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During a discussion in Moscow, 1915, after having listened to a lecture on hidden Central Asian knowledge and wisdom-systems, a gentleman stood up and asked:

"This knowledge surprises me. How did it come to be hidden? Why was I not able to find it, though I have been searching for years?"

The lecturer answered: "Ah, but you are now capable of understanding? Is that not also a new fact? How come, that up to now you never crossed its path, why weren't you told so before? Is it not that you yourself have been preparing yourself in all manner of way to finally accede to something that you never expected to exist?

You say that this knowledge was hidden. This is not true. It was simply beyond the scope of men and women to understand. They were incapable, because the ground-work had not been laid out. Without preparation, even the most simple things seem strange. If Man remains at this station of perplexity, unable to fathom any hidden meaning behind the most simple words, then it is not because this meaning is hidden, but because access to it was obstructed. By too many words, by useless things that deviated attention from what is true."

There is a certain level, below which nothing can be transmitted. All is turned to banality.

Thus G.I. Gurdjieff, when asked about the strange and hidden origin of some of his teachings, answered: "Thanks to this knowledge itself, and to your personal work, you are now able to understand what I have been saying. If we spoke again of the same knowledge in a years' time, then you will not have waited for it to miraculously reveal itself, you will have searched further. Thus your understanding will have deepened. We will speak of the same knowledge, but it will not surprise you anymore. Instead, maybe you will have found something, that could be of interest to me also. We will both see the same thing from a deepened or heightened perspective, and this interplay of different levels will have interest all by itself. Our understanding will have changed, evolved. As long as people are incapable of understanding, it is of no use to speak. It is of no help to descend to the listeners' level, for then even I will lack the right words, for my words in his language will be incomprehensible, both to him and to me."

For certain ideas there are too few words. So we look for images, for symbols, for subtle double-meanings. These are then sometimes perceived as veiled, hidden on purpose. This is not so, strange words or unfamiliar images and symbols have been used, because the meaning of what was intended to be transmitted could not be formulated otherwise. If the words themselves only serve to describe the well-spring from which they flow, if for example the Nothing is tried to be shown as not being Nothing, but no other words are available, then this Nothing must stand as un-nothing Nothing, which is meaningless, yet still somehow shows that this Nothing is not seen as completely void, it is not an absolute vacuum.

What is really called hidden and secret, is so due to the fact that one cannot give anything that Man is incapable of accepting.

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I agree completely, instead of the fact when certain societies and groups hide the mysteries within their own rhetoric.

For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.


and free of sworn oath
If we're talking governments certainly, Tris. And it is clear that "spiritual wickedness in high places" does exist, among all men, be they in government, the church, or wherever.

However, when speaking of esoteric wisdom and tradition, the emphasis on secrecy, or at the very least discretion, as to whom such wisdom is imparted, is a long-held belief and understanding. It can be found an almost any of them as a stated precept. The ones capable of receiving that wisdom are called initiates. And that's what this discourse is really about. There is reason for this-that is not of small import. The nature of most men can be completely reversed by the acquisition of POWER, and the unregenerate man (one who is completely dominated by his Ego) who acquires it, is a danger to society, as we are witnessing even today. It is, as it has always been. It only feels new to us.

Therefore, the ancient precept: "The Lips of Wisdom are Closed but to the Ears of Understanding." This statement even, could be read and understood on more than one level.

What is really called hidden and secret, is so due to the fact that one cannot give anything that Man is incapable of accepting. The one incapable receives only in part, therefore his understanding is incomplete.

To impart secret wisdom that may confer a power to a person who is not fit for it is wrong. Would not the principles of that wisdom be entirely perverted to his own Ego's desire? The good, that the secret (and rightful) possessor of which, uses for the Good, is now in the hands of one who would abuse it, and cause undue harm to the many.

For this very reason, Jesus was said in the gnostic tradition to have imparted to certain disciples of his wisdom, that was not shared with all of them. Mary Magdalene is the bearer of that secret wisdom. Why? Because she earned it. While Peter (remember, upon this rock, I will build my church!) denied Jesus thrice times before the cock crowed.

"The Apostles who died for their faith, the Christians who sang in the arena while the lions were turned loose upon them, or who hung coated with tar as living torches in Nero's gardens-these furnished vivid demonstrations of the sincerity, humility, honesty, and devotion of the early followers of Christ. The Master himself was led up into the mountain by the demons and tempted by a vision of the cities stretched out in the plains below. The ancient initiates were tempted by the things of this world. Buddha, standing beside the crib in which lay his infant son, chose between all the things which life held dear and the wandering life of an ascetic. But the greater need of humanity filled his soul, and he sacrificed all to his great, unselfish love."

"Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of Men."

Manly Palmer Hall

The secrecy and hidden wisdom of the esoteric traditions of wisdom is defended here, not the Illuminati. Nor do I believe oaths are required in order to secure it. In fact, I would dare say, it is against such, that it should be held in reserve.
Jesus said..
“To you it is granted to understand the sacred secrets of God, but for the rest it is in illustrations, in order that, though looking, they may look in vain and, though hearing they may not get the meaning.

I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have carefully hidden these things from wise and intellectual ones, and have revealed them to babes..”

Speaking of secret teachings.. below is an example of the hidden meaning of Jesus walking over the high waves of the sea.. and the meaning of Jesus rebuking the wind and the waves.. so they became quiet..

When we really study the Bible (and this takes much devotion and many years..).. we find the hidden meanings of the Bible stories are revealed in among the other verses..

For example the meaning of Jesus silencing the wind..

Even in our own age we still say.. “People are talking wind”..

And the Bible employed all the same metaphors.. that we still use..

For example..

“Among the nations I have made known trustworthy words. The rulers have become just like those moving back a boundary. Upon them I shall pour out my fury just like water. I shall go, I will return to my place until they bear their guilt; and they will certainly seek my face. When they are in sore straits, they will seek me. FOR IT IS WIND THAT THEY KEEP SOWING , and a storm wind is what they will reap, strangers themselves will swallow it down.

They (organized religion) have multiplied altars in order to sin (error). I proceeded to write for them many things of my Law (Love your neighbour);

Just like something strange they have been accounted. THE NATIONS ARE FEEDING ON WIND and chasing after the east wind all day long.

Lying and despoiling are what they multiply. And a covenant among men they conclude (men “getting in bed” with men).

They became satisfied and their heart began to be exalted. That is why they forgot me.”

Isaiah 57:2


Ok.. so the meaning of wind is clear..

But what does.. Jesus walking over the sea really mean.. ?

Walking over the high waves is symbolic for.. putting those in power under the soles of his feet - which means he was humiliating those in the high places of the land.. by demonstrating he is the leader.. not them.

It is about who has the power.

That governments must also obey him.. when he teaches us that the True Law is.. to treat each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves..

Are those in power obeying this Law…?

Well.. NO…… they are not..

Yet they expect us to obey all the stupid laws they continually make.

This is the reason Jesus has so many kingly titles.. Son of God.. King of Kings.. Judge of Mankind.. and the Last High Priest.. (Hence no need for a pope).. etc.. so that government should know who is really the boss.

He took our sins (meaning - errors) upon himself.. by becoming the one who holds all the power and glory (which is our error).... so that we might be free from the corruption of the earthly power junkies and control freaks.. Symbolized by the Devil..


"God blotted out the handwritten document against us . . which consisted of decrees . . and which was in opposition to us. And He has taken it out the way by nailing it to the torture stake..

Stripping governments and authorities bare . . He exhibited them in open public as conquered."

"Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power."

Colossians 12:14 - 1Corinthians 15:24


Notice how verses.. taken from all over the Bible.. can explain what the miracles of Jesus really mean..

The hidden meanings.. that the world in its blindness is unable to see.


In response to what Alchemistra wrote..

((If we're talking governments certainly, Tris. And it is clear that "spiritual wickedness in high places" does exist, among all men, be they in government, the church, or wherever.))

Carefully examination of the verses I’m quoting will demonstrate this is what the Bible is really saying..

It is tearing down the corruption in government and organized religion..

In spite of popular opinion.. the Bible has nothing to do with existing Christianity…. apart from that it condemns their practices.

It’s true agenda is to change our corrupted system.. which still remains corrupted down to this day…


"But the wicked are like the sea that is being tossed, when it is unable to calm down, the waters of which keep tossing up seaweed and mire. There is no peace," my God has said, "for the wicked ones."

"For, look! God is going forth from his place, and he will certainly come down and tread upon earth's high places."

“Stretching out the heavens by himself and treading upon the high waves of the sea..”

"Well, by now it had grown dark and Jesus had not yet come to them. Also, the sea began to be stirred up because a strong wind was blowing. However, when they had rowed about three or four miles, they beheld Jesus walking upon the sea and getting near the boat; and they became fearful."

