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I know it seems strange that we would have to be given directions to find something that has been a part of us all our lives, but I hope you can you use this crude map to do just that.


For centuries now all of religion, alchemy and even into modern spiritualism, have gone through extensive lengths to expose the Enemy within. It has been called Ego, kali, The Lower Self, the devil, ignorance and so on.

Well, we happen to live in such an Amazing age that not only are you reading words made of Light this very second, but your eyes are now but an inch away from the actual MUG SHOT of the Lower Self. The conspirator behind every crime known to humankind. The great deceiver who has hidden in the last place you would think to look. Here it is, caught, captured and exposed in it's true, grotesque form. 


Static interference (ignorance) is what runs and maintains this Highly-Dense, compacted, disgusting excuse for a brainWave that can actually claim it's Self to be a State of Mind!! But it is only a State of Mind because we have continued to Populate it with our Selves. That is all coming to an end my friends, and it is the gift of Free-Will that is making our Exodus possible.


All of these different States of Mind literally represent potential states of being (existence) now perceivable by many.

I hope you will take the time to get to know these brainwave terms because they ARE universal and in fact, can be found at your local toystore.

I saw a little "Alpha-Beta-Theta-Delta" box on a toy recently and thought I was dreaming. But it is an actual Star Wars toy that translates your thoughts into a command to lift or move a sphere in a tube.

I am happy to see the world using these terms because I was taught these terms as a Mind Control graduate.

They all represent a Density and remember, the finer the wave, the finer the Substance.

Dimensions of Self

Notice how Delta right above me here is the same sort of wave pattern you will see in a newborn baby.
Then consider below how the Primordial Chaos of Nothing, or Ain Sof Aur is distilled down to Ain before transferring to the physical side of life. See the single dot in Kether and how it matches the single dot of Ain?
This is the Delta Density, or State of Mind.

Delta State

By Willfully working our way towards Delta (after many lifetimes in Theta), we are effectively reverse-engineering our way home.

Now, I hope your still with me because it is much simpler than all these diagrams are showing. In fact, it is simpler than the problem-filled existence we are willfully putting our Selves through at this time. What could be better than that?

If you read my article on Fractals then you know that you cannot Work unless you are happy/blissful and full of hope, as these are the brainwaves that are allowed to Work with the Golden Ratio recursive patterns of Creation. Which means, your not controlling anything until you control Self (fears/emotions/thoughts).

The Golden Ratio braids are the reins you grab hold of to control your Chariot. Grabbing hold of non-recursive patterns like fear or doubt is like grabbing a hold of torn and tattered reins which are sure to leave your chariot spinning out of control, a victim to random events.




Sorry dogs. We appreciate the warm friendship. The unprecedented loyalty and courage you displayed to gain such high ranks along the aisles of humanity. But we now have a new best friend.

It's name is Theta. It is capable of producing any dog of any size, color, age, smell, etc. so it is a million times as good as our former best friend.

Theta is also the best place for you to go to form an opinion on Anything.

In fact, in Theta, one can create anything. This diagram does not mention it, but Theta is a HIGHLY CREATIVE force to be dealt with. It is currently our strongest position of Manifestation. In Theta, mere suggestions can take crystal clear form. If these forms (designs) are imbued with enough Attention (fractal compressors), especially using recursive, Golden-Ratio-backed sine waves, you are literally looking at a giant OVEN, that is capable of cooking up anything.

O.k., let me back up a second. Anything is not such a good thing is it? Considering that most people include things like revenge or "making things right" in their ideas of anything.
Highly destructive people relate to highly dense Beta-waves and thus, are not getting any help from Creation (Golden Ratio) in their attempts to manifest their sick desires.

Conquer Self and you are enriched with the ability to create on levels most can only dream about.

If you are harboring angers or grudges towards anyone, especially over imaginary systems like politics or economy, you are making waves that can drown you and those around you as well. Straighten your spine. Nobody controls your actions or choices. If you choose to follow others, then you are a victim to their patterns' results. Find your own pattern and make it recursive so it is Infinitely Sustainable and able to embed into the Golden Ratio waves if trouble ever were to arise.

How does Exodus equal Unity?

