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During a discussion in Moscow, 1915, after having listened to a lecture on hidden Central Asian knowledge and wisdom-systems, a gentleman stood up and asked:

"This knowledge surprises me. How did it come to be hidden? Why was I not able to find it, though I have been searching for years?"

The lecturer answered: "Ah, but you are now capable of understanding? Is that not also a new fact? How come, that up to now you never crossed its path, why weren't you told so before? Is it not that you yourself have been preparing yourself in all manner of way to finally accede to something that you never expected to exist?

You say that this knowledge was hidden. This is not true. It was simply beyond the scope of men and women to understand. They were incapable, because the ground-work had not been laid out. Without preparation, even the most simple things seem strange. If Man remains at this station of perplexity, unable to fathom any hidden meaning behind the most simple words, then it is not because this meaning is hidden, but because access to it was obstructed. By too many words, by useless things that deviated attention from what is true."

There is a certain level, below which nothing can be transmitted. All is turned to banality.

Thus G.I. Gurdjieff, when asked about the strange and hidden origin of some of his teachings, answered: "Thanks to this knowledge itself, and to your personal work, you are now able to understand what I have been saying. If we spoke again of the same knowledge in a years' time, then you will not have waited for it to miraculously reveal itself, you will have searched further. Thus your understanding will have deepened. We will speak of the same knowledge, but it will not surprise you anymore. Instead, maybe you will have found something, that could be of interest to me also. We will both see the same thing from a deepened or heightened perspective, and this interplay of different levels will have interest all by itself. Our understanding will have changed, evolved. As long as people are incapable of understanding, it is of no use to speak. It is of no help to descend to the listeners' level, for then even I will lack the right words, for my words in his language will be incomprehensible, both to him and to me."

For certain ideas there are too few words. So we look for images, for symbols, for subtle double-meanings. These are then sometimes perceived as veiled, hidden on purpose. This is not so, strange words or unfamiliar images and symbols have been used, because the meaning of what was intended to be transmitted could not be formulated otherwise. If the words themselves only serve to describe the well-spring from which they flow, if for example the Nothing is tried to be shown as not being Nothing, but no other words are available, then this Nothing must stand as un-nothing Nothing, which is meaningless, yet still somehow shows that this Nothing is not seen as completely void, it is not an absolute vacuum.

What is really called hidden and secret, is so due to the fact that one cannot give anything that Man is incapable of accepting.

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"If in the circle of activity there appears a child who is apparently drawn to it with special reason, smile upon him and develop in him the awareness that these activities are a home to him. Children sometimes come to this activity in response to a special call. Give them what has been prepared for them in their own past. Heavy with juice is the fruit when the roots are strong."
-- Master M, "Agni Yoga," §301
True, but that is the responsibility of the student, to be prepared and purify their heart, as they are the ones who ultimately unveil it.

Your statement about seeds on rocky ground, weren't the seeds thrown to all ground, and some fell on rocky ground and some on fertile soil?

I also do not feel it is within our authority to judge if one is swine (for this is in their heart), especially considering given with certain knowledge they may turn away from their ways of swine.

I also look at both sides, but have bias to but one, in that truth is infallible and breeds good men (and women). If it does not, it is but a half-truth or even a non-truth and should be thrown into the fire as a fig which fails to produce good fruit.

In The Work
Those were figures of speech. Any, appearance of pre-judgment would have arisen from somewhere else.....
Speaking of education, anyone know anything about the little torchbearers system of the Rosicrucians? It is a series of childrens books I think.


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