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We are one and nothing. Everything is connected

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Why are we?

Well we are everything and nothing all at wonst.

We are connetced

Why do we have Friends?

We are killing our selves With words and our thoughts. Our wants are taking us One by one with words we keep saying over without knowing we are. Keep thee mouth shut. And you wont kill yourself and other around you. Remember we are all connected As above, so below, From Space and time. We are energy and light, The fire with inn. We eat and say what happens to us and others. We are all Connected on the Web of life. Ours action cause more then we know. We must think nice thoughts. Positive thoughts. What makes you and connect us together . We must learn to work together or we are doomed.
We must learn together. You can have anything in life and be. We must know how to get it in life. We are the creators of life. What we see is. If you think this only you can choose what you want. Think on it without thought this will be yours. The law is the Law we are Magnets of power The flame of light and energy of Chi . There is only one power that makes two
1 the power =
2 the power of two Positive - and Negative + ,
The Dark and Light
Passive and Active,
The God and Goddess
Man and Woman

3 That makes everything and nothing, thee All; Beal.

The Power has been name many names, in many cultures around the world Even the Christian and Pagans With the sun of God and the Moon/Earth the goddess. The Goddess and God, The Planets and even the other planets have God names because there other places to go which some are not live able to be on.
The Stars are Suns that are Gods Like human below the stars are us above and you on this plane. Space is the Planes we can go anywhere but some places are Spiritual, but some Physical
The Inner is the Bitch but can be done. Meditation is the best and just looking into nothing. Giving our needs that just cause problems, Food and Smoking, and yes Drinking. With these on us we have problems. The Parasite in you is the demands of the past. These things that live in you, are eating you away, only meditation and Fasting can get help to get them out. The one has spoken. As above so below.
The Light from the Sun that we call Photons Are the Angles of God the Stars is Suns and Gods that are you. As above, So below.

Why do we think without no end, Just Stop to be what you are looking for.
I have seen our purpose of life.
To be and fine there high, There understanding.
The Truth is to see who can do it first which I mean Fine there enlightenment to Say.
When you fine the dark and light and see in grey you will see as well not the dark or light
The grey from where we all came The Shadows Before there was light there were the dark the Shadows
The Spirits we feel and may see are the light which we came
Let’s make man in our image Then let’s make man In God’s image of Light from which the shadows Gave life. The Death and Birth Without this we can’t move on and come back The Reincarnation of life.
The Laws Are here for a reason like we are to make light and become more enlighten. Luminous
We are Luminous Binging. The light is our Father from which came thought and Our Mother is the dark from which we came Forth.
As above so below. Remember there is 2 of 1 E = mc2.
This is the Trinity Without nodout.
The 2012 is just a way out if we think this. We have a choice the will is ours if we live and be without hate and death of our mother earth and ourselves. Free will
To Know
To dare
To will
To keep silent

What we know may kill and hurt something and someone. Remember we are connected.
There is no secret but knowing the secret. If we look inside and thought of everyone Life would be good and boring all the time, but working together will only make us strong and powerful. Unite.
Races Unite. You will know what you want if you see.
Remember the 3 as above, so Below
Three Races
1 White
2 Yellow and red
3 Blacks
Now we are 3
Back to 2 Male and Female
1 The same Blood/Spirit
All Races on earth even the animal Kingdom
From the plants to the Planets of the universe the one Space and time.
The first thought and word the begin and end The Shadows with light to be.

Which comes 2 As above So below.

The Opposite Energies Attract, Which means the negative and positive Attract
Comes together makes a whole The circle The Egg the web The Atom the Thought
When everything was still chaos came the thought and the explode light became
Life became And Star to see it happened the light you see. Gasses became Air
Which light with fire together with water MIST became earth to see?
The two you will see
Dark and light makes Shadows the balance the Grey

Are we Angel or diamonds?
Monster of ourselves

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Comment by Anna Zubkova on September 13, 2010 at 4:09am
Since the very beginning of the existence of humankind on the Earth, God has been teaching people what He wants them to be, what the meaning of human life is, and how one can realize it.
Many times God incarnated into human bodies in order to help people to understand the purpose of their existence on the Earth and the laws of spiritual development. He also imparted many most valuable instructions and precepts through prophets — people who gained the ability of conversing with Him.

You can download:
"Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present"
This book is a unique collection of knowledge on the world religious philosophy — from ancient times to present day. It includes Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Golden Verses of Pythagoras, apocryphal Gospel of Philip, and many more. The texts are presented in a modern competent edition with clarifying commentaries. The reader can become acquainted with the Teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha, with the fundamentals of Quran and Sunna, with the concept of Agni Yoga, with the spiritual knowledge of Native Americans, with the Teachings of contemporary Divine Messiahs: Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan.
One may see that in all times God has been teaching people the same, though in slightly different words — depending on concrete cultural traditions and political situations. He teaches us what He wants us to be, what is the meaning of our lives on the Earth, and how to realize it.
The book is addressed to all people — independent of their religious-philosophical views — who seek to know and realize fully the meaning their lives on the Earth.
Also available in Kindle format;
Comment by eagle eyes on August 4, 2010 at 11:39am
just dropping by to say another part of myself.......heheh
peace and love always

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