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What are the most common traits of Indigos?

But before we go into this discussion I would just like to say, that being an Indigo does not make one better than another. Same goes with Light Workers and Teachers....We are here to do the work and to learn thru experience. One microsphere at the time. One Group at the time..

So, now, can you tell me what do You know about Indigos?

Love and Joy Your Way,


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Well....theres the Indicomes and the Indigos....hahahahaahahh!!!

Wise Thanks for joining, any other brilliant insights?

Much Love and Light


well, i know i'm empathic and highly intuitive.  i also tend to play counselor for all my friends as i'll look at both sides of arguments and try to help the one side see from the others perspective.  find that can help difuse things a lot.  i know we're supposed to be very much against authority figures, and i have been all my life.  don't know bout the rest of ya, but that's just me.  

Thank you for joining Our Group. We are pleased to have you among us. I share many of the same traits.

I also find that if things, situations or relationships are too structured or regimented, do not work for/in my Highest Good. I tend to follow my Intuition vs Logic.

Again, glad you are here. Feel free to drop me a line any time.




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