"Why Scatter? Because the outer surface is bigger than the center!!" - Bene Gesserit Archives
(Fiction yes, but Frank Herberts "fiction" is realer than most peoples reality)
The Scattering

Using the Power of Free-Will, you now see how Beta-Land is powerless to stop us from moving on. It is not their decision to make for us, as we each decide for our Selves which direction to go. For centuries, the Mystery Schools have taught the power of animal Magnetism. This too will be employed effectively.

The low-density pieces of Humanity go first. The ratio only has to be 10% of the Whole for this to work, so the numbers are on our side. By the Power of Magnetism, the low density humans (now made of a finer substance) will begin to attract the highly-dense beta-minds still in the crude 3rd density. They will eventually be powerless to fight this Magnetism and will be attracted to join the rest in the New World Order.

Location, Location, Location

I cannot say this enough: The New World Order is a location and locations do NOT conspire against people.
If you are of the opinion that the NWO is an organization out to "get you", then I respectfully ask you to form an opinion on this matter outside of the Highly-Dense and confused Beta-Land. Those who operate in Beta-Only waves will provide you with plenty of Static Interference to feed your Lower Self, if that is your Will.

If the NWO is conspiring against people, then I would like to know what Central Park is up to as well. We might want to start imprisoning all locations just to be safe.
Golden Ratio Pentagram

It is HERE on Earth, but of a finer substance. It is HERE, where you are sitting, but of a finer substance. It is perceivable to those who attune to that frequency regularly. It is populated by the Invisible Masters who are moving up as we move up.

It has been pollinated and built by Morovian Bees (sacred masons) of Rosicrucian, Templar or Masonic descent. It is open to all who are capable of perceiving it.

This is the purpose of joining a Social Memory Complex (Order), to participate in the Great Work handed down. The Scattering means many will find their own bubbles within the 4th density. But if you are able to break through the Surface Tension of the New World and can handle the temporary adjustment, you are in.

The Power of Mind gives you the ability to reject this position and you can take up any position you wish in the 4th density if you raise up your vibrations. However, those who can handle the pressure must continue the Work of finding ways for humanity to work together for the greater good of All.

A bubble of paradise may seem nice at first, but your sense of beauty will diminish eventually and your progression stagnates. There is always Work to be done. Please do not be so quick to find a chair to recline into eternity.

If you know the life of Salvador Dali, then you know he was so full of Bliss that it was often mistaken for slight insanity because he could break out in uncontrollable laughter for no obvious reason.
Salvador Dali found the way Home hidden in the Golden Ratio (presented here in the sunflower) long before words could begin to express this among the average person.

Ascension is found in sine-waves that are capable of embedding into the Golden Ratio that builds and maintains the world around you. The Primordial Sea of Chaos (the black madonna), or the Black Sun, gives birth to the Visible Sun here, or visible Light. Which we must "go through" to see that: True Light is Visible Darkness.

The Storms of Ignorance clamor on below, as always, but cannot perceive of, and therefore cannot control the act of Ascension.
Golden Ratio Ascension

The Power Is In Your Hands.
The braids are your reins. Grab a hold of them and don't let go. The caduceus of Hermes, the heiroglyph of PTAH, the Sumerian pine cone, on and on. All saying one thing.
Who controls Self, controls the Universe
DNA - Light Information
Who controls the Word, controls the OneVerse.

Logos is the Word made flesh. The Logo is the design made flesh. To know the monad is to know the whole of it all. All you need and desire is hidden within. Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself.

Animus se ipse alit.
Recede in te ipsum.
A fonte puro pura defluit aqua

Withdraw into your very self.
The soul itself, nourishes itself.
From a pure spring, pure water flows.
Fractal of Love

Your Freedom is not tomorrow, it is here TODAY. It is only a matter of perception. What you are able to perceive begins to be seen. What you can see, you can grab. What you grab, you have!

By all Means, reach up!

π Love and Light φ
Mem Key

J7P3H - 8008 - 1378 - 954 -143 - 37 - 18 - 13 - 222,111 = 36
A.R. 3363
A.L. 6010
A.O 892
A.M. 1750


Tree of Me

Infinite Potentiality of the Fractal

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a lot to think about, none of it sounds wrong. One question, this has been bugging me, people always talk about raising their vibraiton, yet theta is hertz less than beta. Is that because a flatter wave travels faster (therefor vibrates faster?)
That's a great question Unbaptised, I like to see details questioned like that. However, the term 'raising one's vibrations' sounds like the direction UP, when in fact it is merely the act of raising the whole bar up a notch.

