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I know most of you do not think fractals have anything to do with 2012 but I hope I can help you understand what it is exactly your trying to protect your Self from and why fractals are literally your answer.
Humanity at large is a multi-dimensional being. Meaning, there are highly dense beings and humans of a finer substance.

The highly dense 2012 potential is one of destruction and utter chaos. One potential I do not Relate to, nor do I try and perceive what it might be like.

A Scattering is occurring and will continue to occur as humanity is split into spatial planes and time continuum's of our choosing. Free-Will is the propellant or fuel of this Scattering, however the lowest density minds will Willfully find a hellish 2012 to suit their liking. (All Orders have collectively created a seperate domain in a finer density, often referred to as the New World).

There is Higher Potential plane of existence that is just as available to you as a low potential outcome. Thus Free-Will is a bigger power than you most likely are recognizing.

The Centuries old Rose Cross is as multi-dimensional in it's meaning as you are. There is also instructions in this simple emblem. Instructions on how to survive The Crossing of Nibiru, or 2012.
Don't believe me? Stick around and please read patiently.
Rose Croix

The Natural solution already "conjured" up to natures dillemma of a half-dead humanity lost in a static sea of Electrosmog is Solar Flares or Solar Plasma Clouds to knock out the source of this static - the electrical grid and transformers. With a Solar Maximus this size, you can forget cell phones as well.
However, these artificial electromagnetic fields we've surrounded ourselves with, coupled with microwaves and too many metals is highly destructive to our Magnetic, psychic and energy levels, and interrupts the communications of our Cytoskeleton.

So, a huge Solar Plasma cloud is a good thing if your ready and fractalized. Here's the basic science behind it all:
Sumerian Displaying Golden Ratio
The Sumerians knew and displayed their Wisdom of the Golden Ratio in the natural fractal known as a Pine Cone. Believe it or not, a simple pine cone can tell you how to live through a massive Solar Cloud.

Einstein figured out long ago that the cause of ALL pain, human or planetary, is a Loss of Compression. Today, we know that Focused Human Attention actually compresses fractals, hence we know that "prayers heal" or "vibrations can cure".
What Einstein didn't know about in his day was the Fractal. The FRACTAL is the answer to all pains, human or planetary. How?

Out-of-shape, uneven, creased or even square designs cannot withstand a huge Solar Cloud because they cannot "pass on" the friction through an infinitely sustainable design, so they build up these waves causing Friction to increase which ultimately leads to Combustion.

INRI - Igni Natura Renovatur Integra - All of Nature is Renewed by Fire

Fractal Design
Below is the pine cone found at the vatican and on the pope's staff.

Fractal Knowledge

Fractals have infinite sustainability because they can embed into the Golden Ratio, even coupled with various Sine wave combinations (personalities) and by being in Order, are Harmonic. The complete opposite of most neighborhoods or cities.
Not convinced by modern proof? Then allow me to present Ancient Exhibit A to your frontal lobes. Prague.

Most cities are founded on trade lines, historic religious routes, etc.....but Prague is unique in that it was "in the middle of nowhere" and the only reason anyone converged on that point was because of a meteor hitting there. Only wise men interested in astronomy were attracted to this event, thus it was a collection of Mystics who decided to design a city around this spot.

Prague Rose Design

Yes, shape and design do matter. Only a Fractal can attract, store and maintain an energy current through it's recursive wave pattern. If you study the air in a fractalized environment, the Air is full of life-giving energy. The same studies done in non-recursive designed environments showed hollow Air molecules, devoid of the inner life. Literally just a low-energy Shell of it's true form.

