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Well, just in case anyone wants to know, it's the sound of the sun. How does the sun make a sound? It's in outer space in a vacuum! See this video for a better explanation: Trying to find just an mp3 or mp4 of just the sound of the sun, so please bare with me; might have to go as far as purchasing it from here: but if anyone else can find it out there on the net for free, then great; please post the link here in this thread if possible. When using the sound of the sun to restructure water, amazing results occur, and usually within minutes. This water should either be drank right away for its' benefits or used to water plants either for use of oxygen creation or food. Whenever using restructured water, remember to either have positive loving intentions or meditate to clear your head. Any bad/negative thought will pollute or encumber (lower the vibration of) the restructured water. Hope this was helpful :D

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Found it and downloaded it: I'm going to use a converter to extract just the sound and add a few minutes by using Audacity (Linux version) and re-uplaod it. Should have it in a few days or so...


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