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I know most of you do not think fractals have anything to do with 2012 but I hope I can help you understand what it is exactly your trying to protect your Self from and why fractals are literally your answer.
Humanity at large is a multi-dimensional being. Meaning, there are highly dense beings and humans of a finer substance.

The highly dense 2012 potential is one of destruction and utter chaos. One potential I do not Relate to, nor do I try and perceive what it might be like.

A Scattering is occurring and will continue to occur as humanity is split into spatial planes and time continuum's of our choosing. Free-Will is the propellant or fuel of this Scattering, however the lowest density minds will Willfully find a hellish 2012 to suit their liking. (All Orders have collectively created a seperate domain in a finer density, often referred to as the New World).

There is Higher Potential plane of existence that is just as available to you as a low potential outcome. Thus Free-Will is a bigger power than you most likely are recognizing.

The Centuries old Rose Cross is as multi-dimensional in it's meaning as you are. There is also instructions in this simple emblem. Instructions on how to survive The Crossing of Nibiru, or 2012.
Don't believe me? Stick around and please read patiently.
Rose Croix

The Natural solution already "conjured" up to natures dillemma of a half-dead humanity lost in a static sea of Electrosmog is Solar Flares or Solar Plasma Clouds to knock out the source of this static - the electrical grid and transformers. With a Solar Maximus this size, you can forget cell phones as well.
However, these artificial electromagnetic fields we've surrounded ourselves with, coupled with microwaves and too many metals is highly destructive to our Magnetic, psychic and energy levels, and interrupts the communications of our Cytoskeleton.

So, a huge Solar Plasma cloud is a good thing if your ready and fractalized. Here's the basic science behind it all:
Sumerian Displaying Golden Ratio
The Sumerians knew and displayed their Wisdom of the Golden Ratio in the natural fractal known as a Pine Cone. Believe it or not, a simple pine cone can tell you how to live through a massive Solar Cloud.

Einstein figured out long ago that the cause of ALL pain, human or planetary, is a Loss of Compression. Today, we know that Focused Human Attention actually compresses fractals, hence we know that "prayers heal" or "vibrations can cure".
What Einstein didn't know about in his day was the Fractal. The FRACTAL is the answer to all pains, human or planetary. How?

Out-of-shape, uneven, creased or even square designs cannot withstand a huge Solar Cloud because they cannot "pass on" the friction through an infinitely sustainable design, so they build up these waves causing Friction to increase which ultimately leads to Combustion.

INRI - Igni Natura Renovatur Integra - All of Nature is Renewed by Fire

Fractal Design
Below is the pine cone found at the vatican and on the pope's staff.

Fractal Knowledge

Fractals have infinite sustainability because they can embed into the Golden Ratio, even coupled with various Sine wave combinations (personalities) and by being in Order, are Harmonic. The complete opposite of most neighborhoods or cities.
Not convinced by modern proof? Then allow me to present Ancient Exhibit A to your frontal lobes. Prague.

Most cities are founded on trade lines, historic religious routes, etc.....but Prague is unique in that it was "in the middle of nowhere" and the only reason anyone converged on that point was because of a meteor hitting there. Only wise men interested in astronomy were attracted to this event, thus it was a collection of Mystics who decided to design a city around this spot.

Prague Rose Design

Yes, shape and design do matter. Only a Fractal can attract, store and maintain an energy current through it's recursive wave pattern. If you study the air in a fractalized environment, the Air is full of life-giving energy. The same studies done in non-recursive designed environments showed hollow Air molecules, devoid of the inner life. Literally just a low-energy Shell of it's true form.

Rose Croix

Now look again at the picture above and keep in mind that NIBRU.KI is translated, literally into "The Place of the Crossing". Now consider that in order to survive this crossing, you need to be Centered and Fractalized. (A rose is the perfect fractal of potentiality for a human to take because it is unfolding. A pine cone has the same sustainability, but it is not unfolding to unknown potentials)

Also consider that this is a Golden Age you are going to enter if you are successfull (hence the Golden Crossing). You will also need to discover your Quintessence, or 5th Element to make this possible (the rose represents the Spirit and Human as One, or the 5th Essence or Element here, the Chrystalline being). The other 4 elements represented by their proper alchemical symbols.


If you have studied deep enough into the Esoterics, or have paid attention to your local Railroad X-ing, you know by now the X is the original Tau Cross. The Emerald Tablet (which is the basis of all Alchemical teachings) has the X as the Tau as further proof.
(Here you see the TLT in Chiram TELAT Mechasot, one in Essence, but three in aspect)

Also, it's worth noting that all Mystery Schools have a degree on the
Rose Croix and this is probably the main relation that gives the various Orders a common bond. Rosicrucians and Masons even share in the Martinist Tradition. Remember, there is but One Brotherhood, and only One Lodge.
Martinist Tradition

Infinite Potentiality Unfolding

Time does not heal all wounds.....LOVE heals all wounds.