Rose Croix

Now look again at the picture above and keep in mind that NIBRU.KI is translated, literally into "The Place of the Crossing". Now consider that in order to survive this crossing, you need to be Centered and Fractalized. (A rose is the perfect fractal of potentiality for a human to take because it is unfolding. A pine cone has the same sustainability, but it is not unfolding to unknown potentials)

Also consider that this is a Golden Age you are going to enter if you are successfull (hence the Golden Crossing). You will also need to discover your Quintessence, or 5th Element to make this possible (the rose represents the Spirit and Human as One, or the 5th Essence or Element here, the Chrystalline being). The other 4 elements represented by their proper alchemical symbols.


If you have studied deep enough into the Esoterics, or have paid attention to your local Railroad X-ing, you know by now the X is the original Tau Cross. The Emerald Tablet (which is the basis of all Alchemical teachings) has the X as the Tau as further proof.
(Here you see the TLT in Chiram TELAT Mechasot, one in Essence, but three in aspect)

Also, it's worth noting that all Mystery Schools have a degree on the
Rose Croix and this is probably the main relation that gives the various Orders a common bond. Rosicrucians and Masons even share in the Martinist Tradition. Remember, there is but One Brotherhood, and only One Lodge.
Martinist Tradition

Infinite Potentiality Unfolding

Time does not heal all wounds.....LOVE heals all wounds.

The brain wave patterns formed by a human in a State of Bliss or Happiness literally produces Sine waves that weave Golden Ratio "braids". So if you are fighting or slightly Off-Center (remember your Chariot), you will not be in a State of Mind to create Infinite Potentiality for your Self and your environment.

Golden Means to a Golden End
Above you see the actual sine wave produced by this State of Mind. Love/Happines/Joy are by default, the Ultimate Creators. They posses the Golden Ratio needed for all of Creation.

Anger/Opposition/Sorrow only distort the natural Creations of the Golden Ratio into non-recursive shapes that have no name because they are un-natural.

Notice in the picture below how the State of Bliss or Love produced infinitely sustainable sine waves in the shape of a HEART.
Heart Shape of Sine Waves
The Pine Cone is infinitely sustainable as well in it's design.


Fractalize your Self so that you may embed your Signature Sine waves into the Golden Ratio braids and become One with the Infinitely Sustainable Uni-Wave hidden at the Center of All Creation.
Fractal of Love
The Uni-Verse (ONE VERSE,or collection of WORDS) is Mental. Your Work is Mental. Please, get to Work.

 π Love and Light φ
Mem Key ~ Frater EBN Mayim
Mystical Rose Chapter ~ AMORC
San Antonio, TX


J7P3H - 8008 - 1378 - 954 -143 - 37 - 18 - 13 - 222,111 = 36
A.R. 3363
A.L. 6010
A.O 892
A.M. 1750



PS - If you would like a bigger clue alluding to the X, or Tau spark within all things, I direct your Attention to Tibet, where for centuries now, long before the microscope, the Lamas have said that all of material creation is upheld upon a foundation of crossed thunderbolts. These thunderbolts symbolize the dynamic agencies of cosmic process.

You are looking at Aldebaran. The Bulls Eye. The "Monas Hieroglyphica" by John Dee (Hieroglyphic Monad) also describes the 'X' as the Cross in LUX. (IAO)
Remember the Christ is also called the Jupiterian Man and then consider the Seal of Jupiter, shown below.
Jupiterian Man

Aldebaran, or the Bulls Eye has a Sigil in the shape of the X. X marks the spot. The Golden Vessel enters the Golden Age. Chrisos is latin for Gold. Insert the † and you have Chris†os, the Golden Man or Golden Vessel.

Consider as well that Malkuth is the image of the X, the Kingdom of Earth. "As Above, So Below".
Malkuth is the 10th (Xth) Sephiroth but it's numeric representation is 40.
Malkuth - Kingdom
EN.KI was translated as "Lord of the Earth" and Enki's number is 40. 4 Corners of Earth.

