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Emunah is the spiritual state associated with the inner experience of the highest of the three heads of keter, the the unknowable head. 

 Emunah is the essential connection, that the simple faith that links him to the simple absolute unity, God's essence, above His revelation of infinite light, or en sof. 

Ta’anug is the spiritual state associated in particular with the second head of the keter, the the head of nothingness. 

 In general, ta’anug is the lifeforce, the fluid or living waters, of all the soul’s powers. In particular, the inner partzuf of keter serves to motivate and direct superconscious will, representing the outer partzuf of keter. 

 We speak of hidden, or unconscious, pleasure in contrast to felt pleasure, and of simple pleasure, i.e. the experience of pure pleasure or serenity, in contrast to compound pleasure. Torah wisdom ultimately derives from the state of Divine pleasure. 

Ratzon is the spiritual state associated with the lowest of the three heads of keter, the the extended head. In the partzuf of the outer of keter, the origin of will is associated with its crown or its skull referred to as the gulgalta. 

 The higher level of will, superrational in nature, serves to control and direct from above and without all of the conscious and rational powers of the soul, beginning with the intellect, the soul’s base of rationality itself. The lower level of will, possessing a hidden rationale, is the origin of the soul’s power to willfully pursue those objectives rationally chosen by the mind.

Bitul Simchah Yichud Ahavah
Yirah Rachamim Bitachon Temimut Emet Shiflut



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