The brain wave patterns formed by a human in a State of Bliss or Happiness literally produces Sine waves that weave Golden Ratio "braids". So if you are fighting or slightly Off-Center (remember your Chariot), you will not be in a State of Mind to create Infinite Potentiality for your Self and your environment.

Golden Means to a Golden End
Above you see the actual sine wave produced by this State of Mind. Love/Happines/Joy are by default, the Ultimate Creators. They posses the Golden Ratio needed for all of Creation.

Anger/Opposition/Sorrow only distort the natural Creations of the Golden Ratio into non-recursive shapes that have no name because they are un-natural.

Notice in the picture below how the State of Bliss or Love produced infinitely sustainable sine waves in the shape of a HEART.
Heart Shape of Sine Waves
The Pine Cone is infinitely sustainable as well in it's design.


Fractalize your Self so that you may embed your Signature Sine waves into the Golden Ratio braids and become One with the Infinitely Sustainable Uni-Wave hidden at the Center of All Creation.
Fractal of Love
The Uni-Verse (ONE VERSE,or collection of WORDS) is Mental. Your Work is Mental. Please, get to Work.

 π Love and Light φ
Mem Key ~ Frater EBN Mayim
Mystical Rose Chapter ~ AMORC
San Antonio, TX


J7P3H - 8008 - 1378 - 954 -143 - 37 - 18 - 13 - 222,111 = 36
A.R. 3363
A.L. 6010
A.O 892
A.M. 1750



PS - If you would like a bigger clue alluding to the X, or Tau spark within all things, I direct your Attention to Tibet, where for centuries now, long before the microscope, the Lamas have said that all of material creation is upheld upon a foundation of crossed thunderbolts. These thunderbolts symbolize the dynamic agencies of cosmic process.

You are looking at Aldebaran. The Bulls Eye. The "Monas Hieroglyphica" by John Dee (Hieroglyphic Monad) also describes the 'X' as the Cross in LUX. (IAO)
Remember the Christ is also called the Jupiterian Man and then consider the Seal of Jupiter, shown below.
Jupiterian Man

Aldebaran, or the Bulls Eye has a Sigil in the shape of the X. X marks the spot. The Golden Vessel enters the Golden Age. Chrisos is latin for Gold. Insert the † and you have Chris†os, the Golden Man or Golden Vessel.

Consider as well that Malkuth is the image of the X, the Kingdom of Earth. "As Above, So Below".
Malkuth is the 10th (Xth) Sephiroth but it's numeric representation is 40.
Malkuth - Kingdom
EN.KI was translated as "Lord of the Earth" and Enki's number is 40. 4 Corners of Earth.

In Hebrew, Ora means Illumination. So the T-Orah could also be alluding to the Tav Illumination hidden within. Could be Xorah. In Kabala the Tav is the spark within all things.
Always remember that - True light is Visible Darkness. Believe it or not, the X leads you to this realization.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." -Luke 12:34


The Scattering is the way to Unity. The Visible Darkness IS the Light. Down is truly up in Rose-Tau (Egypt). Refer to the last passage of Thoth the Atlanteans Emerald Tablets to understand that to Ascend, one must Descend. Hermes is Wisdom, the messenger of the Underworld.

Salutem Punctis Trianguli!!!
Mem Key
My Birth Chart - Notice the center of Me(m)
Here, X marks the Solar Plexus, Tiphareth, The Sun of God in the Son of God.


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Most excellent post my friend, very elaborate and well put together.

Thank you kind sir,

Thank you much friend. I posted this in 3 places, so sorry for the overload. I'm simply trying to provide High Potential based on the Book of Man & the Book of Nature.

I have known for some time now that the Masonic G stands for more than Yod, or God (among other things) but also......Geometry.

Geometry is your key home because it is the Blue-Print of Creation. Numbers are "cells". Various combinations of numbers are "organs".
Sumerians and many Indians used the Spiral to display their Wisdom of Creation....the Golden Ratio. The Egyptians actually applied this into a magical lifestyle.

Have you noticed a Butterfly flies in a random, but spiral and curved manner? If you are a serious Master, and get beyond TIME in totality, you will need this "butterfly" movement to escape the Dogs of Time, who move in straight angles only. Thoth gave us this valuable Wisdom of how to escape the dogs as well.

I may be one ignorant speck in relation to the Whole, but I refuse to trust my Ascension to anything other than solid, centuries old formulas. What has been on display for centuries is more than enough Wisdom if you can piece it together.

Thanks for your kind words friend.

Mem Key
Frater Mem Key,

This is absolutely fantastic! May I put this into a doc so I can share with members of the AB i belong to?