In Hebrew, Ora means Illumination. So the T-Orah could also be alluding to the Tav Illumination hidden within. Could be Xorah. In Kabala the Tav is the spark within all things.
Always remember that - True light is Visible Darkness. Believe it or not, the X leads you to this realization.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." -Luke 12:34


The Scattering is the way to Unity. The Visible Darkness IS the Light. Down is truly up in Rose-Tau (Egypt). Refer to the last passage of Thoth the Atlanteans Emerald Tablets to understand that to Ascend, one must Descend. Hermes is Wisdom, the messenger of the Underworld.

Salutem Punctis Trianguli!!!
Mem Key
My Birth Chart - Notice the center of Me(m)
Here, X marks the Solar Plexus, Tiphareth, The Sun of God in the Son of God.


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Thank you for your kind words. The word evolve is strange when you consider that some are actually against the evolution of humanity. But before they even "oppose", we know they exist because every North Pole exists because of it's South Pole.

Thanks for watching my videos, I'm glad you liked them. I'm trying to make a new round videos that are much more informative.
The pine cone is a great reflection of the pineal glad, or Infinitely Sustainable Potentiality!! Thanks for sharing.
o.k., pardon the desultoric fashion....
fractals are repeating patterns, like a fetus in the womb.... as above so many many chords...
just waiting to be born!!

now the x factor...glorious women...xx...double x!

i truly think 2012 will be just like turning the calander back to the beginning worries...

great article...
Thanks for responding Sigmund. In our times, we find ourselves with a bit of a problem because the high flouride content in our water supplies calcinates the water in our pineal gland. Since it is such a fragile reservoir, the Pineal, it is hard to keep "irrigated" with so much flouride in our diet.

When I was younger, I brushed mostly with baking soda and grew up around areas that hadn't had the water flouridated yet, and I had prophetic dreams and my 3rd eye basically guided me through my dreams. After there was a big fight, the water became flouridated and slowly but surely, I do not have anywhere near the same level of activity.

Sunlight does fight this calcination from what I hear, so I do get plenty of that. It is amazing that there is RODS and CONES in our Pineal don't you think??? lol That still amazes me everytime I think about this. That explains why sometimes I form pictures or receive pictures as crystal clear as real life, while awake but with my eyes closed.

But to be more direct Sigmund, the reason the Pineal is so important to our future is because it is the "director" of our Mind, the full Mind. What I mean is, the Conscious and the sub-Conscious Mind, so the Pineal is the uniting link between these two worlds.

To "fractalize" self means to literally practice weaving different light patterns, or getting a SOLID VISUAL of the counter-rotating Tetrahedral field of light, or Merkaba. The Merkaba is an engine that never ends, so it's very, very important to work on that. I have a friend, Reiki Master, who gives classes and their still working on just the still Visual, they haven't even started on the counter-rotation yet.

Or try to "braid" a "dna strand" with an equal phase pattern, like the caduceus of Hermes. To do this you have to "split" your Mind in 2 so that you can separate and then re-cross at equal intervals. Very hard to do but also exhilarating if you get some good "braiding" going.

This is really what the Pineal is for, to practice forming Energy patterns or bodies and concentrating or directing them through various patterns and forms. When the flesh dies, the MIND still remembers so it is truly up to the Mind to weave the correct patterns.
Your words do echo a truth I discovered in mind control classes. They showed us how brain waves will increase when you are under distress. To make a point, the material provided one example where a man would hold his breathe while meditating or "visualizing" what he wanted to focus on, and it would increase this ability. If he wanted to send a telepathic message to someone to call him, it would increase in strength if he strained himself by holding his breath.
Of course, they did not recommend we do this, but it was to illustrate a point.

I DO have to mention something critical here and that is Sound Vibration or Words. Some sounds are known to really "shake" the Pineal awake, and if I remember my Sacred Vowels correctly, I think it's RA that awakens the Pineal. Raaaaaaaaaaaaa......but you need to try your hardest to keep this at a certain note, and they sell those "whistles" that help you find your note before you begin. Otherwise, it's o.k. to do it at any note comfortable to you.

