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You can find Solfeggio frequencies to restructure your purified or distilled water from this YouTube search:

Also, remember to have good intentions such as love, happiness, forgiveness and/or thankfulness; this will help make the restructuring occur much better and a little faster.

Meditating definitely helps especially if you're purposefully sending loving thoughts to your water while the frequencies are being played. You may also speak you intentions or just "OM" to your water.

I recommend using only distilled water as this is the most purest form of H2O you can get. And a glass or glass bottle/jug, not plastic, as glass will vibrate much better with your speakers. If you want to download the frequencies, go to the web site (you'll have to become a member first) and simple burn them to a CD and play it on your stereo if you'd like.

The whole process of restructuring your water should take between an hour to two hours, however, there is no limit on how long you can go. Some people go an entire 12 hours playing the Solfeggio frequencies before they drink their water, but it's usually because they are restructuring several gallons of water at a time in large glass jugs (this is actually recommended).

You can make your own distilled water rather than buying it from the store. The process is time consuming, however, it can be cost effective. It's pretty simple to do though.

My personal experiences so far from drinking restructured water are simply amazing. One of the first things I've noticed is my GERD has virtually disappeared over night. I'm able to sleep more soundly without interruptions. My dreams are more intense and vivid. I have more energy to do the things I need and desire. My overall health is improving for the better.

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