Peace Be With You,
Excellent. I wonder first about Aldebaran. I can see the happy coincidence of X marking the spot being related to the Bulls eye, but what about it? Is that the direction we should be looking? also, if I may, you reminded me of an appropriate chinese proverb (one of my favorites actually)
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly."
Peace Profound
Aldebaran is a natural portal to the mysteries of the heart and mind. It is the Star of Illumination, or the Buddhist Diamond. The Eye of Revelation.
The 3 stars in Orions belt point to Aldebaran as it follows Pleaides through the Cosmic Sea. It is alluding symbolically to the direction within, that we should be withdrawing into. The 7th Direction.

This X is also MEM because it's the symbol of Malkuth or 40, which is MEM. X is also in the Sigil of Jupiter, the planet I was born under. My astral chart, printed out down to the minute and location, has an X in a square, under a TRIANGLE> M'Bet Tau. "The House of Tav".

Or "The House of Mem"

Thanks for the proverb, that's going on my wall! - Pax Profundis
Great! So next question is, how do we BECOME a fractal of the Universe. I would think that we naturally are, just by being a part of it, though our free will can put us either in a state of harmony or Dischord, perhaps that's what you mean. I plan on being well above sea level and underground. I will be deep in Om and have my tinfoil hat on too. But how important is exact timing for this event? Even the Mayans admit that whatever goes down more than likely won't happen right at 11:11 on Dec 21, 2012. I still have over a thousand days to be curious aobout this stuff (or do I?).
First, learn to take the image of a Torus Donut by imagining your energies taking on this re-cursive spin pattern. That sounds complicated, but look again. It's only saying to KEEP YOUR FOCUS on SELF. If you turn your Attention away from the world, and direct it to your Essential Center, you are effectively creating this Torus Donut in that moment. This is Oxidation for the largest CELL of all, YOU.
You breathe "out" your toxins, or outward attention, and then draw it back in. Meditating is so fun these days because theres so much you can do. It's a Mind Game.
Let your Attention a little "loose", thinking it's going out like normal and then direct it back in before it can "choose a subject".

DO YOU SEE? You end up not "thinking" about anything else except the pattern of your Attention, which confuses your Attention into wilfull submission to the Higher Self. You trick your own Mind.

It is like focusing on a breathing pattern, but now you are directing the pattern of the Whole of your Conscious Self or Attention.

Also,Unbaptised, what you RELATE to is what you get. You have a bigger, INVISIBLE family surrounding you. They are your RELATIVES. If you are a spiteful person full of anger, then this is your FAMILY and you settle with those Vibrations, wherever that hellish frequency may be.

The chart above shows how, if you can Maintain a state of bliss/love/hapiness, even through tough times, you WILL be empowered by the Golden Ratio because your BRAIN WAVES become SINE WAVES and you are literally embedded into the Creators "protective Egg".

From there one out, your Imagination manifests incredibly well. If you IMAGINE your Aura spinning and then taking the Image of a Torus Donut, you BECOME THAT shape. You honestly, truthfully do.

Many Eastern religions stress that there is NO lifestyle or "way to live", that you simply must not fear death because then you can Positively take on your body of Light and USE it.

Right now, many of us "die" and then pollute our Light Body with toxic fear and this RELATES to Hellish Frequencies. But this time around, we have the ABILITY to willingly raise our vibrations above the BETA wave density. Beta Waves are what you are making right now, awake and alert. Close your eyes and your already OUT OF BETA. Now go deeper.

Oh my friend, please remove all aluminum from your surroundings. You cannot form a Torus Donut with disruptive metals interfering with your new "image" or shape.
I would almost say who are you? But...there really is no need for an answer.
I have been remiss in keeping up with this sight, but, now it feels that certain connections are available here. The puzzle is getting more complete.
And thanks to Trismegistus for making this available to us!
Thank yo so much for this post. I will be posting it in may places. It is what we need to understand in order to help humanity increase their good vibes for all the changes coming. "True Light is visible darkness".

Thanks again! Namaste.
Fractals are really fas-cin-at-ing..

I recently uploaded these videos..

Self Organization - Part 4 - The Thumbprint of God - Feedback and Fractals


We Shall Be Changed


Food Clothes and Shelter - Gary Clail
I understand the paradoxes.It seems that once a paradox is clearly understood,it is no longer a paradox,Impregnated in this thought is the paradox that there is no paradox,yet we have just dealt with many.Frame of reference,perspective."true light is visible darkness"escapes me,could you elaborate for me please.
Very impressive!
I've seen some of Dan Winters work on the Golden Mean and Bliss, but, I had a very hard time trying to follow some of it.
This makes much more sense and the idea of the True Visible Light being darkness seems so absolutely correct.
Only by facing what we feel to be dark and asking the deeper questions of ourselves can we find the light. This gives us the opportunity to peel back the layers in our own spirit and soul.
At least that's how it feels to me.


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