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 blog January 19, 2010Desintoxicar skin course
Written by Carlos Dan

Rejuvenecedoras creams and tonics to skin are in common use among persons wishing to detoxify the skin. However, its chemical content and its high cost them again a solution not always entirely appropriate to improve the skin.

Those who prefer the natural option in general we usually recommend the application of natural products to detoxify the skin. Indeed, beyond of them exist in alternative medicine options to detoxify skin naturally without having to resort to highly expensive chemicals.

For example, in food is a good idea take a gentle laxative before go to sleep. Upon waking, breakfast with a glass of warm water to begin moving the kidneys and that they removed our body toxins. Three glasses of hot water must be consumed before arrival the nochecita.

The Ayurvedic is known for its detoxifying properties. In fact, several procedures this medicinal system help this, especially the massage, thanks to the application of herbal and natural products combined him strengthens its detoxifying action.

It is important to also carry out a preferably consisting of fruits and vegetables, hot soups and teas power herbal, all of them are rich in fiber.

Any of the procedures carried out demand between one and 15 days of application to that effect, always depending on the body that performs patient. It is a good idea to alternate with physical activity to eliminate toxins in sweat.

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