Ego -Consciousness, which helps allow the REAL essence of who I truly am to shine through.

i have to agree ,use it but do not abuse it.

i like a puff every once in a while 2 or 3 times a week ,, i have grown some really strong and some mild , the cleaner (organic) mild is really enlightening.
Meditation is a matter of manipulating brain waves...How marijuana effect U depends on Ur Judgement of it...If U feel guilty or it violates Ur conscience even just because someone U respect condemns it..then U WILL give Urself UNDESIRABLE Brainwaves..& negative NRGies that are counter productive. My conscience is clear regarding things created to help us such as "weed"...It is not a weed but a precious, wonderful gift from God that Lowers my stress level just from smelling the plant UNLIT!! & Eat if if U have an aversion to smoke ;) Just~Be True To Urself...Guilt Kills U From the Inside Out. I do my very best to make sure that anything I do that causes stress for others is discreet...It's generally the Indiscreet ppl who cause others to "condemn" a thing in the 1st place...But I do not have to share every ones' condemnation..just keep it out of their faces...It's between me & God ^_^

 imagine if pot smokers built your car ,,,,

for me i sleep much better and awake refreshed


if i smoke with friends i can not shut up


if i smoke i need to crap within minutes


so i think it effects everyone one in a different way



I know the Rastafarian movement believes in using it to meditate and pray. 

It is very important to them it is considered their religion to carry it on their person at all times

for this reason. I also think it can help people who can not sit still or listen or concentrate. It depends on the person.

I believe it is a God given herb to be used but not abused.

In Peru the Shamans us ayahuasca.  In some places it's Kava Kava.

I think it is an individual decision for spiritual purposes because you know yourself. But should never be offered to someone else unless it is of their own desire.

But I have heard it really helps a lot of people meditate and pray.


I must agree with all of you for the most part. i also find that in smaller amounts weed will stop the buzzing in my head so i can meditate better but if i have too much i get too lazy to meditate. and all chemicals effect whatever person differently, weed used to make me feel like i had just chugged two red bulls.
Since you ask for everybody's opinion I will give you mine. I do not smoke pot so I really can not make judgement call based on personal experience. I think everybody has a responsibility to my their own choice. Read well, investigate and then make an informed decision. If it benefits you and that is your informed choice then that is good. For myself it was a choice as mystic not to use anything with potential addictive qualities. I make use of herbal tinctures but they are all based on their effects. The herbal practices from an alchemical view actually provide great insights to increase your meditative state through the use of herbs. Hope to hear more from your experiences.

    hi Colton......smoking cannabis is a very personal experience............personally i find it both stimulating.... relaxing and a tonic for our times............moderation is the key to enjoying the herb supberb......others that find it dulling or takes them out of the spiritual ''feel"  or continue to feel negative emotions should at should at least give it a break for awhile....and see how  they feel.......  before making a decision one way or other......there are no rules....just observe to find out for oneself.........and  ones decision does not have to be may very well change again   Bill (ommi).......OM..


I once heard a story that the spirit energy of the marijuana plant desires the relationship with the human because it has it's own spiritual experience by living through ours. I always thought that was a neat concept. I too struggle with my thoughts on this subject. I feel that being high while meditating might seem like it enhances your sessions but in ways it "flavors" the experience in a set of boundaries set by the plant's influence. This is somewhat distracting from the pure thrill of prana energy, which might be purer sans mary jane. I'm still not sure :S

does food diminish my meditation experience?.........only if i consume too much or too little.... same for the experience of consuming cannabis.....too much or too little can have a detrimental effect on the mind.......but a moderate amount( which each person has to determine for themselves) can definately nourish the mind.....but its not everyones ''cup of tea''............if we continue to meditate the inner voice will letus know whether or not to continue to the meantime...........i enjoy..........OM


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