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Once beyond space and time, when All was Womb, a one of a kind.
The Beauty of Creation shone Infinitely Divine.

From her was born the One before All,
the One to create Man's rise and fall.
The One to be heard and praised for good terms.
For through the Son to the One, Man arises and learns.

But the Wo-Man, in Her Loving Wisdom, gave place out of grace
and cared for Her Children in Her Time and Her Space.

She is the Water of Light, The Sabbatical Night,
The Power that was Power before Power was White.

Sure to see Her Children Partake of the Fruit of Life,
The Apple is Bitten for Resbina to become Man and Wife.

As Rule becomes cruel and Thrones reap groans,
The Queen sheds tears deep into the Unknown.

Her bees must see that Her nature can kill. Alive with no hive, is truly death by free-will.

The Rose and the Lilly for the Morovingian Bee.
Beauty is in the Eye that unites She and He.

~ Mem Key ~

We all know the proverbial sayings: "Behind every good man is a Great Woman" or "The Queen is The True Power Behind The Throne" as the Egyptians would say. But this is one message that goes much deeper, if you are ready to enter the Zero, the O, the Womb of All Creation.

Let us start with a simple question: Who is the true power in the game of chess?
Who's Really In Charge Here?
The King or the Queen?

Now consider that we are all designs, shapes and lines,and remember that in essence, all designs are born of Numbers. So, to begin with numbers is the best place to start.

The Zero is the womb which gives Value to all born from it.

Without Zero, 6 would exist and 3 would say "6 is only 3 more than me, so the value of 6 is 3 in Reality!" This would be madness.

The Value of 6 remains fixed in relation to the Miss (O) in our midst. The Miss being the Virgin Mary of course.
In Latin, Virgen means Pure and Mare means Sea. The Pure Sea of Space, which gave birth to the Sun of God, is also black, hence The Black Madonna. The Primordial Sea of Chaos. Infinite Potentiality. The Womb where All Creation is Potential Creation.

Of course, Mr. Number 1, head honcho, leader of the pack thinks he's all that.
Boasts with pride, as if he knows the Secret to Life.

Thinking the Miss is worthless, he judges amiss
and attempts to claim the world with the will of the fist.

Excuse my poetic wanderings, but the Value of Zero is the highest Value of All. Why does everyone want to be Number 1? Second in line? Be Amazing, be the best. Be Infinite Potentiality instead of One Potential. Be Zero.

As far as male-exclusive clubs go: Men make formidable Shields for the Elite. But who says the Shields are protecting men? The television? Truth does not come in boxes.


Sophia is Wisdom from one perspective. The Queen of Sheba was sent to Jerusalem (URU-Salem) to test the knowledge of King Sol-Om-On with wise questions.

In alchemy, the fires must be subdued by the waters within before the Great Work may commence. The Fire is the Male Principle, the Female is the Waters. The uniting of the Sun and the Moon is the result of this subduing of the alchemical Fires that burn within.

Once again it is the Queen who holds the Key. It is She who has the power to conquer the world.

The Sun is said to be powered by the Black Sun, or Invisible Sun. The Black Madonna of Catholicism (Universalism) with the Son of God in Her arms speaks of this relationship.
While your attention is on the Invisible Sun, consider that in Hebrew, the word for darkness in Genesis is "chashoke" which also translates as "obscure or hidden". The Light and Darkness of Genesis is another way of saying The Light and The Hidden Light. The Sun and the Black Sun. Visible Light and Invisible Light.

If I may, let us swing our attention over to the Sumerian tales of the divine brothers Enlil/Enki who quarreled over command of the Earth.
Enki claimed that True Kingship progressed as a matrilineal institution through the Female Line.

Nature is Mother of All. Alien, rock, space or speck, you are a product of Nature. Mother Nature.

Father time lines up the day, but Nature is Mother, the sea of Infinite Potentiality.

All in Essence, truly are One. But the One is a value in contrast to the Womb from which it is born.

How can One be born without a Womb? How can a Fish exist without the Sea?

To put it simply, what gives birth to the entire world around you?

If you study languages then you know prefixes can mean a lot. Consider the prefix WO, added to Man to form Woman.

Wodon is Wisdom, or Mercury/Hermes. Wodon's Day became Wednesday.

Wodon Man, or Wisdom Man, is more simply put, wodman or WO-MAN.

