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I would like to know who is involved with making tinctures. I need advice on practical aspects of storing tinctures. Can it be stored in plastic containers or must it be glass?  Currently mine is in glass jars but I struggle to source them...there are nearby a plastic factory that make medicine size plastic bottles but I do not know if the plastic will have an effect on the affectiveness of the herb extract.

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I recommend storing your tinctures in amber glass bottles, preferably labeled, and stored nice and neatly in a cabinet and out of the sun. Even though there are times I feel some tinctures need that sun energy emanating through them.

The reason I would not store in plastic is because the plastic could and most likely will leech all sorts of non-sense into your medicines. A lot of plastics leech pseudo-hormones that look like estrogen to the body. This can amount up to a major hormonal imbalance, especially that of aging males. That reason alone is enough to choose glass over plastic. Plus, glass just looks so much nicer :) There is something lifeless about plastic that I can't quite describe...?

Hope that helped!,

Dirt a.k.a. Danlyn Brennan

*Certified Clinical Herbalist*


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