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I would like to know what everyone here thinks. I find that in alot of literature that pertains to spirituality, meditation, oneness of being, ect. they all go out of there way to talk about how bad drugs are. As we step back and look at what they are talking about, its always "hard" drugs that they reffer too. Often they talk about Opium or cocaine, more synthetic drugs per say. All break down that if you use drugs, you can't become spiritually clean, can't be open to universal intuition, or for a lack of better words, you are shut off from the light.

While i feel that has some truth in it, I just don't know what to think about cannabis. I smoke daily, and i truly feel it is when "high" that i feel my most eager to learn more spiritually, more inclined to meditate, more happy, content and one with my place here. my ability to sit and listen to the still small voice seems amplified.

I have tried quitting many times for the only sole purpose of accelerating my spirituality and it seems to do the opposite. I seem to be a wreck. I view almost everything from a pessimistic perspective. I feel so much more separate from the universe and individual. I'm completely un-interested in anything spiritual or cosmic related. trying to meditate is like pulling teeth, I can't do it for more that five mins and I typically don't feel the same rejuvenation effects or visuals because i can't sit still, mentally or physically.

What is important to point out is that I don't have to be high to be spiritual, but when im forcing myself through will power to quit smoking to be spiritual, it completely kills my spirituality. I've read that forcing anything in life, goes aginst life. so in turn, forcing myself to quit weed is in itself going against life right?

I really don't know how to feel about this subject, and was wondering what some like minded individuals thought about it.

Thanks guys,
May light and love be with you

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Yes, I agree with that. I smoked for several years, not regularly, but sometimes more, sometimes less. A few months ago I came to decision, that weed influences my growing state of depression, especially when I am not smoking. Also, more trips became uncomfortable. So I stopped and started to pay more attention to yoga and meditation, feeling better now, maybe return to smoking later :)

meditation is an internal process, a process to realize the kingdom within. this is accomplished throug the use of the mind-body components. cannabis is an external entity and as such is not a part of the innate mind-body components,  and trivializes the process. once you go without in order to go within you have stepped away from the process, demonstrating a weakness in your practice. focus on the third eye. peace and blessings to all.


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