“He is stilling the noise of the seas, The noise of their waves and the turmoil of the national groups. He causes the windstorm to stand at a calm, So that the waves of the sea keep quiet.”

"The national groups themselves will make a din just like the noise of many waters. AND HE WILL CERTAINLY REBUKE IT, and it must flee far away and be chased like the chaff of the mountains before a wind and like a thistle whirl before a storm wind."

"And when he got aboard a boat, his disciples followed him. Now, look! a great agitation arose in the sea, so that the boat was being covered by the waves; he, however, was sleeping. And they came and woke him up, saying: "Lord, save us, we are about to perish! "But he said to them: "Why are you fainthearted, you with little faith?" Then, getting up, HE REBUKED THE WINDS AND THE SEA, AND A CALM SET IN. So the men became amazed and said: "What sort of person is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?"

Isaiah 17:12 + Micah 1:3 + Job 9:8 + John 6:16 + Psalms 65:7 + Isaiah 17:10 + Matthew 8:23


“And for you men the vision of everything becomes like the words of the book that has been sealed up, which they give to someone knowing the writing, saying: "Read this out loud, please," and he has to say: "I am unable for it is sealed up.”

Isaiah 29:9

Spot on Alchemistra, Some can't see the forest for the trees Thanks!

This is truly perfect in every way, I admit that I did not give it the deserved and thorough read-through with proper understanding at first.

Thank you for this posting Alchemistra
If you consider there is only 5 Platonic Solids behind everything, coupled with the realization that all of Creation is powered by One Energy, then it becomes very clear that what may seem "hidden" is truly just beyond current perception.

The best proof of this came to me before I knew how important it was. I remember studying Vikings and the like, basically, the first people to begin using the vessels we call Boats to travel many nautical miles.

NOW, consider what the first sailors had to do in order to avoid confrontation if the visit was meant to be friendly. They had to have a man stand on the deck of the boat, after it pulled close to shore and simply WAIT until the locals could PERCEIVE of, and then actually SEE the boat and it's occupants.
Otherwise, it would appear as if the men simply "ripped through" reality into their world and it would be a battle, out of fear and mis-understanding.

I've actually seen this echoed in a movie, I think it was the 13th Warrior, where they were smart enough to include this in their film.

I oftentimes take a "generic model" of a human and insert ONE experience or situation at a time to get a better understanding of Self. It is much easier to see how easily a human can REALLY be affected by something if you can remove them from the heavily layered Static we live in today.

Perception. Many people cannot perceive the next Density. Out of sight, out of mind. They simply never even know there's something worth reaching up to. Others perceive of the New World, but cannot Focus on it, so it remains fuzzy, but real.
While yet others have been there for centuries preparing and creating this Hyper-Dimensional Sub-Domain.

We are like cameras (among other things) with Light. If we close our "shutters" to the Amazing World around us, we perceive absolutely NO Light. If we open our shutters, we are able to Capture Light. If we upgrade to a highly focalized and precise Lense, our perception and depth-of-vision grows.

Some will even see it, but have no perception of their own Ego, and will then un-willingly allow their Ego to refocus their lense back to Lower-Density concerns.

And when many of us finally DO show up, we will say,

"Look at this New World. It is beautiful. It is different and new. It is what we have dreamed of."

Yet it was there all along. When humans were a mere Idea, it was there as an Idea as well. If it is in your future, it is in This Moment.

So did we accomplish our Dream (Annuit Coeptis) or did it accomplish us? Without a "place" to go, why would we have ever picked up the Great Work to begin with?

Why did the Human cross the road? Because the New World awaits.

.........could easily be........

Why did the New World create Higher Vibrations? Because only Higher Vibrations can relate to a Finer Density.

Either way, the most amazing Ideals were here before I even got here. Before the Sumerians even put chisel to stone. In fact, I possess my Highest Self in me right now, this moment. Yet when I attain an actual existence as my Higher Self, it will feel "new".

Remember, as a pure and perfect being, even your Perception of Beauty can be diminished if you are so used to it you no longer appreciate it. Hence, the return to lower vibrations. To re-claim the Glory of existence in a Finer Density.

It is a cycle, which buries and then uncovers Treasures for you. Except YOU bury the Treasure, so only YOU can find your way back to it.

X Marks The Spot.