The Wise Man is the Wo-Man. "Think before you act" is referring to the Watery, Reflective part of your Self, the Female Principle within. (-)
Action is born of the Fiery, Active part of Self, the Male Principle within. (+)
"Think before you act" could read "Women before Men". Women and their children first indeed.

Natures lessons are endless in their scope and dimension. Think of the Queen Bee in the center of the hive. Without the Queen, there is no Will to survive. What good is free-will without the will to survive?

In Judaism, the Sabbath begins on Friday night. Genesis 1:5 "..And the evening and the morning were the first day." It is the Black Madonna (Sabbatical Eve) that gives birth to the Day of the Son, the first risen, or SunDay. The Eve-ning before the Sons-day.

Never does One lead the way in Nature. It is always the Womb-Man. The zero that is Infinite Power hidden in an unassuming form. She is behind the visible lodges and visible circles of men.

She is the Master of All, the Zero of a Billion Shields.

Her Beauty is Full, She is Pre-T (before the Tau Cross).
She is Lovely as she Leads Love.

The letter S represents the serpent. The Serpent is what fed the Knowledge of Good and Evil to men.
S-He is the one who brought Wisdom to He.
An Apple is Knowledge. The serpent fed the Knowledge to the Adamu as Lilith.Photobucket

It's odd that EVE, Venus or women in general represent Water. Odd because Enki, in the Sumerian texts, was the one who fed the apple to the Adamu, and Enki's home is "e-engur-ra" or "Home of the Water Deep".

Have you ever noticed that humans subliminally say "The Mother of All Sales" and such instead of using the word Father as emphasis? A sale is good, but "The Mother of All Sales" is something that often leads to stampedes for "savings". Trust in the subliminal messages we send to ourselves like this. They speak of inner truth.

The Truth is Hid-In. The Mother of All Stories is told. She smiles and Her children smile back. The Value of Her Shields is fading because the Knights are starting to believe they hold the Throne. Only one may hold the Throne, and it is not 1 at all. It is O.

Blessed zero. : ) If I am the first to say that I am happy to do so. Blessed Zero.

That is all She wrote and I am happy to speak of it. Of course, these are not my ideas, and they only repesent but one potential in the Infinite Sea of the Infinite Lady, Miss One Verse. Miss Collection of Words. There She goes, the Beauty Fillled Miss Universe.

π Love and Light φ

Mem Key

~Frater EBN Mayim~
J7P3H - 8008 - 1378 - 954 -143 - 37 - 18 - 13 - 222,111 = 36
A.R. 3363
A.L. 6010
A.O 892
A.M. 1750


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You're very kind, thank you. I'd say your "Lighting the dark" is one apt analogy.


Ha, not looking to "go for any weakness." Just trying to offer what is seen through this mind.

Well, as I expect you know, the subconscious is not a homogeneous thing, but it consists of several distinct aspects. One, is the connection to the Cosmic. Of course, no one is going to be "telling" the Cosmic anything.

But, what we're speaking about here is the habits, conclusions, reactions, etc. of which we are not conscious and which result in automatic thoughts, emotions and actions. They are, most commonly, associated with the egoic self-identity. Very often, such things were laid down in childhood (and even past incarnations). Most people aren't even aware of the existence or operation of such things. Thus, it can be said that most people react to experiences automatically, and in fact have limited individuality. (Though, of course, vehemently denying that is the case.) Thus, I'd suggest that your imagery is a bit reversed -- in most cases it is the objective consciousness ["Neo(Cortex)"] which is doing the bidding of unseen impulses from the subconscious. As psychologists say, "People act upon their emotions, then they use their rational minds to invent reasons and justifications for those actions."

The transition from that relatively unconscious state to individuality seems to be a fairly long process. Not even sure it can be achieved in one lifetime. As a tenuously related "example," I propose the prevalence of "abusive gurus" as indicative. Referring, especially, those who awaken some degree of higher-awareness, but who have not overcome their egoic nature. So they claim to have "unique" awareness, something never achieved before by any other human. In actuality, it seems they have become entrapped in Sri Aurobindo's "Intermediate Zone" and are yet far from true Illumination. Such are the fruits of pursuing "enlightenment" out of an egoistic center. But, enough of that.

