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What is the Tibetan healing of garlic?
It is a cure of macerated, garlic as a recipe in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet. Detoxifies the body.
Ingredients for the Tibetan healing of garlic
350 g. raw garlic, peeled and crushed.
¼ Brandy litre or 70 degrees for internal use development of Tibetan cure of garlic alcohol
Place the garlic mashed together with the brandy or alcohol within a glass jar.
We will close the good strong pot and put it in the refrigerator (fridge) for 10 days. These days filtraremos it with a sieve of gauze or fine cloth.
This liquid again put into the pot, and it will be in the fridge for 2 days.
After the 2 days are ready to take.
Instructions for use and dosage of the Tibetan healing of garlic
We will take it in droplets with some water or milk, by three meals main following the guidelines in this table:
11 gota2 gotas3 drops
24 gotas5 gotas6 drops
37 gotas8 gotas9 drops
410 gotas11 gotas12 drops
513 gotas14 gotas15 drops
616 gotas17 gotas18 drops
717 gotas16 gotas15 drops
814 gotas13 gotas12 drops
911 gotas10 gotas9 drops
108 gotas7 gotas6 drops
115 gotas4 gotas3 drops
122 gotas1 gotas25 drops

On this day we will take 25 drops three times a day until the bottle.
According to tradition, you can not repeat the treatment within 5 years.
Advantages or benefits of the Tibetan healing of garlic
According to medical studies garlic has a clear effect
Enhances the immune system thus strengthening our resistance to infections.
Helps remove cholesterol.
It is highly effective for hypertension and circulation problems according to the Tibetan manuscript, its benefits are as follows
Cleans the body fat and frees you from deposited calculations.
Improves metabolism and reduces the weight of the body carried the normal weight.
Undoes the blood clots and again more elastic blood vessels also healing atherosclerosis.
Cure lung ischemia, sinusitis, hypertension, and bronco diseases.
Cure the diaphragm and the diseased myocardium.
Rolling the headache.
Cure brain thrombosis, arthritis and arthritis.
Cure rheumatism, gastritis, stomach ulcers and hemorrhoids.
Absorbs all kinds of internal and external tumors.
Cure riots in view and ear.
In general the entire body is retrieved.
Disadvantages of the Tibetan healing of garlic
The first drawback is that it is a pity that if you goes well not can repeat it at least once a year. That at least is what the manuscript. Scientifically, a priori, has no contraindication known today.
People with a very weak or easily irritable stomach should be observed that they feel the remedy.
People with intestinal ulcers should not take it.
In general all people taking any medication (especially if it is "not to have thick blood" or anticoagulant) should first ask the physician or specialist.
Observations of the Tibetan healing of garlic
The greenish acquired alcohol macerated with garlic is completely normal due to certain active principles that contains garlic.
Once the preparation is ready should save it in the refrigerator or freezer, but if you make a trip can be on a boat glass sparingly to continue treatment.
Demonstrations and reactions such as rash, dizziness or stomach pain may occur during the first days. Many of these causes are due to the detoxifying action of garlic in our body.
Joan Sisa

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Thanks Joan.

I like this writeup on garlic and will like to know more.

I will like to know more about how to use it for aches and pains and for cleansing the system.

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