1378 circa 3363
Hermetic Wisdom is strict in that it must be imparted in Order. The student must be prepared in heart and mind. Thus power is kept out of the hands of those who would abuse it. Right?

OK, there is another kind of wisdom. Shamanic. As far as I can tell, students are chosen by omens and signs. Good heart, bad heart, one heart, two heart. If the universe tells the Sorcerer to chose an apprentice, he must do so. It is from this fact that we get the idea of black magic or bad magic or evil witches and the like, because in this world, it is entirely possible.

Shamanic wisdom would still be a secret to most, but it's disclosure operates under different parameters.
This is only my understanding.
When looked at from a historical prospective, this is obviously not an efficient safeguard. Harry Truman was prepared properly in his his heart and his mind on his way to 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General and an Honorary Member of the supreme council? Right?

Yet even though he was well aware of the Japanese desire to surrender weeks before, he decided it would be best to use nuclear weapons anyway to simply "show the world America's dominance" even though it would take the lives of several hundred thousand innocent people. Good and prepared heart and mind, right? Seems the hermetic wisdom passed on to him, were not gauged by this. Much of Freemasonry today is NOT what it once was and should be, but they are rather what Mem Key alluded to, as theatrical Mason's with little to no knowledge of the actual meanings of the ritual, doing nothing for the heart and mind in good.

There are plenty of others in the world with a true good heart and true good mind, who would simply rather not swear death oaths to keep beneficial wisdom from his brothers and sisters who also have a good heart and mind, which didn't swear the death oath. I hope you are aware that in the Masonic oath that all secrets are to be kept with the only exception of murder and treason. I, for one, would NOT keep this oath if I had knowledge of a fellow mason having raped a child. A TRUE and FREE mason requires not an oath.

I do however feel the teachings need to be given in steps and in order, so that a proper understanding and foundation is established, for one teaching builds onto the next. This will be the purpose of our Mystery School here. And the TRUE teachings can only be understood and utilized with a proper and good heart and mind in my experience, the TRUE safeguard. For only then that which was hidden, becomes clear.

Your thoughts of shamanism, are half true in my experience, where students are immediately shown to be called to be shaman, with omens and cosmic recognition. However, one may also work their way up and prepare himself as many shamans do over time. The black shamans are known by indigenous peoples to be the ones who HAD a pure heart, but became corrupted and decided to change their intent to using their powers against other tribes for evil purposes.

This is why I feel the alchemical path is very valuable, because several stages, distillation for example, are in place to ensure that ANY small part of impurity which may later grow to corrupt the path of the alchemist can be siphoned off to ensure only the pure remains no matter what.
Good point about Harry Truman. I'm sure the list goes on, my own lodge memorializes Lord Cornwallis as the first Most Worshipful master- a monster by historical standards. Lord Cornwallis was a great proponent for the genocide of the first nations people here.

Then let me at least get this in, The Order(s) of the Rosey Cross have a system in place that weeds the unworthy over time. If you do not have a good heart, you will eventually lose interest in the teachings.
I think Free-Will is being overlooked here, if I may say so.

A Mason is a man who has conquered death, if in fact, he is already a Temple Builder. The path that was found by the Mason is there for any one with an Eye to see.

Those who are Listening, will be the first to run from the forest when danger approaches.

So, how can you expect a Mason to worry about bombing Japan or even his own backyard? If you could somehow "tag" each SOUL as it's Essence, and then take Roll Call, you will notice that...................

ALL ARE ALWAYS PRESENT. Nobody ever "goes" anywhere. Every day, no matter what form they may have taken, if there is a "roll call" you will hear "Here, Present, Here, Hello, I'm here"

Law of Conservation. The number of "bricks" for any Mason to build with never changes.

So...trying to convince a Mason that he is somehow "short on bricks" is like trying to convince Nature it is short on Energy, when in fact, the SUM never changes.

The amount of Human Energy available remains the same, so any "increase" or "decrease" is an illusion that we have to put up with for now.
NEVER FORGET: A Creator is also a Destroyer.

A FLOWER blossoms out of the destruction of many other lifeforms (COMPOST).

A Mason builds out of the destruction of past lifetimes (as the phoenix rises from it's own ashes).

A Solid Foundation requires a CLEAN SLATE.

And Roll Call never changes - "Here, here, present, here, I'm still here, New Form, Loving Life!!"

It is irresponsible for a Creator to sit around waiting for something to happen. On the contrary, the Builder builds with initiative and molds the Earth to his/her will.