Meaning, when we settle at our new density, I believe we will have the full spectrum of hertz to work with, just at a higher level. I'm going into pure theory now because I simply do not know that much about the 4th density. Perception is all I have for now, full-blown Clarity is something you will have to refer to a Master for.
I do know we are talking about an entirely new plane of existence. What is now the Surface, will be the new Center, so our "starting point" is at a much higher level than before. The whole bar is raised for everything, even the smallest of things in the 4th density. It is "through the roof, in the clouds" compared to where we sit today.

This is where I lose a lot of people, I know. It is hard to conceive that we have the ability to jettison a State of Mind for another, let alone actually DO it! Fair enough. As long as I am doing my job.

I should mention as well, I hope nobody takes me at my word because we need help more than we need agreements. The Golden Rule is to never take anything for fact until you have proven it for your Self. I am nothing more than a simple speck of space dust.
If you make a Beta-Filter, cleanse your mind of impure thoughts, and act accordingly, you may teach me a lesson as well.

Everything I bring to you here is born of Personal Praxis. What is here for me to find, is there for you to find. I do not bring answers, I only bring Perception. Please, question and probe!! Your work will be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond Unbaptised! Maybe I'm running from my fears like everyone else, because if we are facing the task of cleaning up Beta, rather than ejecting it, then I must admit, I'm scared and I quit. haha (Im kidding my friend, but I honestly do not have the energy or intention of taking up that job)

Thanks again.
so then to raise vibration, one must clear his mind as much as possible?
Hey Red Serpent, i just received your answer, idk if you are familiar with nassim haramein. anyway we talks about sine waves being the 2D perception of the phenomenon, they are in fact spirals. now visualise reality emmenating from the source, this pattern occupies all space, it is what we know as the fractal matrix. now imagine the beta wave as a spiral, it is out of balance, its choas! :) ok now imagine that emmenation in 2D for visualsation purposes, imagine a circle with concentric circles around the centre point (god point/particle), these circles grow based on the golden ratio so the outer cirlces (realms) have more space (and thus density) and the outside of which would be beta then moving in to alpha, then theta and finally delta. imagine the sine waves as spirals moving through this diagram :) beta resides mostly in the outer realms, alpha the next in and then theta occupying a steady place (due to its symmetry and balance) in a realm nearer to the source. delta does occur in babies, but the key to it all is conscious creation/allowance of these frequencies. thus allowing the being to experience the inner (higher) realms and tus the soul learns more of its true nature as a manifestion of the source as a individuated part within itself as the whole :)  Thank you Mem Key for helping me get back to this place, i slipped into beta-land and your thoughts guided me back. my greatest appreciation Brother :)
Thanks red serpent. I appreciate you giving us some insight into powers of wave vs. pitch. Very well spoken.

This is a great "litmus" test, just to see what sort of level our current perceptions are at.

My only concern is that not many are understanding that Beta is the ONLY PLACE where you "go" to deal with disease, death, pain, ignorance, etc.

Beta is the ONLY place where you have a gross-material body (I don't care how in shape you are, it's gross).

People are not recognizing those waves as a "body". More importantly they are not recognizing it as the only Enemy that is "binding" you to anything.

Oh well, it's my job, I took it so I'm going to keep chiseling away at the Rough Ashlar out there.

If anything could be "representative" of me, it would be a simple hand with a pointer finger. I'm just trying to point out to people what is right here, right now, not even an inch from their face.

You guys give me hope. Honestly. Remember, we represent the Nucleus of the Atom (Adam), and the Nucleus directs the 90% empty space around it. The empty space (masses of population) do NOT direct the Nucleus.

So we'll be fine. Thanks for giving my words your precious time!!
OH, almost forgot. The overall result is to take the Nucleus from it's current Position at Center and move it to what is currently The Surface.

