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10 sephiroth
22 letters
32 paths of emanation

kabbalah is very old

kabbalah is received wisdom of the jews

many ways of interpretting the qabala

4 worlds

the tree of life

10 sephiroth

22 letters of the hebrew alphabet

- 3 mother letters - aleph mem shin
- 7 double letters
- 12 simple letters

adam cadmon


body psychie self analog

<steve>: 7. Netzach - Victory / Eternity
<steve>: 8. Hod - Glory / Majesty
<steve>: 9. Yesod - Foundation
<steve>: 10. Malkuth - Kingdom
<steve>: while the translations seem vague, well, they are
<anki>: these remind me of tarot
<steve>: it takes study to understand the meaning of each sephirah
<steve>: personal effort is required
<steve>: the first path is from keter to chochmah
<steve>: you can see this on the latest diagram
<steve>: this corresponds ot the 0th major arcana card the fool
<steve>: and to the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, aleph
<steve>: the second path is keter to binah, 2nd letter beth, first card the magician
<steve>: it goes on,
<steve>: keter - tiphereth, gimel, the high preistess
<steve>: these associations are used by kabbalists and fortune tellers so that they may use them in divination
<steve>: those 22 letters are used as archetypical references
<steve>: the modern qabalistic tree looks like this:
<steve>: i will pause here now to say
<steve>: take everything you read and see with a grain of salt
<steve>: i do not claim that any of this even remotely true
<steve>: i am here to say that this is a tradition
<steve>: that this tradiation has brought centuries of profound conceptual growth
<steve>: other arrangements of trees are not untrue
<steve>: now then
<steve>: those 22 paths are an aspect in their own
<steve>: as are the 10 sephirah
<steve>: lets look at the four worlds
<steve>: this traces to pythagorus
<steve>: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10
<steve>: the tetracysis
<JS>: Thank you!
<steve>: the letters of the name YHVH
<steve>: the four elements
<Kris>: Love ti...this is a good lesson Steve!
<steve>: there are many correpsondanes
<steve>: you're welcome
<steve>: it takes a while to load photos
<steve>: the pythagorean diagram looks like
<Kris>: (I'm a teacher too...the prep work can be lengthy
<steve>: .
<steve>: ..
<steve>: ...
<steve>: ....
<steve>: relates to tarot as such
<steve>: to the tree of life,
<steve>: and also to the first four dimensions
<JS>: beautiful
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<steve>: this complicated study involves the 7 planets and 12 zodiac
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<steve>: as well as Fire Water Air,
<Tris>: love that one
<steve>: 3 + 7 + 12 = 22
<Tris>: welcome Meta
<JS>: I love it when a plan comes together
<steve>: qabala is very closely tired with alchemy and freemaonry
<steve>: see here
<MetatronThothHe>: salutaions
<steve>: for alchemy
<Kris>: (Greets Thoth warmly!)

<steve>: having trouble with the photos, sec
<Tris>: right click and open in new tab everyone
<Tris>: just in case
<Kris>: I see it fine in a new tab
<Kris>: please continue Steve
<steve>: here
<steve>: its obvious
<steve>: 7 planets
<steve>: the sun and moon
<steve>: square and compass
<steve>: the word cabala
<MetatronThothHe>: yeah i see it in new tab
<MetatronThothHe>: it reminds of meson particles
<steve>: again, here
<steve>: you see the pillars of Joachim and Boaz of freemasonry
<steve>: the classical planets above..
<steve>: the elements
<steve>: these describe the same doctrine
<Kris>: excuse me....where is the 3 aspect come in?
<steve>: once more
<steve>: we see our cabalistic creater with the seven planets along his spine, 12 zodiac overhead
<steve>: 3 are the three mother letters
<Kris>: ah
<steve>: aleph mem shin
<steve>: air water fire
<steve>: these three also correspond to the tria prima
<steve>: mercury, salt, sulfer
<steve>: more freemasonry imagery
<steve>: the sun and moon are like the two outside pillars
<steve>: one male, one female
<steve>: one active, one passive
<steve>: in nature
<steve>: positive and negative are in abundance
<steve>: especially in the sine wave
<JS>: enabler and facilitator
<steve>: one way to describe the manifestation of emanations is with "the path of the lightning bolt"
<MetatronThothHe>: meson particles
<steve>: you see the wave pattern, crests and toughts
<steve>: giving and taking
<MetatronThothHe>: as in phree meson
<Aksis>: fascinating the connections
<Kris>: this last pic is really special...I'm glad to see this alone
<steve>: kind of jumping all over the place here
<steve>: 22 letters image recap
<Kris>: Fine by me
<JS>: with you
<steve>: with all mysticism
<steve>: there is always an aspect of secreticism
<steve>: secretism*
<steve>: this is done intentially and unintentially
<JS>: ?
<steve>: as hard as it is to communicate some truths,
<Aksis>: yes personal journey
<steve>: there is always an aspect of the Ineffable
<steve>: lessons are learnt by self
<steve>: the three moth letters are very important
<Aksis>: inefable mysteries
<steve>: they are the three horizonal paths on the tree