BUT, remember that over-doing one Vowel is not healthy in the long run, you need to do all the Sacred Vowels, but RA is one of them and it does awaken the Eye. This is even better if you can do it in a room with many people.

When I was younger, I always challenged people to "pain games" because I could turn off my brain or re-direct my thoughts away from my self. I could look at my hand on a hot metal heater and think "I don't know who's hand that is, but it looks like it hurts.", and I wouldn't feel a thing. Sort of like "remote-viewing" or "3rd person" viewing, but of my self.

As I say in my YTube vid 'Alchemy: The Thought Revolution'.......

"Your MIND is not governed by mother natures laws. Your MIND is free to be anything it can perceive."

Dan White says that we're SUPPOSED to FOCUS on our pain, not use painkillers and try to "get away" from pain. His point is that all pain is a "loss of compression" and as it turns out, Focused Human Attention actually restores compression.
He says to FOCUS intently on the pain and "work through" the throbbing stage and then you are actually "restoring compression." Medical magnets will help ease pain but if the Pole increases healing time, you will feel more pain, and the opposite Pole will slow down healing time but you will feel less pain.

Whatever you decide to do, these pains will increase the strength of your brainwaves. Let me know if I can help with anything specific.
Hello Mem Key, Sigmund,

I agree, I think that focusing attention on the pain is a definite way to increase the amplitude of subtle energy waves, in my opinion what is occurring within the "observer" when they focus on the pain and restore compression is transmutation of forms. This is the Stone as described by Fulcanelli, the ability to manipulate force-field.

Indeed the mind is not governed by the laws of mother nature, for her laws are that which govern Matter (Fixed), our mind can exist in the plane of Spirit (Volatile), where anything is possible as the "observer" collapses waveforms into particles.

Not to get off subject, but you mentioned that the sacred vowel of Raaaaaa invokes activation of the Ajna (which I assume RA has harmonic resonance between the pineal and pituitary). This makes curious the fact of "RA" being removed from "AMEN RA" in other traditions as a closing to mantra. Any thoughts?
I'm glad you mentioned this Tris, I noticed the Ajna "seed sound" is Aum, which was so obvious I had to laugh. But this may be a difference in systems, because RA is also talking about the "command" or the Sun as well.

AUM and AMUN-RA actually both end up illustrating Creation from the primordial sea of chaos, each in their own way.

A is aleph, or the "silent" sound of creation. The idea or thought.
O is the curved boundaries that contain all of Creation. Everything is limited by it's own Equilibrium. Basically, the Space carved out for Creation.
M is the "Word" or "Vibration" that animates it All. Mmmmmm.....nothing is at rest, everything is in motion because it is in a sea of vibrations.

The One Verse, or One Collection of Words/Vibrations is our Universe.

AMUN represents the Hidden Essence.
RA is the Revealed Divinity shining forth into the World.
Basically, the Black Sun and the Visible Sun. The Black Sun is also the Black Hole, the Essence of Power behind all visible power.

Amen, Amun-Ra. Are you ready for this Golden Thread?

Ammon was an Egyptian god that was sometimes represented as a Ram. NOTE, if you put your hands together for a focused Thoth, or thought/prayer, you are forming the sign of ARIES the RAM!

Put your hands together in prayer and hold them next to the picture above, do you see it? Ammon.

AMMON-RAm. Don't you just love vibrational tonality?
Brilliant as always Mem! Thankyou!
Sigmund, you mentioned very many interesting things. I am also concerned about negating food, as this does tether the Soul to the body. Also, the Coming Race is going to be humans who are more Light than flesh. Through alchemy, we can transmute into one of these "kinds", not to mention through proper diet. The more raw foods you eat, the more Biophotons you consume. If you place your food in sunlight for a few minutes before eating it, you increase your intake of biophotons.
It's just like anything else, it's all in the conditioning. If you grew up in sub-zero temperatures, then 50 degree Fahrenheit would feel pretty good!! If you grew up along the equator in TX (like me), then 50 degrees is unbearably cold and can kill! lol You see the difference? It's all in your conditioning.

