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I did not mean for this to get this long...sorry I am wordy!

In MPH's short essay on Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire, in part three titled The Sacred Fire In the Spine and the Brain he quotes HP Blatvatsky on the different parts of the human body and there relation to the number 7.  After speaking of the 7 Chakras he writes:

These seven are the negative spinal plexuses of first importance, but disciples of the mysteries are warned not to attempt the development of these centers, because they are negative poles.  All of the real plexuses which the true disciple of the highest knowledge should try to unfold are located within the skull, for the body is a negative pole of that spiritual body contained within the cranial cavity.  As the body is controlled by the brain, the true adept works with the brain, avoiding the negative poles of the brain centers which are located along the spine.  Proper development of the seven brain discs, or spiritual interpenetrating globes, results in the awakening of the spinal flowers by an indirect process.  Beware of the direct process by concentrating upon or directionalizing the internal breath towards the spinal centers.


The last sentence appears italicized in the text, I simply rewrote it exactly as it is written in the pamphlet reproduced by PRS, the institution he founded.

I wanted to ask and hopefully start some sort of discussion about what this means.  He clearly is warning all students and beginner esoteric students not to channel their vital energy upward toward the brain.  Why?  I have read a lot of MPH over the last 2 years and listened to a lot of his lectures and i know he continuously warns against novices trying breathing exercises and in this text mentions specifically directionalizing one's vital energy up the Chakra chain.

Anyone have any ideas what the above quoted section means or why he said that?  Also, what are these "7 brain discs or spiritual interpenetrating globes"

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Why does that remind me of the Big Red Button, hahaha. Pull all the levers you want, but don't push that button! 8)

Maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds like a warning not to focus on those chakras along the spine, since they're the negative counterparts to the positive centers within the brain cavity. Students, who learn about all chakras eventually come across negative ones as well and may be tempted to include those in their exercises. It doesn't mean you are meant to avoid going across them into your brain, from what this reads, but that you simply should not focus on them specifically.

I don't get any of this just yet. I'm still stuck in investigating theory. But I'm curious to some extend about dogmatic or guided meditation, associated breathing exercises and other techniques. So I'll be monitoring this discussion.

Although MPH never directly mentions it, as one probably should not to the public at large, I believe he is talking about focusing your seminal energy upward toward the brain.

Of course this is only after one is consistently working on their own motives and sticking to their own ethical code, which is something I have far from mastered but have been working on for a few years now...

I trust nothing that is dogmatic in religion or metaphysical philosophy.  As Abraham Lincoln said: "When I do good i feel good and when I do bad I feel bad, that is my religion."

Im just not sure how to meditate without using the chakras and directionalizing your seminal energy, especially if you are practicing chastity...

 There are many tried and true techniques for awakening the Kundalini without damage to the sentient physical body nor psyche. They all however require patience and a willingness for the process to take some time. In Qi Gong we practice drawing down the moon in the form of liquid light on the inbreath, tongue to the top of the inside of the roof of the mouth, pulling this energy down the front of the body, through the various chakras to the Dan Tien ( 2nd Chakra ), then working the energy to the Hui Yin ( between the anus and whatever your other business is ) ( which is clinched or closed off so to speak) and then gently brought up the spine while imagining the Moonlight doing a micro-orbit up and around the Hara Line over the head and so on. When it gets warm at the base of the spine, one is supposed to NOT force it, but gently imagine hands on either side of the base of the spine guiding the light upwards..Ive personally had the Kundalini awaken in a very powerful way halfway up my back recently. Cant seem to get it go any farther right now. Years ago I experienced a full awakening of the kundalini which was amazing. But that was some time ago with a lot of life in between, not all of it real fun. So there was/is some relearning and new learning to be done, as always....

Hi good people I am a new member and no expert although this topic does interest me and I believe it deserves more attention.

This video is talking about activating the pineal gland antennas

Thank you


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