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I hope nobody minds, but I want to simply provide a little Guide-Material here without all the graphical interfacing. Take this information with you into any corner you can find because this Material will prove itself to you, no matter where you look.

It is also time for me to play lawyer, if you don't mind. It is time to get a little harsh, so bear with me.
But who else is going to tell you your future depends on YOU? Not the guy next to you, or some outer experience, but YOU. This is where I have to stop being so nice because ONE HALF you is something I would like to bury and leave for dead. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but your Lower Self is something that needs to be killed as soon as your are able.


I do not believe in "raising the alarm", I merely work by Understanding. But, if you understand your Petroglyphs found in mountainous regions around the globe (Arizona, for example), then you know that when you see a SPIRAL in the sky, it is time to get to work.

These Spiral are always drawn next to masses running for their lives and the fish in the rivers are always depicted as dead at this point. There is also always "horned-figures" present, and Wisdom is always Horned. (Mercury but one example).

So, Wake Up!!! If you are planning on continuing the Spiritual system discussion into old age, please, I implore you to rethink your current pattern.

I am not an "alarm bell", I am an observer that knows when it's moist, it's going to rain. That is all.

The Higher Self

I noticed the Mug-Shot of your Lower Self didn't really ring any bells in anyone's head, so I'm going to break out my Shining Star Example of the Higher Self, to help you better understand that you have in fact seen a picture of the actual Devil (beta), or Lower Self.

EDGAR CAYCE - 8th grade education(simple mind), farmer (united with Nature), who read the Bible everyday (kept his mind focused on things of Spirit).
He could move into his Higher Self at will and enter into the Akashic records and would then suddenly have the ability to speak in highly-complex medical terms and heal others with amazing, out-of-the-box ideas that worked.
Cayce also mentioned that HE wasn't "doing anything". He merely used his sub-conscious Mind to tap into the back of the patients mind (subconscious), and there all information was relayed.

The sub-conscious, watery-moon, or Meditative State is THETA. He used Theta.

In Theta, he was a scholar, a doctor, a genius.....all the Wisdom of the Universe was his.

But NOT in Beta.

The Higher Self is YOU when you are running on brainwaves that are made of a Finer Substance. YOU not in Beta.

Now if you are forming opinions on Matters while in Alpha (with your eyes closed), you are already using a lower version of your Higher Self. This is already 10 times better than forming opinions in Beta-Land!!

Beta is crap. It's NOT You. It is not you. It is not you. You do not need it. You do not need it. You do not want it. You can throw it in the trash where it belongs and continue on as if nothing even happened.

To think that you have "no place" outside of Beta is a trap of your own construction. You can close your eyes and you are ALREADY a higher version of your Self, made up of a finer substance.
Beta does not own you, nor does it own the world. It is one small, distorted plane of existence that is now so polluted and distorted that I don't know of anyone willing to try and sort out that pile of tangled wires.

It's trash. It's going in the trash.

If you are planning on "sticking with Beta", then you are planning on sticking with the Results that are planned for Beta.
Beta is going to dissolve and disintegrate over Time, but first it will put itself through much torture and hell. Why would anyone want to Relate to a plane that is on that sort of path?

It IS your Lower Self. It IS the only part of you that will convince you your nothing but flesh. It IS your Ego.

Must I explain how it is your Ego? Then remember that it is only when your Eyes are open that you feel you must "prove your Self", or that you get "embarrassed" or "made a fool". This is the outer physical world tricking you into thinking it's somehow "affecting or changing you", when in fact, in Essence, you are always in the Same Condition.

Beta is your Lower Self. To look at your Beta Waves is to see an actual Mug Shot of the criminal in you. The thief who has stolen all of your abilities and convinced you that you need to eat external foods to remain Full (lies). The liar who tells you that the wall before you is solid and at rest (lies). The politician who tells you to simply "trust in him" and all your worries will be taken care of (lies, because Beta-Land is the land of disease and death).
The Enemy Without

Stop it. Kids, honestly stop it. There is no enemy without. Your only enemy is the ignorant belief that you are powerless and hopelessly stuck with Beta.

When humanity first learned about Mt. Everest, we did not say "Oh well, we are hopelessly stuck down here and the top of the mountain is unreachable".

NO - We said "Top of the mountain!! We see you!! Get ready to be conquered!!"

If you do not SEE  Beta as the tallest mountain for humanity to conquer, then what can I say other than, You are in Trouble. Big Trouble.

The kind of trouble that can toast an entire plane (beta plane) to a crisp and leave it's survivors clamoring for crumbs and lost in a sea of "leftovers".