<steve>: perhaps i lost you
<Kris>: oh wow...this pic now has so much meaning to me now

<steve>: remembre back when we said the 22 paths start from keter -> chockmah
<JS>: got it, thanks
<steve>: keter -> binah
<steve>: etc
<steve>: based on the kircher diagram
<steve>: there is another way
<steve>: 3 horizonal paths
<steve>: 7 vertical paths
<steve>: 12 diagonal paths
<steve>: running out of time
<steve>: one more topic to touch on
<JS>: encore
<steve>: the macrocosm, microcosm
<Kris>: bring it home Steve!
<steve>: we have heard in hermeticism
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<steve>: as above, so below
<steve>: as below, so above
<steve>: this is very similar with the tree of life
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<steve>: one world reings over the other
<steve>: admon kadmon
<steve>: atziluth
<steve>: briah
<steve>: yetzirah
<steve>: assiah
<steve>: fauther
<steve>: mother
<steve>: son
<steve>: daugther
<JS>: but do they flip/reverse as they come down i.e bina nezach?
<steve>: see here
<JS>: or is that a silly question??
<steve>: don't know what you mean, opposites are reconciled somewhat
<steve>: see the tree is flipped
<JS>: o.k maybe another time, sorry
<steve>: widsom , father on the mans right
<steve>: though left in the picture
<steve>: you see
<steve>: you see the four worlds
<JS>: yes
<Aksis>: so both are in eachother?
<steve>: .. yes
<steve>: all is one you know this
<Aksis>: yes
<steve>: the parts is the whole
<steve>: etc etc
<steve>: another way of looking at it
<steve>: , this one is nice
<Kris>: Steve, these are truly wonderful pics you have provided
<JS>: " "
<Aksis>: yes indeed
<steve>: note the active passive aspects
<steve>: like proton, electron
<steve>: the middle pillar is the place-to-be
<steve>: also the place of beauty
<Aksis>: that one with the circle just now
<steve>: bringing balance to these forces
<JS>: nice correspondence
<Aksis>: reminds me of that alchemy symbology
<steve>: many authors, many correspondances
<steve>: self, psyche, body etc
<Aksis>: yes
<JS>: to be the witness
<steve>: to the chakra system:
<SJ>: ahh right
<steve>: the letters on the sephirah enumerate 1 - 10
<anki>: nice!!
<steve>: the study can be overwhelming
<Aksis>: wow i love that pic
<steve>: but it is very rewarding
<Aksis>: yet self enforcing always
<steve>: the symbolism of the archtypes is rich
<Aksis>: yes
<steve>: in meaning and value
<JS>: I always felt that the throat chakra was linked to Da at
<steve>: a classic anotomy
<JS>: thank you for this image
<steve>: da'at is a non sephirah
<Kris>: ah yes...the Adam Kadmon
<Kris>: love this pic
<Kris>: so much packed into one image
<JS>: again thank you, so many holes
<steve>: it is impossible for keter and da'at to exist simultaniously
<Aksis>: jeez yea too much for me lol
<steve>: that's one hour
<steve>: now
<Kris>: brilliant!
<JS>: Full Gratitude Steve, AMAZING
<Aksis>: thanks so much steve
<Tris>: * claps hands *
<Kris>: *claps*
<Venutius>: Thanks Steve
<SJ>: Thanks Steve, much appreciated.
<SingaBlues>: Thank you!
<anki>: thanks very cool
<steve>: i recognize that many of your don't know What the 10 sephirah are, What the four worlds may represent, or why Any of this is studied and so popular these days, but i hope this provided a decent overview of the subject
<Tris>: excellent job brother
<Aksis>: yes it has
<Kris>: truly lovely overview...filled in many gaps and provided MANY rich pictues to my notes
<steve>: cool, thanks for sticking around
<anki>: it was great
<Kris>: when is the next lesson????
<Aksis>: yes i come from 0 knowledge of this topic
<MetatronThothHe>: beyond words
<JS>: have been interested for 7 years now and only studied alone. You have given some gems and definitely food for thought.

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I am new on this site, but not new on kabbalah.
I have to say this was an excellent reading - great pics!!!

Thank you for the excellent dialogue! So much was opened


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