Gematria is a tool that took me through many worlds and down many paths. Not to mention, it was the only "confirmation" tool I had when receiving names/messages from meditation/the other side. Humanity today doesn't need numbers as much as it needs Understanding of Numbers. A number like 5, for example, is a LIVING BEING. This little inkblot, or "light-blot" you see here --> just a symbol of FIVE, not the real deal.
Humanity could use a 10 year lesson on the Numbers 1-10 more than we can use a coded Torah, if I may say that as humbly as possible. The saying goes:
"It's now what you look at, but what you SEE."

If I had more space, I could expound greatly about this, but when you said "truth could spell an end to religion", you are very much on to something big there.
Albert Pike was said to have wrote that "atheism and religion" crumble together. Hard to imagine? Not exactly, if you toe the thin line between TABLETS and SCROLLS.

STONE is to be trusted much more than papyrus. Not to mention that very many critical Tablets have surfaced in the last 100yrs, so this is "our time" that the Truth is all coming to.

WISDOM has been sleeping, as the Mars Vibration was too impure to have the powers of Atlantis. But soon, another wave will head towards earth, as the stations and houses change above. WISDOM will awaken from slumber. HIS Name is THOTH, and as his eternal body slept, he walked among men, as Hermes Trismegistus, Quetzalcoatl, and a 3rd.
In south america, as Quetzalcoatl, the feathered-serpent, He taught them the secrets of Time, so that they could make the Aztec and Mayan Calendars, so the world would know when Baktun was near.

The WISDOM of THOTH will crumble both atheism and religion in one fell swoop. But for now, the Old World is colliding with the New World, and it's going to be one big, bloody mess. : )
OH, forgot to mention, I noticed that a city in NOVA SCOTIA has many ley-lines crossing through it, and found that Templars and others called this place the New Jerusalem. This was only a few days ago, so it's very synchronistic that you would bring this up so quickly.

My friend lives there and tells me how it's sacred indian land up there. About a week ago, she starts mentioning that people are talking about how these snakes are pooling up into one big pile, which they said was unusual and they hadn't seen it happen before.
I ask here if there's ley-lines around there. She looks into it, and that's how I know about this place. She found that Templar quote referring to it as the New Jerusalem. Something to look into.
Sigmund, thank you for everything you have shared. The pineal gland info was especially helpful! The way you found Sigmund coded in like that, looks to me like a message. Many lessons to be learned down here, but truly our learning does not begin until we GNOTHI SEAUTON - KNOW THYSELF.
That seems to be a message to you that no matter where you look, you will be the Heart of the Story. You are the Star of this show and we must all think like this. It enobles humanity to become greater when we accept this kind of thinking.

HIGHER GROUND, yes that would be the most obvious message coming from every direction. I have a friend in florida that I wish would get out of there. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that under clinton in the 90's, the gov started systematically shutting down bases near the coastlines under the guise of "consolidation for cost-saving puposes", when in fact, what they were doing was Centralizing our bases. That is why they built that highway going straight up the middle of the US, from Canada to Mexico.

It's well known that the rumble in Chile did not actually "break ground" and was actually the result of a violent "rubbing" or shifting. When that fault actually breaks, the fault goes almost all the way to florida. Not to mention the tidal wave it will send out. I am only about 15-20 minutes from high ground, and the computer simulations I saw showed San Antonio becoming the new beach, or Corpus Christi. So, I could end up right on the new beach. Strange thought. Also, not the only possibility, this is a sea of potentiality we're swimming in.