Free-Will and Intuition will protect those who are worth protecting.

The 18 that is meant to remain the 18 stays 18. The 18 that is destined for 36 cannot be harmed, no matter what the circumstances.

Consider Jackie Chan, a man in tune with Nature. Raised as a monk. Has an open heart and Intuition. Scheduled to be at WTC on 911, but of course, that never happened.

Those who take the time out to Listen will always Hear the call. A Mason is not the enemy, but men who willingly fall.
------------------------------THE KEY HERE-------------------------------

It is often overlooked that Working for Humanity does not always (in every age) include the preservation of flesh.
For example: Say a "master race" was made. We would get here, have no other bodies to choose from and simply take what's available.
Instead, the "un-mastered race" continues and there is very little quality flesh to choose from, as far as Earthly Vessels are concerned.

We pay dearly for our petty "skin tone" issues (racial) and our desire to preserve our un-mastered bodies. I have many races in me, all of which I am happy to have, but yet, none truly do me any good.

A master-plan designed Body would have provided me with a well thought out Vessel of the highest quality.

Racial diversity is a fleshy desire of earthly-bound minds. The Spirit of Light has no need for racial diversity or "skin variations" to feel more complete because the SOUL ITSELF NOURISHES ITSELF (animus se ipse alit).
So was Hitler truly against humanity or looking out for the Highest Ideals of human evolution?

Honestly my friends, think for a second. What is available to you when you get here is all you'll care about. Let's focus on making the best possible Vehicles.
Wether it's Mayan or Egyptians or a mix of all races together. Humans with Eagle eyes and Lion Heads? Whatever it takes to make this Experience of Life more vibrant is o.k. by me.

You can mash me up right now, and in the morning when Roll Call is made, I will still be Present. Just keep the ball rolling and never fear a thing.

Mem Key
There is a reason why we don't kill people. The pain caused in that moment of a premature death can remain with the soul upon reincarnation, causing angry vengeful people the next time around.

Also, I believe their is only one proper adjudicator and that is not a mortal on this "side". Often times, likesay with Lord Cornwallis or Harry Truman, a motivation for murder is material gains rather than the betterment of the entire species. To this day I mourn the loss of the Essenes, the Cathars, the Mayans and (while I'm at it) the Library of Alexandria.

Also, also- to cause suffering is to incur a karmic debt and who wants that?

Eugenics need not be cruel, and it shouldn't be based on bad childhood experiences either (see Hitler, K'mher Rouge, etc). Look at your own incarnation, it is probably much more advanced in many ways than it was several cycles ago. If we could be patient for generations to find their own way.

Separate issue/ question- Who thinks a Mason in this lifetime has found Masonry becasue he was one in a past life?
"Esoterism can be neither written nor spoken, and hence cannot be betrayed. One must be prepared to grasp it, to see it, to hear it. This preparation is not a knowing but a being-able, and can ultimately be acquired only through the effort of the individual himself, by a struggle against all obstacles, and a victory over the human-animal nature.

"There is a sacred science, and for thousands of years countless inquisitive people have sought in vain to penetrate its 'secrets.' It is as if they attempted to dig a hole in the sea with an ax. The tool must be of the same nature as the objective to be worked upon. Spirit is found only with spirit, and esoterism is the spiritual aspect of the world, inaccessible to cerebral intelligence.

"Those who profess to reveal the esoterism of such teachings are chalatans. They may try to explain the implications of a certain word or formula as with a conventional secret, but with regards to sacred science, they will never be able to do more than put one word in place of another, and at best this will be bad literature replacing a simple idea.

"The true initiate can guide a gifted pupil and help him to travel more quickly along the path to consciousness, and the pupil, upon reaching the stage of illumination by his own inner light, will read the esoterism of such teaching directly. No one can do it for him."

-- R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, "Esoterism and Symbol"

   "...until the student has thoroughly prepared himself during the period of discipline as a neophyte, the said [occult] rules will not convey to him their intended significance. He will read them as a fact of science, instead of the luminous aphorisms epitomizing a body of intimate spiritual experience. So many students read in the former sense and ask others to give them that which can only be lived.

   "No one can give the power to read in the occult sense. Depth and intensity of living of living alone give it. The neophyte who shrinks from the profoundly meaningful words depth and intensity had better stand back for a while. The path will lead him into deep waters. Fear has held many a man back at the first glimpse of these waters...."

-- Raymund Andrea, F.R.C., "The Technique of the Disciple"


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