This is what happens to non-recursive, self-destructive Beta brainwaves. They are not fractalized because they do not Work with Nature, so they are non-repeatable and are HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE (unable to pass on friction, so these waves build up friction to the point of combustion).

That is all I can add for now. I hope this helps as a sort of Companion Guide to my other material. These articles are getting harder for me to do because it requires me to be so "grounded" and even an hour in front of a computer screen is a slight-lobotomy to my Frontal Lobes, making me lazy and uninspired.

I appreciate all of those who take the time to understand these terms. I know when I say Beta-Land and such, this can be annoying to those who are new to these terms.

But they are as critical as knowing what a Heart or Brain is.

I am humbled by the help and responses I am getting as I attempt to actually explain the impossible.

It was first presented to me as "The Praxis Axiom", if that gives you an idea of how much simplifying I have had to go through.

One cannot fully explain Praxis anymore than one can prove an Axiom.

If I thought money was actually worth something, I would've asked for a higher salary for this sort of job. Distillation is not a cheap process.

However, money has zero-value until your Imagination agrees to "make it so". The lies of Beta know no ends. Energy is MC2, wether it's money, fire, or an atom bomb. An Atom Bomb does not seek to "make more energy" than the atom next to it because the Atom is not hopelessly lost in the lies of Beta. : )

Sorry for being a bit harsh today, but the spirals in the sky, coupled with the erection of our modern Tower of Babel is a huge message to those who can read history. It is a message of Hope (in Alpha and beyond), but naturally, in Beta it is a message of fear and destruction.

Keep Hope Alive and for heavens sake, close your L-Eyes!!!

Mem Key
Frater EBN Mayim


Eben (Son) Mayim (Water) = 143
The Sophic Hydrolith
Water Stone of the Wise
The method of obtaining the Universal Tincture - Medicina Catholica
Heh Doxa
Quinta Essentia
5th Element - Superconsciousness = 143

Mem-Yod-Mem is Mayim - 12th Key

Mem is the Hanged Man - My BirthDay. My number is 3. My Life Path 7.
11-12-73 = 11-12-13
Mayan Sign ~ UucCib (SevenWisdom) * Tone ~ Resonant
Year 3363

Omnia Ab Uno - Oculus Divinus
Know Thyself - Your Key to the Universe

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Great post!May Blessings of PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT fall upon you and your love ones today☽o☾♡ ☼ David.
I am humbled that you would direct so much positive energy my way. Thank you for that. Love and Light to you as well my friend. Pax Profundis!
hehe Well, honestly, I learned long ago that a Creator is also a Destroyer. Studying the relationship between the wrecking crew and the construction crew provides a worthy lesson.

We are always going to have the same amount of "bricks" to build with, so I am naturally going to seek the "death" of as many old institutions as possible, because that leaves more building blocks for the Future! : )

Thanks for reading!
Exactly, death is an illusion of Ego, there is only transformation. Nothing dies, it merely changes form, or Dissolves or disintegrates into another "body". Destruction can actually just be thought of as a part of Creation and we really don't need the D-word at all. But you don't get that beautiful public park until you "re-create" (d-word) that worthless mall.

But think about how much "death" is required to enrichen the soil for but one Flower to blossom. Not everything can be a flower or there would be no soil for the flower to sprout from. Things that are very natural sound horrifying and "destructive" to our temporal personalities.
Can I actually just be quite blunt about this, since you seem to be such a good sport in conversation?

I can truthfully say "I am working diligently for you", but do you know how "you" translates in my head? I am working hard for your Higher Self, and not to be mean, but I have no intention of preserving personalities, per se, because that is not truthfully "all that you got".

Your Higher Self would prefer a Finer Body made up of a finer substance on a more peaceful, resonant frequency that Relates to a harmonic Tone of steady health coupled with a higher sense of social value and unity.
THAT'S the guy I'm working for. YOU, yes, but not you. Sorry if that sounds mean, but it is the truth and I should just say it.