This new Position will become the new Center, but from our old perspective, it will be the Surface. Make sense? Thanks for your help.
Yes, I am a little tripped up on the center/surface thing too.
I wanted to make another point here today. That is 1 - the great "We" spend most of our time in Beta 14-30 hz
2 the Earth has been historically emitting 7-8 Hz 3 the Earth is raising this vibration (since the mid 1980s) to 10-12 hz.
My point is, as we slow our brainwaves down towards alpha, the Earth is bringing itself to meet us halfway. There will come a time, in our lifetime, that we are synchronized with our planet (in our everyday waking state).
Next comes superpowers...
Well spoken Self-baptised,

It is a matter of the Earth's ley lines be reactivated so tha in turn the grids of eons past will once again attune and radiate in harmony. Then it will only become a matter of adjusting the chakral vibrations eminating outwardly from each given person to attune to this homing beacon.
Mem and others you are all correct what you can envision you can become. It is alledged that once one raises their vibration high enough the DNA helix inside us begin to grow another strand that will in turn make enzymes and hormones that are only a fraction inside us compared to what they can and will be. It is all a matter of spiritual energy for as the spirit changes so does the rest of reality.

i used to practice Zen for a brief time and my friend who introduced me and taught me told me that one achieves enlightenment when they realize EVERYTHING around them is an allusion and we are all just perceptions of each others allusions. with that said i always had a theory that nothing is real and we are more or less a concious being in a very complex holographic system of LIGHT and SOUND. now what really maintains this system to seem real is the vibration we are on for sure, but it is everyone collectively that influence the vibration to be and not till everyone begins to raise it will we be able to collectively change it. like one person is just the echo of the overall mass and it will take ALL to actually change the perpetual vibe. like i personal am praying for the superpowers theory lol but i dont think it is as individually based as we may hope. i think to achieve that we must all begin to work towards changing the vibration by inspiring and enlightening all those we meet.
I have to say that I LOVE the content of some of these "conversations."
Sometimes I'm more than a bit slow on the uptake and so I have to review some pieces of information at least 3 times. Bugger that is!
But...the way that so much of the critical issues are handled here makes them so much more digestable.
I do enjoy that.
Do want to say something though.
For me, I've been using the state between sleep and awake to access certain information or to design outcome as in healing issues.
I don't just do it for me. I've found that I can do it for other issues. Even for my critters and there are results.
I had come to believe that this is a gateway to zeropoint and the opportunity to direct energy patterns.
Hadn't truly considered which state it is. I only know that it works.
It seems that with some "triggers" (feeling/emotional) that my ability to manage what's going on can be overwhelming and I take it that those are "mission" issues. The most daunting of all.
Anyway...gratitude for such precious information!
Unbaptised-Red Serpent-ancestralblue - Great points all of you!

Unbaptised - You brought up exactly what I came in here to talk about. ALPHA!!! Imagine if Alpha was the "lowest we could go". Meaning, imagine if Beta was dead and gone, and the lowest possible mind-frame for the masses to take was now Alpha!!
We wouldn't have people giving up their lives to the pope with that sort of Clarity. Wisdom would have a much better Handle on the masses.

Red Serpent - The Surface of You (and humanity as a Whole) could be described as "the furthest we can perceive". The Mystery Schools (before telescopes) referred to this as Saturn. But Saturn is more than just "the end", it is also the "new beginning".
This explains perfectly what is going to happen.
The Surface (currently the Edge of our thinking) is the Highest Position we are aware of. What we are aware of, we can seek to Conquer!!!! Why? Because it is there!!

But in terms of Spiritual Development, you do not climb the mountain, eat a lunch, and then climb back down. You MOVE to the top of the mountain (like many intelligent societies of old).

Since we are the CENTER of every Mandala, wherever we MOVE to becomes the New Center!!! It's really so simple when you get down to it.

ancestralblue - That state between awake and asleep is amazing. I often find ways to trick myself to wake up 3 hours early (indian alarm - drinking water before bed) so that I can re-enter the Deep Sleep stage fully prepared and consciously "guiding" the direction of my sleep-self to provide me with critical information.
I am happy to see that you can perceive of so much being done in that state of mind. Many people think "nothing is happening", so that is an important perception to have.

I know a lot happens because I can be well fed when I enter a meditation and by the time I come out of my deeper ones, my stomach feels like I haven't eaten in 3 days!!! Makes me realize that Stephen Hawkins is probably a 7ft tall, athletic, olympic champion in Theta.

Theta is being more and more populated on a more regular basis now that meditation is actually known to "scientifically be doing something" in the West. Keep going there and start preparing to move there when you are ready.

Thanks for reading, I realize this isn't the funnest thing to discuss, but it's real, which makes it so worth your time. Thanks again!


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