You have to understand, our struggles will not be only with Water, but Fire. When solar maximus gets to an extreme point, it will be - your body meets friction/heat. There lies your biggest goal.
If you are not sufficiently fractalized in the face of that kind of Solar Plasma exposure, you will gather up friction, which only leads to combustion.
It's an Inward process. The idea is to "cycle' inwardly, but as a recursive fractal, so that you basically become a living, breathing Torus Donut. It reminds me of the 'litany against fear' from the 'Dune' chronicles.....
"I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."

We must be like Krishna, able to giggle and dance on the 12-Headed Cobra (artists rendition does not stick to the allegory of 12). Or be like Buddha, and find the hidden matrix by unfolding the Mysteries of Nature. The Sunflower deserves a good meditation, if you can see into the Golden Ratio. Or be the Phoenix, that arises from it's own ashes. Enter the spiral, there is no protection like the spiral.

Also, the more raw natural foods you eat, the more bio-photons you consume. The more biophotons you consume, the more Light you become in ratio to flesh. Then by steering your brainwaves to assume various forms, you can increase charge to your Aura and work on your "golden vessel" or Body of Light, making it a recursive, infinitely potential design.

A big KEY here is the Montauk project, where they needed teens to "steer" the chair through time, as anyone else would return in pieces. What I mean by the key is what they called the "position" of driver...The Empath. This also explains why a teenager would be a good "driver." A teenager has the highest intelligence you can get without dealing with a mind that has gone cold to the world through repetition and pursuit of false goals in forgetfulness of art and youth. You need this empathy of someone who still TRULY CARES about the world. Still believes in the world.

A Shaman is/was no different. It is said that a Shaman steers a tornado after first embedding his/her own Mind/Waves in the tornado. Once "in", the Shaman is sincerely compassionate about feeling the pain of the tornado and in a sense, hears the tornado out, to learn of the source of it's sorrow. Truly, a tornado is pain incarnate. Pain is the originator of a tornado and the greater the twister, the greater the pain. Only through Understanding do we conquer something (tornado), but we conquer nothing through misunderstanding. The same could be said of religions, death, life.

In Essence, my point is that your MIND, Mahat or Nous, is what you are. When your mind is freed from flesh, it is again a ball of light, a SUN that is "naked" to the Universe because Suns shine Light into every direction. There is no hiding a Suns rays or extensions of self.
So makeup your mind. lol Make it recursive and expanding to unknown potential, like the Rose or the Thousand-Petaled Lotus.

Personally, I have a "golden vessel" or body that is aflame but more or less in the shape of a body or me with limbs. BUT, I have practiced my fractal forms to assume if a Solar Cloud were to hit and this is a different experience. My entire Mind assumes the form of a "shield" but it is truly a Flower or Rose, but flattened out and wide, slightly convexed. Of course, I am rotating, as the Solar Plasma is like solar wind that catches the petals like wind on a windmill. But there is no damage and I can re-assume my normal form after this.
What's weird is that when I'm in my "normal" fiery form, I am looking out like if I'm looking out my fleshy body, 1st Person view. BUT, when I assume Fractal-Form, my view becomes 3rd Person, and I am then an Observer rooting for my Fractal-Form. : )

I realized one day that the Mind was free of the brain. Through my work with fractals, I think that the Eye/Observer is free of the Mind. The Eye/Observer is the window between the Mind and the Universe. What the Eye looks at, the Mind is sure to follow in thought. But sometimes the Eye follows the Mind as well.
But they do not appear to be stuck to each other because the Eye is a body that takes in light and arranges it in a way that is proper for the mind to decipher. When free of fleshy hunger, the EYE is truly the mouth, for what you Eat/See is where you are or become.

The Mind on the other hand is not this body that deals with the intake of Light. It is a self-created and self-generating. The Mind is truly only limited by what it perceives to be True. If the perception that no short man can jump that high is believed to be true, then it is true to those who believe in it. Tell that to the short man who won an nba dunk contest. : )
Tell that to Tibetan monks who walk through snow in light cloth and sandals. The same monks who while in sub-zero temperatures will dry towels, that have been wet with freezing cold spring water, off their backs. Even children monks do this to prove it does not take a long life of work, only a Change of Mind.