For now, products and television idols, commercials, etc. are a part of our "self" in the sense that we're saturated with thoughts that are not our own. So that is not REALLY YOU. Our Beta selves are as distorted and dense as they look in their picture. The same goes for me, so I'm not trying to toot any proverbial horn here!!
Years ago I was into thoroughbred racing. Used to start yearlings for other owners and then I raised and trained a couple of my own and this one thing I know.
The major issue in winning races or even starting in them is all about preparation and conditioning. It's about exercize...muscle, bone, tendon development and wind development. In essence we stress the muscles and bones actually causing micro fractures that fill with bone material toughening and building density to become racing fit. Tendons are gradually strengthened through said conditioning to provide support and spring back. Wind is built by gradually asking for distance and eventually...speed and anaerobic breathing. It's all about covering all of the bases.
Without any of that...the horse WILL break down.
It seems to me that something like that happens to us in the zone of feelings/emotions.
We're pushed to the place where we feel the stress and should we understand that we have to fill that place of stress with the needed energy through awareness, we benefit. We become more spiritually fit. Should we see the stress as evil...and refuse to transmute it and take it's lesson...we break down.
What we percieve as evil is just part of the exercize, but, generally, we're a touch lazy and we don't like it.
But when we reverse the feeling, the benefit is huge.
Not too different than the racebred who loves the workout and lives to run at the top of his game.
We can be at the top of our game too. I think that's the object of this whole existence.
Using micro-fractures like that always fascinates me. Monks rake and tap bamboo on their shins to get super strong kicks.

But I have to say this, but it only makes sense if you remember that everybody is ALWAYS right. By the Power of Mind and Free-Will, you are always right.

Meaning, the idea that horses have to be "put down" is merely one potential available. But to act as if this is the only potential is wrong. However, if you cannot Perceive of an alternate route, then you will NEVER SEE it. Truthfully.
So, if you think that the horses broken leg can be healed with proper DNA knitting frequencies, coupled with lots of Fractal Compressors (People in Meditative State Providing Valuable Focused Attention), you are also RIGHT.

What you look for is exactly what you will find. Every time.

The guy who thinks that "Every time I go that location, the police harass me." will, by the power of animal magnetism (mind) and free-will, find that harassment every time he goes looking for it.

People do not realize they put down a beautiful animal with many healthy years ahead of it simply because of lack of belief and the lack of will to execute a more positive procedure geared towards a victorious result.

It might "make us look silly" or "make the neighbors wonder", so we give in to the lowest common denominators design, which is always destructive.

Sorry, not trying to get negative, because the abilities available are actually plenty of reason to Hope your life away.
But when you mention beautiful animals, it saddens me to see them get wrapped up in our "medical" horror-shows, which are quite gory considering a Vibration can penetrate deep into any body without making a scratch. No stitches required.

But if someone thinks I'm lying, they are absolutely right. Such is the power of their mind to find what it relates to.
I relate to health and Natural Healing and thus, It Finds Me.

I know many people that relate to EMF polluted squares (hospitals) and un-natural healing, and they spend thousands on things that produce very little results.

Healing and Health are Free, they don't cost a thing. But if you think your health costs a fortune, well then, you are right, as always.
I think that maybe I either didn't frame that well or it wasn't understood OR it went in another direction.
It was not about gross fractures, compound or otherwise. It was about the stress of microfractures which is a normal part of the process leading to toughening of the bones, cartilage, tendons, etc.
But you're right, far too many end up in surgery (if they have breeding value), off to slaughter, or euthanized.
That's exactly why I took my guys and walked away. They weren't high valued horses. They had hard knocks working pedigrees and they had their trust in me. I couldn't violate that.
They could have been claimed and run right into the ground, then I might have lost it. I knew my limitations...even back then.
As it was I took them home, plus a few, and they stayed with me until they died. I still have two left.
But what you say is all true. There's far too much emphasis on selling healing. And any native healer knows that if you sell's corrupted and that's why they'll take donations but they do not charge. I think the focus of the money itself corrupts the energy flow.
Personally it bothers me to see what people can do for themselves and everything that they touch, but, they don't know what the power of mind is and so they give their authority away looking for someone else to "fix" whatever it is. they follow the "prescribed" path and they don't ask the deeper questions.
Guess that's their trip though.
ancestral - sorry, I know it seems I went off-topic, but it's actually a habit I'm forming. I'm in the habit of "stapling" Vibrational Healing to something that is dearest to people to sort of "bring it home".
You mentioned your love of horses, so I highlighted how the right person could end the cruel practice of putting horses down, if the will and focus was there.

The thought and effort you put into keeping your horses healthy and happy is great. Animals are here for us so we should be here for them as well.

But if people know someone with the C-Word, they should know that people get healed every day, every year, no problems.

HAS ANYONE NOTICED THIS: People who meditate often turn to Natural Healing and Natural Foods?
This is not odd at all, this is a Direct Relation between closing your eyes (lies) and finding Truth.