Returning to the point, your observation about self-control is a valid one. In my experience, this is really a matter of individual evolution. That is to say, the degree of control versus unconscious varies from person-to-person, depending on their degree of self-awareness. I would not suggest that anyone [exactly] "tells" the subconscious what to think -- not as a matter of objective control. Auto-suggestion would be a better analogy. However, even that is not all-encompassing. Rather, in my experience, it is possible to observe the operation of the mind, to delve deeply therein, and to discover (bit-by-bit) the source of the unconscious impulses; and then, through reason, alter the formerly-unconscious assumptions from which the impulses arise.

I can immediately think of at least two sources, one from Rosicrucianism and one from Sufism, that suggest this process. However, the most familiar example is simply that exercise of constantly focusing on the thoughts and emotions which arise unbidden. The person who is committed to the use of that exercise, who constantly asks him/herself, "What is the source of this thought or emotion?," and who is implacably honest with her/himself can discover much unconscious behavior and come to alter it. It is, however, a mighty deep "onion."

Okay, back to the philosophical discussion of energy. My original point was that the attractive woman's action did not cause the creation of energy within onlooking men. I proposed that, upon observing the action of the woman, and interpreting that action as a message (whether intended or not, whether a message actually exists or not),...upon observing that action, the men interpreted it as they were wont to do. And, subsequently, they used the ever-present Life Force to alter their mental state and possibly to manifest physical action to achieve their own ends.

This was an unbounded example, which also presented the idea that we all have access to and ability to use that infinite Life Force (it is, fundamentally, the only thing we ever manipulate with our consciousness). So, I'd suggest that your example of the $1000 is not exactly a parallel, because it is bounded -- it establishes a condition in which the motive force is limited. This is not to suggest that such bounded circumstances are unreal or do not exist (again, this is a matter of awareness).

This comparison is similar to the difference between a "relative" viewpoint and one which is more "absolute." Which bring up an interesting point (perhaps what you were getting to). In the more relative situation, the existence of dualities (money versus the absence of money) become more stark and "real." So, we might deduce that, as the consciousness more closely approaches an absolute viewpoint, the dualities of lower consciousness are subsumed. I expect you know, this is one of the core messages of the Kybalion, etc. Indeed, this is a central issues of the spiritual path.

I think it is very easily extensible to the similar case of "Beauty creating a 'buzz'." Is that not, in the case of the attractive woman, the possibility of the actor making use of a particular duality to achieve an end; that is, to influence those who are still subject to that duality?

"Elementary point," you're funny, Mem Key. I like you.
You've probably heard the Rosicrucian epic of creation but if not I would like to share it. I think you all will see the relation to the topic:

The Eternal Parent was wrapped in the Sleep of the Cosmic Night. Light there was not: for the Flame of Spirit was not yet rekindled. Time there was not: for Change had not re-begun. Things there were not: for Form had not re-presented itself. Action there was not: for there were no Things to act. The Pairs of Opposites there were not: for there were no Things to manifest Polarity. The Eternal Parent, causeless, indivisible, changeless, infinite, rested in unconscious, dreamless sleep. Other than the Eternal Parent there was Naught, either Real or Apparent. The Germ within the Cosmic Egg takes unto itself Form. The Flame is re-kindled. Time begins. A Thing exists. Action begins. The Pairs of Opposites spring into being. The World Soul is born, and awakens into manifestation. The first rays of the new Cosmic Day break over the horizon. The One became Two. The Neuter became Bi-Sexual. Male and Female—the Two in One—evolved from the Neuter. And the work of Generation began. The One becomes Many. The Unity becomes Diversity. The Identical becomes Variety. Yet the Many remains One; the Diversity remains Unity; and the Variety remains Identical. The One is the Flame of Life. The Many are the Sparks in the Flame. The Flame once lighted kindles everything within its sphere. The Fire is in everything and everywhere; there is nothing dark or cold within its sphere. As Life is the Essence of Spirit, so is Consciousness the Essence of Life. Spirit is One, yet it manifests in many forms of Life. Life is One, yet it manifests in many forms of Consciousness. While the forms of manifested Consciousness are innumerable, yet the wise know Consciousness to manifest on Seven Planes: and these Planes of Consciousness are known to the wise as (1) The Plane of the Elements; (2) The Plane of the Minerals; (3) The Plane of the Plants; (4) The Plane of the Animals; (5) The Plane of the Human; (6) The Plane of the Demi-Gods; (7) The Plane of the Gods. The Soul of Man is Sevenfold, yet but One in essence; Man's Spiritual Unfoldment has as its end the Discovery of Himself beneath the Sevenfold Veil.


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