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Play this one into your water at a medium high or medium volume level (or until you see the water shimmering to the vibration of the frequency):

Loop it for about 30 minutes for best results then drink. Or, listen to the frequency on low volume through headphones if you're already quenched :D

Here's some of the same 528Hz healing frequency which works best if listening through headphones (binaural beats included):


Have a happy listening experience :D

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Sorry for crashing your party. ;-) Using an oscilloscope I've analysed the first tone. Its not 528Hz. :-)
Not that it matters a lot. It still makes for a pleasing detuned tone with enough friction in between the tones to keep me interested.

IMHO Its better to replace computer or synthesizer generated signals with natural sources such as singing bowls and bells if you're into using sounds to heal. :-) It may sound awkward but I've seen people sing into water and pray into water as it is said to have memory. Check out the legacy of Marcel Vogel to find hard backed up hard evidence rather than he-said she said. Especially in esoteric corners you will find people who want to believe before they actually see.

Anyway. Here is the basic principle: Water forms structures when the hydrogen atoms of one water molecule bond with the oxygen atom of another water molecule. To know what to resonate into water to form desired structures and how, again I suggest anyone to study Marcel Vogels work and combine it with basic understandings of sacred geometry and cymatics. For a full overview of shapes and their corresponding frequency's check out Hans Jennys atlas.



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