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The Greatest Of Mystery Schools

The world is the schoolroom of God. Our being in 

school does not make us learn, but within that school 

is the opportunity for all learning. It has its grades and its

classes, its sciences and its arts, and admission to it is

the birthright of man. Its graduates are its teachers, its

pupils are all created things. Its examples are Mature,

and its rules are God's laws. Those who  would go into

the greater colleges and universities must first, day by day,

and year by year, work through the common school of life

and present to their new teachers the deplolmas

they have won, upon which is written the name that none 

may read save those who have received it.

The hours may be long, and the teachers cruel, but

each of us must walk that path, and the only ones

ready to go onward are those who have passed through

the gateway of experience,


Introduction to The Initiates of the Flame  By Manly P. Hall

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