The Mind can become the "director" of the body because the Holy Trinity in your head (pineal gland, pituitary gland, 3rd ventricle) gives you this power.

Once you realize how powerful WAVES or THOUGHTS are, you will suddenly realize how potent a WORD or VIBRATION is. A Spoken Word is perhaps three-fold the power of thought. It is thought personified, or made real. Nothing comes into existence until it has a Name, or Word applied to it.

We are taught to let our thoughts randomly wander through the daily new stories or newspaper headlines, filling our head with garbage that was not intended for our World (personal spheres of influence). Most of it we can do nothing about, the other half we have no time to do anything about because we waste so much time absorbing these negative stories, or "playing with media."
This wear and tear on your compassion weakens the power of your Empathy through desensitization. It's a trick of Epic Proportions.
Some get depressed over some horrible story/vibration being repeated and echoed around the country, and meanwhile, the little old lady next door is ignored and perhaps could use some help. Everywhere there is people, there will be those who can and will help. We should focus on our own personal Spheres of Influence.
People think that the news makes them "in the know", yet if they only knew. : )

Politics divides people over childish, butter-side up, butter-side down nonsense. To have "body polis" is the meaning of Politics and having "body polis" means you have a Projective Aura. These auras are projecting static where there should be light. The Emerald Tablets themselves, 30000BC warn us about "serpent-men" that are shape-shifters and walk among humanity, always seeking to "overthrow humans and take their place."
Anyways, we were given a sound to drop their "veils" and reveal them, a sound only humans can make. Also, the races are divided between blue-blood, red-blood, and anything Draco or Seraphim does not like high-oxygen content at all. Basically, a room that is 18-20% Oxygen would expose them. Anything down here in the fallen-Seraphim gene-pool consumes Gold to restore charge and it's important to note that the "pattern" of Gold is fractalized.
They want our Gold and it's being consumed at an alarming rate, if you notice.

Anyone who wants to be a God should begin by acting like ONE. There is a Star among us that will SuperNova Ordo Seclorum. But before then, there is much to survive.

THE EMERALD TABLETS on what is coming soon:

The Soul of man moves ever onward, bound not be any one star. But ever moving to the great goal
before him where he is dissolved in the Light of the All. Know ye that ye shall ever go onward, moved by the Law of cause and effect until in the end both become One.

Aye, man, after ye have gone, others shall move in the places ye lived. Knowledge and wisdom shall all be forgotten, and only a memory of Gods shall survive. As I to thee am a God by my knowledge, so ye, too, shall be Gods of the future because of your knowledge far above theirs. Yet know ye that all through the ages, man shall have access to Law when he will.

Ages to comes shall see revival of wisdom to those who shall inherit thy place on this star. They shall, in turn, comes into wisdom and learn to banish the darkness by Light. Yet greatly must they strive through the ages to bring unto themselves the freedom of Light. Many who are bound in darkness shall strive to hold others from Light. Then shall there come unto man the great warfare that shall make the Earth tremble and shake in its course. Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers open the warfare between Light and the night.

When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds; when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the time of warfare begin. Great shall the battle be twixt the forces, great the warfare of darkness and Light. Nation shall rise against nation using the dark forces to shatter the Earth. Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-men until half of the races of men shall be gone.
Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning and give their edict to the children of men, saying:
"O men, cease from thy striving against they brother. Only thus can ye come to the Light. Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother, and follow the path and know ye are right."

Then shall men cease from their striving, brother against brother and father against son. Then shall the ancient home of my people rise from its place 'neath the dark ocean waves. Then shall the Age of Lights be unfolded with all men seeking the Light of the goal. Then shall the Brothers of Light rule the people. Banished shall be the darkness of night.

<3 In the future, I know you!!! 


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