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The Absolute

Would you storm my Mystery and

Seek to find
That which is behind my veil-


Then senseless, being-less, creation-less

Thou must become

The thundering Silence

Is my voice

Stillness is the herald

Of my way appointed;

Being-less, I am present most

When most away

Not being is my name-

By no other will I be known.

Limitless, I know no limitation

Save those passing forms

Which dwell within the Aura of my Majesty

While I permit.

From "The Space Born"    Manly P. Hall

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The Library of Congress lists First pub. 1901, Reprint 1930.

I have only a paperback version, I picked up, at the P.R.S. back when Mr. Hall was still with us. 1978

As a paperback, it only had a limited number of 2000.

More to follow...Until then...Dear Friend

'The Lord Maitreya Speaks'

For all Life's hours of dark

I am the Dawn;

To all the shadowed nights

I am the Morn;

Of all the paths that wind

I am the End;

Through all Life's hopeless fight

I am the Friend.

Who answers every prayer?

I am the One;

Of all the heavenly lights

I am the Sun.

Of all the circling things

I am the Cause;

Of all this wondrous plan

I am the Laws.

For all who seek to know

I am the Way;

To those by darkness bound

I am the Day;

For all who struggle on 

I am the Goal;

Of all this seething all

I am the Soul.

From  "The Space Born"                Mystical Poetry  By   Manly P. Hall

The Witness  

You see to find among the creatures of

the mist One to tell you of that Mystery

beyond the clouds, the Mystery that

dwells within My splendor.

You ask who has been sent to bear witness

of the Absolute.

O blind creation! seek about you.

Dwells there anything but that

teaches the wisdom of My Mystery?

From that day when time poured forth

from Me, they come- the appointed

messengers of My way mysterious.

To you they bring the tribute of the 'I'.

They serve the Not -self, ministering

to the dream in the name of Reality.

The sage, with bowed head seeks with

wisdom to define Me- searching the

infinite for word to tell My name or

letters letters with which to scribe the 

secret of my identity.

The seer, who, with clearer eye'

pierces the mist a little way,

glimpses My glory and falls back

abashed, afraid, uncertain.

From    "The Space born"   Mystical Poetry of Manly P. Hall


O lady of  the sky'

Thy servant see

And from thy throne on high

Bend to my plea.

O lady robed in light,

O Lotus One,

Fair mistress of the night

Bride of the sun.

Thou gracious starry maid,

By Heaven blest,

Pour from thy urn of jade

Eternal rest.

Incline thy gilded face

And smile on me,

That I may through thy grace

Find liberty.

At thy fair feet so white

I bend in love.

Preserve me in thy right

O One above.

Safe 'neath thy robes of gold,

Against thy breast,

Thou who art ages old,

give me thy rest.

From "Space Born"   Mystical Poetry by Manly P. Hall

Photo by Nemo taken in front of Mr. Hall's office just outside library.P.R.S.


The Creator

First the Self-born Lord in contemplation

Entered the state of Unreality, dwelling

For a moment in Illusion. As spirit to the

Body comes at birth and dons the 

Veil of non tranquility 

So the Self within the Not-self was immersed.

The Uncreated in His dream became  Creator

The opposites His progeny. The One assumed the Two

The Two brought then the Three- and thus

The multitudes were born of Him who is

The Only One, and He alone is real in fact,

Permanent and unmoved.

Men live within the dream of the Infinite,

Dwelling in the shadows of His sleepings-

Timeless, measureless, hopeless as a dream.

The Lord dwelleth in His meditations:

All thoughts His thoughts, all dreams his dreaming

Through the Not-self he knows himself again.

The Space Born   

Manly P. Hall


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