People who spend all of their time in Beta (outside of sleep) think only in terms of Machines, Wires, Beeps and Boops to make them feel that something "is happening". This is false and they suffer from their Relation to Beta.

If they learned to meditate, they would learn that more "happens" when the action is still and the only sound is Quiet.
But like you said, I guess that's their trip though! As long as the nucleus of the Atom doesn't take after the Empty Space, we'll be alright.
That's ok Mem Key! It's really all linked together after a fashion any way. All in layers...or like Native folks say " circles within circles" each one affects the other in a vibratory way.
As for the critters...I read Esoterism and Symbol by R.A. Schwaller DeLubicz and in it he said that all things have consciousness and affinity. The rock has an affinity for the plants and suffers the plants. The plants have an affinity for the animals and suffer the animals. The animals have an affinity for man and suffer man.
In so many ways that is very true. Each level suffers the next. It's just that when it comes to where we identify with the suffering, it gets to our hearts in a big way.
And it sure looks to me like the why is what your talking about...beta mode.
People in beta mode are oblivious to the pain that they can cause. They are often fixated on money and hence with that sole focus they become a force for destruction. That's exactly how everything has gotten to where it is today.
Yes...machines, wires and beeps. And a complete absence of knowing the issues of the heart. And yet...heart defines who we are.
There is no quiet for those folks. It's not something that they can identify with.
I was speaking about some of what we talk about in circles such as this to an acquaintence at one time. He said, " You should tell people about this! They're starving to death for it!"
Truth is...most of them are not. As you've said, they're in beta state and there...they really don't want to know. They ARE starving...but they're used to it and they need some sort of impetus or calcination to throw them out of the neural pathway that they follow.
And as usual...that entails some sort of suffering.
And as Buddhists so readily point out " life is suffering." And suffering brings about learning.
That being so, maybe it's all perfect and who am I to judge?
Goes back to the atom doesn't it?
And thus I learn...
Thank you for these words. Your thoughts were like missiles hitting me directly at the core.

I have gotten the same 'message' that we are not to be out like wild-chickens clucking about "Wake up, wake up". Many people like the sound of "natural healing", but then you tell them that THEY are the biggest key and their thoughts and actions must be brought to some sort of balance.....and they give up.

It's very easy to say you want to be healed and that you want to spend more time with your loved ones, but the "loved ones" are actually television, human competition, monetary goals, etc....

Life is suffering, thank you for that reminder. I will have to surround my self with my buddhist lessons this week, it would be very timely for me.

Wow, the rock caring about the plants make you realize how highly advanced the simplest of creations can be. For us, we are more complex, so we have to CARE about the Higher Self above the ignorant, even though they do not SEE their Higher Selves.
But we are not necessarily "cold or detached" for not looking out for the well being of their worst halves.

Now is a good time to have that "talk with your Self" to make sure you are not going to be on the roller-coaster ride that is coming.

Meaning: Industrialized nations must crumble, it is the best situation to leave for Beta because this plane is not going to dissolve anytime soon. They must be left with a realistic Chance of perceiving their Higher Selves, and this can only be done through Natures nurturing Love.

Secondly, preserving personalities is out of the question. This is not a priority on anyone's list and should not be on yours. We are better than our personalities and catering to personality is simply feeding the Lower Self.

Lastly, the New Atom of Humanity will still require a Nucleus and it's surrounding space. So let us not take the Precious Focus of the Nucleus and waste that energy on trying to "wake up" the empty space. That is not the Nature of the Atom.

This IS a Golden Age and as has been written for centuries now, many people that are currently alive will never experience death. If you are one of the few that can perceive of this Age, this ability, and respect the timing, then by all means, work towards Center!!!

The 7th direction is the center of all shapes and the Last direction we ever travel in. Front-back, up-down, left-right are only the visible 6 that emanate from (and withdraw back into) the 7th Direction.

Make your way home friend. Do not worry about others, your compassion is in providing no "food" for the Lower Self and by working towards building a Future that the Lower Selves cannot even imagine.

Their personalities may be lost, but their Higher Selves are fully alert and appreciative of this help.

As an Atom, I AM the Adam.
All true!
And yes...aiding the surface expression will do no good. They have to learn that only by falling will they find enough balance to walk.
Still compassion is a part of the good, even though one stands back to let the other learn what they need in order to progress.
I see that in critters all of the time. Have to let them figure out how they're hurting themselves. After all when one considers it, folks who haven't chosen to learn are actually still in the animal brain and the only thing that the reasoning lobes are doing is justifying behavior. But...they don't know that.
There's that BETA MODE...


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